Yang Yang Stuck in Shanghai Lockdown

As Shanghai continues to remain in COVID-19 lockdown, the city is put to a halt as its citizens quarantine inside their homes. Chinese celebrity Yang Yang (楊洋) is also rumored to be stuck in the city and is forced to postpone filming his new drama My Firework on Earth <我的人間煙火>.

According to public announcement, filming was originally scheduled to start in mid-March with Yang Yang’s manager Jia Shi Kai (賈士凱) taking the reins as the producer and Li Muge (李木戈) as the director. In the drama, Yang Yang will be starring as a firefighter while Wang Chu Ran (王楚然) will be playing an emergency doctor. The two leads are expected to film thrilling rescue scenes while they fight against obstacles that are pulling them apart.

Although fans might have to wait a bit longer to see Yang Yang’s new drama, many stations are broadcasting Yang Yang’s works such as Who Rules the World <且試天下> and Glory of the Special Forces <特戰榮耀>. The star is also active on his social media page and often posts snippets of his daily life.

Source: Singtao

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Yang Yang is not a great actor but he is clearly very very popular in China… I may not be his fan but I will love to see him improving his acting skills…

    I have yet to watch his new drama but I read afew good reviews… Has anyone watched it? Is his new drama enjoyable?

    1. To be honest I dropped it, but i dropped all his dramas so I am not good example. I like him as a person but as an actor nope. I would always go for veterans like Chen Kun or someone like that combining pretty face and acting skills.

      1. I personally have dropped most of his dramas after a few eps… some was painful to watch…
        I do enjoy, Hu Ge, Chen Kun etc projects. And afew from the generation after… But Yang Yang never strike my core…

      2. @Dee @Hohliu same, I drop or don’t even start majority of his dramas. His acting is so non-existent that I try not to bother.

        However, I am watching Who Rules the World, only because I like Zhao Lu Si. I’m barely tolerating Yang Yang. It’s a slow warm up so far. Not awful if you want to just watch something to pass time/numb yourself. But not enticing enough so far to be riveting (I’m on episode 4).

    2. Ep1 of who rules the world is pretty lacklustre. I lol at ZLS’s fans who said the actions were top notch. Gosh, her action scenes were so slow and disjointed that you knew she doesn’t have any kungfu at all, or that it’s totally acting. After first episode, I’m not feeling the need to keep going. Plus it feels more like a love story with martial art on the background, plus no real character development since they totally not even bother with showing how the two first met? She’s already no.1/no.2, and same as he, so what’s the point????

      1. Oh don’t get me started at how they copied crouching tiger and hidden dragon by having her stand on top of the bamboo, to this day, I still cringed/hate crouching tiger for adding that ridiculous scene. And to see a copycat just make me rolled eyes so hard. Plus this one is worse because the tree is moving like crazy, and she was rock solid up top >_> also she, who’s standing at least 3m above ground, just use normal voice and talk to someone on the ground, oh yea, they should be able to converse normally, without yelling. And she doesn’t look down, last I check, sound waves aren’t that powerful >_> and no, i don’t think these guys were powerful enough to be able to “strengthen their hearing” to hear her voice >_> also such PG main character, it likes they don’t want her to look bad, so all she did was knocking the bad guys out (and not totally unconscious either), while the bad guys proceed to use swords and whatever to kill the person who she meant to help. You know it’s pretty pointless her whole fighting scene >_> only the fandoms can give positive reviews to this series, and yes, all of that was in 1 ep >_>

    3. I’ve been watching for background noise. I’ve decided that Yang Yang doesn’t look as good in costume dramas, so his looks really can’t make up for the lack of acting for me. I imagine someone like Hu Ge or Chen Kun would play this role with much more nuance and complexity. He’s supposed to be a very smart prince hiding his true abilities, but it’s not convincing at all. Zhao Lusi is doing okay, she’s kind of doing a similar sassy vibe that she normally does, but with a little less comedy added. Carmen Lee is still stunning, but she’s also not really believable as a villain so far. I actually enjoy the secondary characters like his older brother (Zhang Tian Yang) way more.

  2. @Coralie that’s the one @Hohliu asked about. You may be can share more. I dropped it at ep 2 could not make it further. Yes he seems to be huge star at the moment.

  3. More curious on the drama “Who Rules the World” since it is one of the more popular novels but one that I just couldn’t go past first two chapters so till this day I still wonder about the appeal of the story.
    Haven’t seen any of YY’s recent dramas, even the well received modern series with Dilraba. He really looks good but I feel uneasy watching him so uptight on screen.

    1. I have yet to watch the drama with Dilraba too…I feel both rather awkward to watch..

      1. @Hohliu unable to name my feeling but it feels weird watching both of them. I know there are a lot of netizens love them and their chemistry and since I didn’t watch an episode but snippets, I wasn’t convinced, instead I felt over-trying on their part.

      2. @BearBear I agree, I feel both of them try too hard…. But that is just my own opinion… I watched the drama by fast forwarding afew eps… I was no drawn into the drama.

  4. I watched half of “You are my Glory”. I have heard the second half gets better, but all the focus on gaming at the beginning wore me down. Some clips of “Who Rules the World” looks good, so I may try that after more episodes come out. He’s good looking, but not quite charismatic enough for me to get hooked.

    1. @PotatoChip I do agree Yang Yang is good looking… but his looks cannot replace his lack of skills. I really do not know how long his popularity will last…

      1. Yeah, I have watch a couple of clips of Who Rules the World and I don’t feel his love for her. Maybe better if I start from the beginning? But the ones where he is suppose to stare dopey eye just don’t feel like they go the distance.

  5. Yang Yang –> handsome and can be stoic
    Xiao Zhan –> cute and can act when it comes to crying
    BaiJingTing –> league of his own
    Eddie Peng –> league of his own
    Luo Yunxi –> thespian
    ZZH –> he almost had it all but…..
    Z Tao –> talented and business savvy, he has an eye for scouting talent too
    Liu XueYi –> rising
    Merxat –> he has an onscreen presence for playing obsessive characters
    Vin Zhang –> versatile
    Leon Zhang –> cute and sexy

    1. Love your description!!! I fully agree with “Luo Yunxi –> thespian” Leo will shine as a theatre actor too.

    2. I also like Steven Zhang, extremely versatile and talented, and Wang Ziqi, new but showing potential with his great eyes and boyish charm. Jeremy Tsui for his dreamy voice. But these guys aren’t really that popular.

      1. @PotatoChip I like Steven’s ability to inject feelings to his lines and his clear pronunciation, something I truly don’t understand why the younger generation is using dubbers when Mandarin is their mother tongue and only language, excluding whatever dialect unique to their own city.
        Really like Wang Ziqi’s acting in the Imperial Coroner but I have only watched that drama. Also, Yang TIng Dong in the same drama, he is funny in it but kudos to his ability to do that naturally.
        Jeremy’s age puts him in a disadvantage if he is to continue to act in the romantic drama and he looks haggard in the recent period drama. Maybe he should try and hope he is given the chance in exploring to other genres, like what Bai Yu is doing.
        Saw snippets of Zhang Wanyi and likes what I saw so far in terms of his acting.

      2. @BearBear I wish I could understand Mandarin, but I can tell that Steven’s line delivery is great. He was recently casted in a drama with Hu Ge so I hope he continues to get good projects.

        I love The Imperial Coroner’s cast. Each character was smart, fun, and meshed well together. Wang Ziqi was also in Once We Get Married last year. If you want a mindless romantic drama with amazing chemistry, check it out. The story is cliche, but his character is completely different than The Imperial Coroner, yet very likeable. The contrast made me appreciate him more.

        They pile on the makeup for Jeremy. I agree, his age will make it hard for him to be a popular idol, but he would be best as a serious actor and be in different genres.

      3. Was tempted to watch Once We Get Married when it was first released for him but I tend to stay away from most Chinese lovey-dovey dramas these days for the recycled plots with similar directing styles so decide to do the same for it just in case.
        I started to watch Imperial Coroner because of the leading actress (she was good in Young Blood), got hooked for its plot then found myself liking most of the leading/ supporting cast. Unfortunately, I realized later that the leading actress’s acting was weakest among them.
        Would recommend you to the Young Blood if you haven’t watched it. Steven Zhang is the ML.

      4. @BearBear OWGM isn’t original at all, but if you set your expectations low (lol), it is really enjoyable. The couple looks like they are perfectly made for each other.

        I did watch Young Blood recently. It was really funny and Steven was great. Really liked the cast and characters but wish they had more interactions at the end and hope they do eventually get that second season to resolve the ending.

    3. Xiao Zhan is a very versatile actor. He is very talented & a great singer also.

      For YY I only watched & finished “The Whirlwind Girl”, “Love 020” and “You Are My Glory” so far and haven’t even started anything else. For DLRB I only finished “Diamond Lover” & “Eternal Lover”. Her others dramas I started and watched one or two episodes and unable to continued. I thought she had a small role in “Scarlet Heart”? Did I remember it correctly?

      1. Did she have a role in Scarlet Heart? Too long ago…I dont even remember.. I Definitely enjoy Scarlet Heart…

      2. @Hohlil
        I remember it now. I 1st saw DLRB in “The Sound of Desert”. She had a small role in it.

    4. For some reason I can’t watch Gong Juan’s dramas. Every time I started like an episode then I stopped.

  6. To me their voices are the important parts of their actings. It shows their emotions. Sometimes I don’t watch some dramas because of dubbing. Also I think dubbing their voices or not it’s not up to the actors/actresses to decide. Hopefully they will stop dubbing voices for ALL dramas soon unless there are really, really bad accents from some of the actors/actresses.

    1. Personally, there are some artiste whose really distracting…There are some professional dubbers who is more comfortable to listen to.
      But I do agree, their own voices play a huge part in forming their characters… There are many of times, I rather they use the own actors for voice over..

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