Yoyo Chen & Vincent Wong Caught Kissing by Poolside

Since breaking up with TVB actor, Vin Choi from “Best Selling Secrets,” Yoyo Chen has been dating Vincent Wong Ho Shun. Yoyo and Vincent met on the set of “War of In-Laws II” and dated quietly for 6 months before moving in together to their Tseung Kwan O apartment. Since entering the entertainment industry, the 28 year-old Yoyo’s career has not seen any improvement. However, due to her sweet features, she did not have a lack of suitors and was equally popular among female pursuers.

Several days ago, the paparazzi snapped photos of Yoyo and Vincent frolicking and kissing passionately at the pool in their apartment building. To avoid the possibility of running into other tenants, the pair entered the pool area at 11 AM. Vincent was spotted first sitting in a poolside chair. Within 15 minutes, Yoyo showed up wearing a fluorescent yellow bikini, showcasing ample cleavage. After exchanging a wink, the pair jumped into the pool.

At first, Yoyo and Vincent chatted in the pool. Yoyo then splashed water at Vincent, who had his eyes closed. Seeing Vincent had no response, Yoyo started massaging his shoulders. Her hands wandered lower and she drew gentle circles on his chest. Carried away by the sensation, Vincent closed his eyes and smiled widely. He then sat upright and grabbed Yoyo’s hand, while kissing her passionately on the lips for over 60 seconds.

Yoyo Removed Bikini Straps to Sun Tan

After the steamy kiss, Yoyo and Vincent got out of the pool. Wearing tight swimming briefs, Vincent’s physical reaction was obvious and he needed to cool down. Yoyo sat in a lounge chair and applied sun tan lotion over Vincent’s body. She then applied the lotion on herself and removed her bikini straps to obtain a more even tan.

By 1:30 PM, many of the other tenants, including Yoyo and Vincent, left the pool. At this time, the couple discovered the presence of reporters. Vincent immediately went to the building maintenance to complain about allowing reporters entry into the building grounds. Yoyo was anxious to leave the scene.

Source: Sina.com.hk

Jayne: Yoyo was photographed dating Vincent earlier, but the latest photos are more steamy. Last year, she was rumored to be “Miss A,” whose topless photo was found on a cell phone that ex-boyfriend, Vin Choi, lost. With these kind of incidents, it’s difficult for people to see Yoyo as a career-minded actress. On the other hand, Charmaine Li, who also co-starred in “Hearts of Fencing” seems to have more opportunities lately.

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