Zhang Linghe and Chen Duling Among Strong Line-up in “Fox Spirit Matchmaker”

While Yang Mi (楊冪) and Gong Jun (龔俊) lead upcoming historical fantasy romance Fox Spirit Matchmaker <狐妖小紅娘>, the supporting and guest cast are also showing their star power. In particular, Zhang Linghe (張凌赫) and Chen Duling (陳都靈) unexpecting pairing is generating the most excitement.

Linghe and Duling’s romance will anchor The Last Life Chapter <尾生篇> of Fox Spirit Matchmaker. The story begins with mortal Hu Weisheng (Zhang Linghe) cutting down trees in a forest. As wood spirit Yue Tixia’s (Chen Duling) peace is disturbed, she orders him to leave. Feeling that Yue Tixia is too weak to command the mortals to leave, her mother materializes into her real wood spirit form to scare them off. In the chaos, Hu Weisheng grabs Yue Tixia to escape together. During their journey, they bond over their similarities and eventually grow fond of each other. Realizing their families would never approve of their relationship, the couple plans to elope.  An unexpected accident causes Weisheng to drown. Suffering unbearable pain over the loss of her lover, Yue Tixia seeks out the fox spirit matchmaker for help.

Rising in popularity after being recognized for his performance in Love Between Fairy and Devil <蒼蘭訣>, Linghe has strong potential to soar even higher with his good looks and capable acting skills. Meanwhile, Duling drew attention in Love in Flames of War <良辰好景知幾何> and is expected to do well in the new drama.

As for the other two chapters of Fox Spirit Matchmaker, the Qian Yan chapter will be led by Wu Xin: The Monster Killer’s <無心法師> Sabrina Chen Yao (陳瑤) and The Legend of Hao Lan’s <皓鑭傳> Mao Zijun (茅子俊). The Yu Yao chapter will feature Eternal Love’s <三生三世十里桃花> Xudan and Miss Buyer’s <買定離手我愛你> Yang Shize (楊仕澤) playing a princess and loyal guard’s romantic love story. Wei Zheming (魏哲鳴), Cristy Guo (郭曉婷), Dai Si (代斯), Wang Yifei (王一菲 ), and Zhu Xudan (祝緒丹) are also confirmed to star in the drama.

Source: Up Media

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Yes, he is a very likeable actor… his eyes has soul and his acting is very natural. I enjoyed watching him in Maiden Holmes…

    2. Saw the first couple of episodes of that drama. It was fairly interesting at first but didn’t continue with it when newer episodes were released. Not sure if it’s the drama or just me since I have the problem of losing interest in drama these days if I don’t complete it within days.

      1. These days, I only watch a drama after it had completed.. I have so much to catch up on anyway, along with day to day chores… the timing is prefect.. if the drama is not able to hold my interest, I may go straight to last ep and move on to a new drama.

      2. @Hohliu Usually I will not have the patience to wait till it’s completed if the trailer catches my interest. Must watch when it’s available. Also, I don’t have many dramas to watch most of the time, sometimes weeks without any to watch until something else, usually new drama pops up. Then after a few episodes, the interest starts to subside and that’s when I drop before the next episode is released.

  1. Still waiting for the live action adaptation of Eternal Faith / “Tian Guan Ci Fu” to air. Never heard of him before I saw the stills from Eternal Faith with him in costume. He’s one of the most good-looking men I’ve ever seen :v

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