Zhao Lusi’s Smoky Eye Makeup Gets Flak

Collaborating with veteran actor Wu Gang (吳剛) and new-age actor Luo Yizhou (羅一舟), Rosy Zhao Lusi’s (趙露思) latest drama Gen Z <後浪> has been soaring up rating charts. Playing the orphan Sun Toutou who’s busy learning the ropes of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she wears minimal makeup in the drama to present a youthful look – but earned flak for trying a smoky eye look on a recent livestream.

Blames Her Studio for Taking on Unsuitable Job

In a departure from her usual sweet-friendly, girl-next-door aura, the actress wore top and bottom eyeliner which gave her a coquettish look, paired with wavy hair, loop earrings and a denim tube top showing off her sexy shoulders and infinitely fair complexion. However, the more mature look also made her appear older than her 24 years, with some netizens commenting that it made her “look a decade older”!

Related topics such as “Rosy Zhao’s smoky eye makeup” and “Rosy Zhao’s makeup transformation” quickly went up Weibo searches. While some expressed that they preferred her sweet look and commented that it was a breakthrough, others put the blame on the actress’s management studio for accepting an unsuitable assignment. “She looks significantly older, and also coquettish. This makeup style really destroyed her good aura.” Others simply pointed out that the young actress can afford to experiment with her looks, and can switch to other makeup styles in future.”

Plays Student in Upcoming Youth Drama

Youth-themed romance drama “Hidden Love”.

Besides Gen Z, the actress also has a slew of anticipated dramas coming up including youth romance Hidden Love <偷偷藏不住> where she will portray a span of ages starting from a secondary student, and manifest the feelings of holding a torch for fellow student played by actor Chen Zheyuan (陳哲遠). Not forgetting costume drama The Last Immortal <神隱> where she has a tortuous romance with actor Wang Anyu (王安宇), and also pairs with memorable supporting male character from Love Like the Galaxy <星漢燦爛>, Li Yunrui (李昀銳).

Source: Upmedia

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  1. I bet she is enjoying this look. Who dont want to explore new looks and fashion once a while… there will be people that hates it and others that like it. She is having fun and I am happy for her..

    1. She maybe is, however, that eye makeup is pretty bad, on the photos that I saw, her eyes got significantly smaller due to it. Though the article I saw was saying how beautiful she was 0.o I’m just going to say this lady is second ZLY for me, media manipulation left and right lol. I have so many articles saying how her drama is 0.something % rating, but then datawin/vlinkage said her drama is top 3? One article about how she’s so beautiful in these photos, and here is about how bad she looks.

  2. I wouldn’t call that a smoky eye look? It’s cat eyes. It’s difficult to make cat eyes work on Asians unless they have really big eyes to begin with. In any case, she can make changes to her looks. It’s something new and different and makes people talk.

  3. People have nothing better to do to make such a fuss over her eye makeup. Puh-lease. She is young. She can experiment with different looks if you want. Naive netizens might believe she is innocent just because she plays a particular character and that is the image the role gives off. Are fans and people not able to separate a character in a drama from reality? Are all who play monks real monks? Lol And I guess it must be slow news day if this is considered news worthy.

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