Bobby Au Yeung Offers to Don Swimwear to Boost Ratings

Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) and Esther Kwan (關詠荷) continue to promote Always and Ever <情逆三世緣> this week, spending a warm afternoon with viewers in Tsim Sha Tsui on August 27. The cast of the fantasy drama greeted the public from an open-top tour bus as they circled the busy shopping district. Later they passed out gifts and snacks to the crowd and rallied for their support.

Many artists were soaked in sweat due to the humid heat. Bobby cleverly turned an uncomfortable situation into an opportunity. He commented that TVB should consider sending the cast to the beach for their next promotional activity because they will feel more comfortable in swimwear. When reporters implied that he is scheming to see his female colleagues in revealing outfits, Bobby replied that he wants to see the entire cast in swimsuits. He is even willing to wear one himself to boost ratings. While filming File of Justice <壹號皇庭>, Bobby purchased a one-piece swimwear for a scene in which he performed CPR to Joyce Koi (蓋鳴暉). He has kept the swimsuit since and offered to wear it to generate noise for Always and Ever. “I will even add padding! I will expose as much [of myself] as I can.”

When asked to comment about Bobby’s proposed beach event, Esther joked that she will start a new trend by wearing a t-shirt underneath the swimsuit. She shared that her daughter Brittany (張童) has been closely following the drama, and is constantly asking questions about the plot. Brittany also enjoyed watching Bobby on screen, finding his goofy expressions cute.

The two stars took the opportunity to clear up recent rumors at the event. Regarding earlier reports that he has purchased a new home, Bobby clarified that he and his wife have temporarily moved out of their current residence because of renovations. Esther also denied reports that her marriage with Nick Cheung (張家輝) is in trouble, saying that she does not know how to comment on false news.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Love Esther Kwan and Bobby Au Yeung! They have great chemistry in the drama!

  2. Love Esther’s clever replies.

    Will they bring back “Favorite On-Screen Couple Award” for this year? They must!!

  3. Yeah do it!!

    Anyway am actively watching this series. Every episode has huge plot holes, throw away everything and just watch it for what it is. So far am enjoying it, wishing TVB dared to remake Justice Pao with Bobby in the role, and I mean proper Justice Pao series!

    I am however not impressed with the characters which I feel is so haphazardly written. It is not the best series but because so far TITs2 is a nightmare (by the time Pao almost got killed many times and rescued, the pilots are still talking if they love or not love that other guy-really slow!) which makes this series entertaining. But normally I will say it is a weak series.

    1. AGREE with Funn. Initially was watching Always and Ever for fun (as sidekick to TITS2) then after episode 30, TITS2 plot deteriorate rapidly that it has become a torture to watch. Always and Ever is just a typical ancient drama (at this moment), with weird fictional mysteries, but serves well as an entertaining comedy drama.

    2. Ya, TITS2 is really getting draggy and boring with the love stories plot. I was tempted to skip it. Quite unbearable to watch the last few episodes. I don’t think Always and Ever is weak. Comparing to the crap series that had been airing in the past few months, this one is so much better.

  4. I’m closely following this drama too, and I love them! They have so much chemistry and I think this drama should receive more recognition.

    1. This drama seems to be following the fate of Gun Metal Gray. A good drama overall (compared to the rest that have been aired this year), but lack of recognition.

  5. Esther and Bobby truly and still have great chemistry even after many years. All along have been impressed with Esther, her acting is superb, very natural, feminine yet strong in every roles she portrayed. She deserves the Best Actress Award.

  6. What is with these reporters harassing these veterans about their marriages? Like wtf? First Anita and Chilam, now Esther and Nick? And there was something about Bobby and his wife earlier too before the drama filmed..

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