“Bounty Lady” Finale Fails to Achieve Ratings Goal


Despite Dayo Wong’s (黃子華) presence, Bounty Lady <My盛Lady> ended on December 20 short of expectations, averaging 28 points and peaking at only 29 points.

With many successful series in the past, Dayo is often said to guarantee top ratings. His most popular comedy series War of the Genders <男親女愛> made record at 50 points, and the more recent You’re Hired <絕代商驕> also performed favorably, peaking at 40 points. Due to his magical touch, Dayo became TVB’s trump card this year as the company struggled to salvage its reputation amidst the public’s growing discontent.

Although the series is generally well received, Bounty Lady ultimately failed to achieve the anticipated ratings boost, hovering consistently around 28 points throughout its run. Although Friday night’s final episode wrapped up the story with a happy ending, many viewers complained about its hasty and confusing editing. Some also criticized TVB for plagiarizing It Started With a Kiss <惡作劇之吻>, noting that Bounty Lady‘s cross-dressing wedding scene was ripped directly from the popular Taiwanese idol drama.

Luckily most of the criticism is directed at the details, and viewers were largely pleased with the cast. In particular, May Chan (陳嘉佳) successfully showed off her comedy chops in this breakthrough performance, outshining even some of the lead artists. While many were at first skeptical about Kate Tsui’s (徐子珊) role opposite the more experienced and much older Dayo, she was able to win over the audience and earned praises for her first comedy effort. Sharon Chan (陳敏之) however is less fortunate, having to face 24 complaints over her singing and overall performance.

Even though Bounty Lady did not meet its initial ratings goals, it still managed to set new records this year. With the ever popular Dayo leading the show, the comedy has been a hot discussion topic since it was first announced. It also served as a vehicle for Dayo’s TV King win, a pleasant surprise since the series has yet to finish its broadcast prior to the TVB Anniversary Awards.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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    1. The beginning of the series was really good then started to go downhill towards the end.

  1. I think the finale was okay. Quite funny. Laura was quite despicable, which was good 🙂

    Sharon’s voice is okay la, not that bad 🙂 I kinda like it.

      1. I loved it when I first heard the voice. I thought that it was someone else lol.

  2. Did anyone hit “pause” on Dayo’s legs (while he was in the wedding dress)? LOL 🙂

    1. Yeah, and I think at some angles they even looks smaller than Kate’s, of course Dayo’s legs are rougher but seriously he’s really thin, it’s good that he gains some weight now

      1. Yeah, in recent interviews he looked much, much better… Like when he guested on Louis Yuen’s concert and the reunion finale dinner with the cast… Glad he gained more weight…

  3. Although this drama didn’t have necessarily high ratings, I think it helped TVB regain some viewers’ faith in the quality of their dramas. It was a nice drama compared to all the lackluster ones this year.

    1. Yes I agree!! I loved this drama and love Dayo’s humourous lines! Totally my type! 😀

      btw, some latin or spanish songs were used in the drama and I really loved it. Does anyone knows the titles or the genres?

    2. Agreed! I feel like people should stop using ratings to determine the quality of the drama because so many people just watch it online… This drama definitely deserved a higher rating…

      1. I agree! Bounty Lady always had the highest ratings on Mytv (TVB.com) since its debut.

  4. The actress who plays Laura annoys me but she plays it very edgy and well. I was uncomfortable with the Dayo-Kate pairing all the way through. I kept just getting the older brother younger sister vibe.

    I enjoyed Dayo verbally sparing with Elaine Kong – wish they were the main couple.

  5. I love this series to bits. Been watching too many times already. But I dislike the ending. I think it’s too draggy and unnecessary. It’s anti-climax, so I think the Laura addition killed the suspension towards the finale because I got bored towards the last two eps. Would’ve been just good to end it somewhere towards episode 18-ish with a cheesy lovely ending instead.

    I’m happy tvb churned out this comedy series at this time because it’s good to be able to laugh and avoid Hippcratic Crush 2 too.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with you. And I didn’t get why Kate was so mad for. She forced Dayo Wong to hire Laura and become her boyfriend. And Kate said me and Dayo got connection. She should have known that Dayo Wong was pretending to be stupid cause even the doctor said there was nothing wrong with Dayo brain/body.

      1. Well I think that Jennifer actually explained the reason when Kwong Nam revealed he did not go crazy – she was not mad at him, she was just tired, she was suffered plus she was ill. She trusted him, he would tell her if he just put on an act
        I really like Kate in in this scene, she acted very well in my opinion, the tear just flew out naturally and emotionally. It’s guilty pleasure that I love every time Kate cried in this drama

      2. She was also mad because, if you rewatch the scene in the hospital with Sharon and Kate, Kate trusted Dayo and knew that he wouldn’t plan anything without Kate’s agreement and notice… Kate feels like Dayo used her trust…

  6. Btw, anyone knows why Sharon Chan got that many complaints? She’s okay here, although I usually don’t quite like her. Her song is excellent with such lyric.

    1. It might be due to the obvious and tacky dubbing :\ I have to admit, even though I really liked the drama and the song, the lip-syncing was really bad :\

      1. Yeah, i didn’t feel the connection between Sharon’s gesture and the song played out, the lip synce didn’t really go smoothly despite the song was beautiful in general

  7. Personally, I think TVB awarded him a little too early, or maybe in this case, it was a little too late. I think TVB should have awared DAYO either in War of the Genders or You’re Hired … He did a better job then. Sorry….

    1. The series didn’t even finish yet when they awarded Dayo Wong. The series was at like ep 15 when they gave the award I felt like Tvb rigged it for him to film anther series.But I’m kinda glad he won. It was either Dayo Wong or Francis Ng or Chiliam.

    2. If we would to analyze as Dayo received the Highest votes from the mentioned Professional “TVB Production Crew” then they would have knew how Dayo have had performed and as for audience votes he was only at 3rd place. So it looks quite logical to me. Just my opinion.

  8. Lol I actually thought sharon did a great job…. I guess hk audience and I can never agree….

  9. I agree… I think Sharon did a great job too… I think her singing was better than Kate’s… (IMO)- I forget the series…. It was with Kate and Michael Tse… the lyrics were beautiful…. but her singing was horrible…

  10. That Laura person is so weird and kinda scary when she says…. JENIFER!!!

  11. I think the ending was a bit rushed too.. but Bounty Lady was definitely a really solid series this year. Wayyyy better than a lot of other ones 🙂 I really liked it

  12. Absolutely boring show. Don’t understand what is so big deal about Dayo.

  13. I personally think that Bounty Lady final is a bit rushed and kind of disappointed for me. I really like the Kate-Dayo pairing in this drama, they were sweet especially the beach scene in the episode 15,16 then I expected more scene of them in the final week, but then Kate did not appear that much, Fa-Lui and Kwong-Nam story was too fast and too little for my liking

    1. Agree they rushed it towards the last few eps when Dayo Wong got hurt then becoming crazy and then Laura gave up like that towards the last ep.

      1. You didn’t miss anything, this scene was not in the drama – I was looking forward for this scene too, very disappointed.
        I followed the news and photo of this drama’s filming process, I noticed there are not only this scene which wasn’t in the drama, there were more

      2. wa! tvb edit a lot of scenes.. it’s terrible! they should extend 2 more episode instead of doing all this editing & make us confuse with the series.

    2. Agree, I feel their chemistry isn’t strong , and honestly , to me there is lack of love scene between Kate and Dayo. So disappointing.

      1. Well I personally think their chemistry is really good, really sweet but the lack of scenes of them together make a lot of people difficult to absorb

      2. I think “BL finale fails to achieve ratings goal” is all due to the missing scene. Since, Dayo is not going to have any new drama and why not they just leave the show to run smoothly!

  14. Dayo and Kate was the worse pair in the whole drama for me. Even Dayo with that Laura was more interesting than Dayo/Kate.

    When Dayo/Kate kissed I seriously wanted to vomit. His lips are so DRY, pale and old looking lol. Did not touch me at all! But all the other couples I like. Especially Benz and Elena!!! They are so entertaining/funny to watch and their acting is great!

    Talk about low rating, Kristal new drama only 25 rating point! TV Queen can’t even help rating. She’s only popular for BK role. Roger is TV king too and no one want to watch them?

    1. I felt Kristal role in Bk was too good but you have to have some sort of good acting to play the god role.

  15. Jayne and all readers on the website:

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      1. Hi Jayne:

        Thanks! I hope your area is not affected by the ice storm.

        We had a terrible ice storm last Friday and Saturday. 1 out 3 people in Toronto and GTA had power failure (i.e. no electricity, no light, no heat, and no hot water) since Friday night; over 300,000 households were out of power supply on Friday night for at least 24 hours. There are still a lot of households without power in Toronto right now, and our weather is super cold now ……. – 16C (or 1F).

        We are very very lucky that we are not affected by the power failure.

        I believe that people in New York had some similar but minor problems. Are you all right in your neighbourhood? I read it on the Internet that people in the east (Canada and the States) are affected by this freezing rain and ice storm.

        It is the worst ice storm and most miserable Christmas in GTA in the last 40 years.

      2. Sandcherry,
        You are very lucky to have power running after the ice storm. It will take some time for the power companies to restore power to the affected households; hopefully many people can stay at relatives or family members’ houses during the interruption.

        Our area was heavily affected by Hurricane Sandy last year, but not by the ice storm. We can deal with the power interruptions as long as we have families’ support.

        Have a wonderful Christmas and stay warm!

  16. i personally think that 28 pts is pretty good…given holiday seasons..most ppl will be out or on holiday… i am pretty sure next few dramas rating will be worst…

    i still think dayo deserve respect..for once a while coming back to drama.. with his ideas..


    1. Yup, absolutely agree that BL rating is consider good. Besides the 2 hours final episodes were shown on Friday – weekday, where else Triumph in skies or Hippocratic Crush 2 final episodes were shown on Sunday (weekend). Then again is a Holiday season It is not a fair comparison in terms of the rating. Generally all the TVB series rating is declining. Dayo did a good job here. A lot of people watch BL because of Dayo. Without Dayo, the rating could be lower than 28.

  17. bounty lady was nice. from acting skills you know dayo deserves the award. kate’s also good in comedy roles really love it when she cries emotionally and naturally. kate can’t really cry easily like linda but she still tried her best to cry out with real tears. really love kate in this drama. her pairing with dayo was really sweet. I don’t see why ppl dont like this drama…as you all know its a comedy

    1. Yeah agreed with you this BL drama is good. I feel is better than TITS2 and I don’t know why TITS2 can win best drama and the rating is overrated too, ppl have bad taste now a days.

    2. I agree with you. Though the ending was mediocre but the series overall was quite good. I have always thought Kate is good in crying. I don’t think you’ll have to bawl like some actresses do to be considered good. I actually prefer the silent “cryers”.

      1. Me too, I prefer silent tears to full-out tears. I thought Kate’s crying scenes were always good, I love how she gets her eyes all red even if she doesn’t shed a tear, it’s the real emotion and feeling, I often cry with her character too, don’t know why because I’m hardly a crier

      2. The type of criers I like are the ones that adjust their crying to scene. I mean like crying according to what they are crying about and not just using the same cry for every single scene. I think Raymond Lam does a good job of this. I can recall all the cry scenes he did and I was so touched and cried along with him. Guess that’s another type of cry I like, ones that are so full of emotion, it makes me wanna cry too.

    3. TVB producer should consider Kate more on comedy role than Madam role

      1. She did really well in Eric Tsang’s New Years Comedy last year as well.

  18. The show was funny I loved it. I loved the cast! ! Kate and dayos chemistry was really good. The supporting cast was funny. I loved the drama. One of the top dramas this year.

  19. It’s a good series. Laura ruined the series.

    I like May Chan. She’s naturally hilarious.

    Too bad Dayo is not gonna film for TVB anymore.

    1. Laura is the next best thing about this series. She was hilarious and her scenes with Dayo was the funniest with ep 18 being one of the best episode I have ever seen from TVB, laughing like mad. And the girl can act buckets around the rest of them. And when she dressed like Kate.

      1. “And when she dressed like Kate.”

        Ahhhh deleted comment forgot to delete! Anyway I wanted to say she looked pretty when dressed like Kate except bigger version.

      2. “Too bad Dayo is not gonna film for TVB anymore.”

        I think he explained that his schedule is full for the next 2 years which may mean he has some stand up shows to do?

  20. Too much hype and not enough substance. I missed the series from the late 80’s 90’s and early 2000s.

  21. Bounty lady short review:

    Too much hype
    Dayo has done better work
    Harriet is great
    May Chan is talented
    Grace Wong is very good
    Samantha is adorable
    Elena is phenomenal
    Sharon is good until she transform into the normal skin baring long leg Sharon
    Kate is overshadowed by almost all other actresses and acting stagnant and over the top

  22. only the first few episodes held my interest as may chan’s character was super hilarious. i stopped watching it at episode 11 and have yet to resume. don’t know why but i’ve never really enjoyed dayo’s series even though i like his stand ups.

  23. Admittedly not Dayo’s best series but enjoyable nonetheless.

    1. You’re Hired

    2. War of Genders

    3. To Catch The Uncatchable

    4. Bounty Lady

    5. Men Don’t Cry

    For me, it came in a notch above Men Don’t Cry. Just felt that it borders on too much slapstick and is also plagued by unoriginality.

    As with all of Dayo’s drama though, it was made watchable by the cast, main and supporting.

    I don’t know why, but it may be due to Dayo’s way of working, because even actors who are not impressive in other series manage to shine in his. All those improvisations may have made them be more on their guards and bring in their ‘A’ game.

    1. i would give same ranking as you.. you are hired was one of the best from him…

  24. I love this series! Though the ending was kinda weird lol but overall, Exceeded my expectation. I never watched dayo dramas before and didn’t know that he could be so entertaining! Kate tsui also did very well in the comedy. towards the end I searched for Sharon chans song too, it’s such a sweet song that kept singing in my head even after the series ended. Theres a feel good factor in this series – sth tvb should continue to promote in it’s dramas. good job to all the cast.

  25. Omg I couldn’t stand this show! Dayo & Kate is so fake & annoying!

  26. Anon: My work is largely relaetd to business development. Sorry I can’t elaborate further as I prefer to keep this part of my life private. Hope you understand! 🙂 Glad you like the photos! :DFashion babel: Thank you dear!blackberryfashion: Thanks! Yes I’m so in love with this place! espenine: Hahaha totally! I think women tend to have 101 things to do before they go to bed. Sometimes I wish I could doze off immediately, just like my hubby. LOL!

  27. The character of Laura was quite interesting and the main final story arc involving Kwong Nam, Laura and Fa Lui has a lot going for it but the writers seem to run out of ideas near the end and could only offer up a ridiculous and unoriginal solution to a story arc rife with potential.

    Also, is it really necessary to have Dayo’s character make that moralizing speech at the wedding scene near the end? Too preachy for my taste.

  28. This movie is awesome till I watched few times and still find it hillarious. The ending is a bit hasty and confusing. Beside that, the cross costume is a bit disappointed as well.

    Anyway, well done to everyone for the success of this movie.

  29. Laura ruined the series for me too. The ending was pretty draggy. Would have liked more Kate and Dayo scenes that made more sense instead of the focus on crazy Laura

  30. I feel Toby Leung cant act. She is rather unnecessary for this drama.

  31. TVB still thinks this series is a success though. They will still have their stupid celebratory dinner despite averaging 29-30. I just find it lame how the director thinks dinners is a form of motivation or appraisal for a small achievement. standards have dropped and in their eyes they still think 30 is something worth celebrating about. what a joke.

  32. Kate Tsui did a remarkable job as always. It’s not easy to be paired up against a king of comedy. Kate’s comedy style is very natural and smooth. And that stark contrast to Dayo’s style creates a great comedic duo. Where one is deliberately playful, while the other is more serious.

    In comparison, another recent comedy drama Silver Tongue, is a failure. The newly crowned TV queen Crystal Tin is so not funny, even though she’s done a lot of comedies in her career. She’s trying too hard to be funny, but it doesn’t work at all.

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