Cecilia Liu to Play Dual Roles in “Bu Bu Jing Qing”

The plot for Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步惊情> has been a tightly kept secret since filming began on March 2. The 35-episode modern drama is currently filming in Tianjin, China and is expected to wrap by June. This week, lead actress Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) revealed that she will be starring as two different characters in the highly anticipated series. A sequel to 2011’s popular time-traveling drama Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心>, Bu Bu Jing Qing picks up from the end of the first story and follows a love triangle in midst of bitter business politics.

Cecilia will reprise her role as Zhang Xiao and will also portray a new character, Lan Lan. In the sequel, Zhang Xiao is a graphic designer working at Zhentian Internet Group, a company headed by Kang family patriarch Kang Zhentian (Damian Lau 劉松仁). Zhang Xiao’s colleagues shunned her due to her new employee status and she struggled to fit in. One day, she meets company vice president and Zhentian’s stepson Yan Zheng (Nicky Wu 吳奇隆). Yan Zheng’s kindness and gentle gestures touched her deeply and she finds herself falling quickly in love.

At a Kang family dinner, Zhang Xiao was somehow introduced to the family as Zhentian’s biological son Kang Sihan’s (Sun Yizhou 孫藝洲) girlfriend. At the same time, Yan Zheng appeared with supermodel Lan Lan in his arms. The four would later become embroiled in a complex war of love and seduction while the two brothers fought to claim the family fortune.

In an interview, Cecilia explained the differences between her two characters. “Zhang Xiao is an average white-collar worker that you see every day. Her life is similar to our own. You can find a hint of yourself hidden in her character. Lan Lan on the other hand is a super model. She seems far out of reach to the average person. Lan Lan also has a very cold, aloof personality which makes her even more mysterious.”

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Source: Hunantv.com 

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Sounds interesting, but I have seen that in other series before. Also, it becomes more tricky to have one actress play 2 different characterrs. However, hopefully the plot and script are good.

    1. Honestly I don’t see her as a good enough actress to play 2 different characters.

      1. I don’t think it’s fair to the actress since this series has not been shown or premiered.

        And you say that she isn’t a good enough actress. Well, please name one actress who can pull it off.

      2. I agree. For me she is also not pretty and attractive.

      3. Yes, looks are not everything and I have seen Tony Leung play 2 different characters in one series before. He played twin brothers and did a great job, but that is Tony. I think Cecilia can do it, but of course the pressure will on her. Also, we should give her a chance since the series has not even premiered yet.

    2. How r they going to explain why the two characters look the same? Don’t tell me it’s later turn out to be twins -.- don’t know but so far, the story sound bleh :s

      1. They might be similar to how Palace 2 had an actress playing two characters.

  2. sounds interesting.
    But I think she can handle it 🙂

  3. Wow..seems very interesting, looking forward to watch this series, will be better if Kevin Cheng join the series.

  4. Why same actress for what seem to be 2 different characters that will interract with one another? Save cost?

    1. Maybe it’s needed in the drama. Look at 宫锁珠帘. There was an actress who played two roles. :p

  5. I don’t understand the purpose of having LSS playing dual roles. What does this “supermodel” character add to the show? So that each guy can end up with one version of her in the end?!

    1. Or so that the producer can give the audiences the ending they want >_> hey, same actress, doesn’t matter who he’s end up with, ppls will be happy cause it’s still OTP

    2. Maybe that did so to satisfy the audience?? To save on costs?? To give Cecilia more of a challenge?? Who knows???

  6. oh my … that picture is photopshopped beyond recognition.

    I also think the duel roles is CES giving LSS more challenge to escalate her fame. Of course, it can also break her if she can’t pull it off. LSS hasn’t exactly impressed me in any roles, so I’m also skeptical. But then not many actors/actresses can play duel roles convincingly, so we’ll see how she does when the series air.

  7. To the douches who judge people on looks and thinking she cannot act, look in your mirror you fat ass. You are nothing.

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