Dayo Wong’s “Bounty Lady” Airs November 25

Stand-up comedian and actor, Dayo Wong (黃子華), is back with another TVB comedy drama. It has been a little over four years since the War of the Genders <男親女愛> star has last starred in a TVB production, as his last drama, You’re Hired <絕代商驕>, was one of the most popular and highly-discussed television dramas of 2009.

Dayo’s comeback drama, Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>, is produced by Man Wai Hung (文偉鴻), who closely collaborated with Dayo in You’re Hired. As most of Dayo’s dramas in the past were critically acclaimed for its witty humor, My Bounty Lady immediately earned the chance to grace TV screens less than four months after principal photography ended this July. TVB is eager to see a rise in their TV ratings again and may even nominate My Bounty Lady at this year’s TVB Awards Presentation.


Golden public relations genius Heung Kwong Nam (Dayo Wong) is popular with the girls, but not for his looks. Though he is known for his successful efforts in helping single ladies find their Mr. Rights, Kwong Nam himself is single, and he would rather pursue short-term relationships rather than be tied up long term. His new boss Shing Fa Lui (Kate Tsui 徐子珊) mistakes Kwong Nam to be a party boy, believing that he is only using his job as an excuse to get closer to women.

Fa Lui also witnesses Kwong Nam attempting to woo her subordinate Yuen Huen (Sharon Chan 陳敏之). Yuen Yuen’s aunt, Yuen Sum (Elena Kong 江美儀) hates Kwong Nam just as much as Fa Lui, and she often criticizes Kwong Nam in a magazine column she frequently writes for.

Kwong Nam cannot care less about their hate and continues to do whatever he wants, that is, until his ex-girlfriend surfaces into his life once again, and Kwong Nam’s life is turned around dramatically.

Benz Hui (許紹雄), Louis Yuen (阮兆祥), Jazz Lam (林子善), Samantha Ko (高海寧), Sammy Sum (沈震軒),Toby Leung (梁靖琪), Grace Wong (王君馨), and May Chan (小寶) also star.


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  1. the only cast i;m not interested in seeing is “toby leung” she cant act at all sigh

    1. Too bad she is an executive’s daughter. She can choose which ever series she wants to be in. Unfortunately, it’s the attractive dramas such as TITSII, Midas, Season of Love and this series. If I were her, I would choose these series as well though.

      1. bern,

        Toby Leung is the daughter of 梁家樹 Tommy Leung, he’s a drama series producer, status is quite high.

  2. Do you know who is portraing Dayo’s ex-girlfriend in “Bounty Lady”?

    1. I think her name Harriet Yeung – Shrimp Head something about her Chinese name related to Shrimp head I guess. They had a forced kiss scene on this drama too

      1. Really? I’m glad they didn’t cast a “pretty girl” for that role. Looking forward to seeing Harriet!

    1. me too…i like the last two drama that he lead…hope this one also as good! looking forward!

  3. not a fan of him and don’t even find him funny. he’s too serious.

    1. I agree with you. I don’t find him funny at all. I find him very annoying

  4. I find Dayo Wong a bit gross. The fact that he’s always got some young pretty fadan starring as his love interest (Charmaine Sheh, Kate Tsui) is even more nauseating. Let me guess, Kate and Dayo’s characters will go against each other at first, but eventually, Kate’s character will realize that Dayo’s character’s jerkiness is all a facade and he’s in fact a really nice guy. PUKE!!

    1. Watch War of the Genders then. Carol Cheng is definately not the ‘young n pretty fadan’ more the mature and sophisticated lady. Great comedic chemistry and an absolute classic.

      I didn’t really like You’re Hired as much. Still better than most shows but not as good as WoG and To Catch the Uncatchable. How I wish they would make a sequel of that after the sad ending. Him and Ada should have ended up together, the tragic finale just didn’t suit the tone of that show

    2. It’s not really his fault though. He (and the producer) has wanted Carol Cheng to be his co-star but she does not want to sign on any series because of the long hours.

      I would say TVB is forcing these young fan-dan on him, but honestly, there aren’t really that many actresses left in TVB around his age and fit that female role?

    3. I think Elena Kong would have been a better match, age wise at the very least. And she seems like an actress who can be on equal grounds with Dayo. Him and Kate, it just feels like he’s in charge and she’s the puppy being dragged along. But you’re right about Carol Cheng and Dayo.

  5. The story sounds very typical… the only silver lining is how Dayo’s touch to the series.

  6. sounds like a typical plot to me… Hope Dayo will carry it through.

  7. agree definitely small old plot.. but to me.. its time for some comedy..enjoy yourself…relax and watch what Dayo can do to the small old plot of all TVB drama..

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