Easter Holiday Hampers “Never Dance Alone” Premiere Ratings

TVB’s highly-promoted series Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部> saw only a mediocre debut on April 21. The show achieved a 25-point average and peaked at 26, attracting roughly 1.6 million viewers who chose to turn on the TV during Easter Monday.

Never Dance Alone is a part of TVB’s broader strategy to save its declining ratings. Eric Tsang (曾志偉) personally served as the series’ producer, and contributed greatly by convincing some of 1990s’ goddess-level actresses to return to the small screen. He was also able to sign veteran artiste Teresa Mo (毛舜筠) on board as a consultant, perhaps hoping that these well-known names would stir up memories of TVB’s golden days and bring back its once-loyal viewers.

Although the holiday affected yesterday’s viewership results, Eric still has big hopes for the series and is generating buzz with promises of incentives for the cast. “If the series reaches 40 points, I will pay for everyone to travel around the world. We will go to Europe if we make 35 points, Asia for 30 points, and Cheung Chau if we get 28.” He is also betting that the soon-to-air Mainland series Journey to the West <西遊記>, which airs right before Never Dance Alone, will help retain viewers for the 9:30 p.m. time slot.

Lead actor Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) also maintains a positive attitude, calling the first-day ratings “decent”. He feels that the cast of former goddesses can easily induce nostalgia, making the series attractive to older viewers. His colleague Carman Lee (李若彤) is also relaxed about the numbers, wishing only that viewers will be entertained. “I’m not very greedy. I would feel satisfied as long as viewers enjoy the series. Sometimes good reviews and positive reception do not automatically translate into good ratings. We may be at a disadvantage [numbers-wise] if you do not count online views.”

“Never Dance Alone” Episode 1 Clip

[vsw id=”T8W9nlWMq-U” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i think most people will skip JTTW which will make NDA lose viewership instead of retaining for the 9:30 slot.

  2. I’m surprised they are airing this drama so early, i thought they would at least wait till July to air it..

    I think the ratings would definitely go up, the “nostalgia” feel seems to be the trend these days..

  3. I love NDA ! Its so interesting ! I dont think TVB has ever had a series with a plot like this ! and though i was a 90s kid, i still remember some of those actress’ from when i was young !

  4. this tv film of M CLUB is so funny and when i first saw it i really wanted to watch it yesterday i watched it…..it was so funny and entertaining i bet this tv film will get as much rates>>>>>

  5. I watched the first episode, loletta lee was so pretty. I wished mums would dress up like her, she’s cool

  6. Such a disadvantage for this series to be premiered on Easter Monday. People were probably going out and didn’t catch the first episode, and when people miss out the premiere they are more likely to not watch the following episodes.
    Fortunately, I watched the first episode myself and I really enjoyed watching it!!!

  7. Haven’t seen the drama but the plots seem nothing special. I almost cannot recognize Angie Cheong from the picture above. Is she with Gloria Yip or Rachel Lee?

    1. I keep thinking back to Sunny (Korean movie) when I watch the promos and trailers lol

  8. I don’t see how this series can save the ratings unless TVB is aiming for men above 40 who grew up with these stars. I am not interested to watch but may catch some later on.

  9. All are ‘old’ hags, they have losed their sparkle of their twenties and early thirties.

    Except for Carmen Lee, she looks the ‘youngest’ and most elegant and most beautiful of all the 8 women.

    The rest, particularly Flora Chan, Fannie Yuen, and Elvina kong are so hagged.

    1. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Carmen Lee is the youngest among them. and agreed, she looks beautiful.

      Elvina Kong is so hagged of all.

      1. Tin Tin, actually Carmen Lee is the oldest.
        Angie Cheung is 41
        Carman Lee is 47
        Elvina Kong is 46
        Flora Chan is 43
        Rachel (Loretta) Lee is 40
        The youngest here would be Rachel Lee

      2. Loretta is not 40. She’s closer to 50. She acted with Leslie Cheung in the 1985 movie For your Heart Only. Her real age it seems is quite a secret. She was probably around 18 when she made that movie which makes her at least 46.

      3. ok, wiki says she’s born Jan 1966 which makes her 48.

      4. Ah you right buzz, Loretta is indeed 48, still looks good for her age. She was very pretty when young, she also did some Category III movies.
        I think she still looks really good.

      5. LeilaFan,
        Both Alvina Kong and Rachel Lee (previously known as Loretta) are known to have received botox injections, thus they may have less fine lines on their faces.

      6. If that is the case flora looked the worst. Carmen is 47?

      7. Funn, I thought she is 43 due to when she acts in Condor Heroes 95, she was 23 years olds. And it been almost 20 years since that, so she should be around
        But then the article of Carmen that posted on Jaynestars few days ago said she 47, http://www.ihktv.com/sudden-977-carman-lee.html
        So yeah, I’m confuse, LOL! But she definately is above 40

      8. Carmen was born in either 1973 or 1974 so she is 40/41. Gloria Yip is born in 1973 so she is 41. Flora was born in 1970 so is 43/44. I do not remember the rest but not sure if Rachel is the youngest.

      9. Care men is definately not the oldest. She is actually one of the younger ones out of them.

      10. @LeilaFan,

        Actually, Carmen Lee was born in 1973. She is not 47. She’s 40.

    2. Who does not age and can be forever young? Gloria and Carmen are about the same age. No wonder actresses have such a short career span as the young leading lady. I think they overall aged well. You should see the American celebs. Many of them did not age well at all.

      1. Indeed, who does not age… I also think most of them aged really well, especially Carmen. I hope my skin and figure will be at that kind of condition when I’m her age.

        I think Asians look after their skin better, I know I’m starting to be influenced and have started to take better care of my skin. I hope it’s not too late…

    3. Sometimes ‘old hags’ are more entertaining than young fadans. Momo, you are so hagged.

    4. Agree with Funn! Eric Tsang didn’t disappoint as a producer!

  10. i enjoyed the first episode though.. i like the nostalgic old songs flashback etc.. though the acting of “CYNDI” is rather too over… but one thing though.. all of them look aged.. 🙁

    1. I think as we go further into the series, cyndi was found to have psychological issues. I read it in sone preview

  11. 3 episode in and it is super boring….! Not funny, not nostalgic not exciting.. Flat one note

  12. Watch episode 1 of this series. I like it a lot. Will continue watching.

    1. Watched all 3 episodes. Great series. Am enjoying it very much and Carmen Lee is pretty much the best actress in the bunch. I also find Flora’s character very interesting. In a way I am glad she is back to bit-chy roles. Really suit her. The way she said “please” is so irritating! I am surprised by the younger counterparts. All can act.

      1. I only saw episode 1 so far, a bit boring. But maybe because it’s introductory, will keep watching.

        By the way, I saw 東張西望, and the way Flora said please is intentional, meant to make her character more irritating, so I guess she did well.

      2. Glad that you guys are giving this series a chance and hope that it will be good from beginning to end.

      3. Funn, I’ve just found out from a friend that Eric got Teresa Mo to mentor the younger counterparts and made sure that pall of the younger counterparts spend lots of time to study their older counterparts to achieve the best effect.

  13. Watched 1 & 2, surprisingly it was pretty good and funny. I was expecting a cheap drama flaunting the girls.

  14. Watched the first two episodes since the older leading ladies are the stars I watched growing up. My My, they have all changed! They still look good considering they are in their 40’s or 50’s. I really like Flora’s character, so different than the goody goody roles she used to play when she was younger. I skipped over the younger scenes, as I am not familiar with any of them, and they seem to overact alot. The only one I can watch the younger ones is the “Baby” that was lost, but. I hope they have more of the older ladies instead of having scenes with the younger actresses.

    1. Since it is such a rare treat to see the 90’s darling actress acting again, TVB should really capitalize on their real acting instead of having a show to “Babysit” the younger actresses by using the older actresses well known names to promote.

      1. Surprise that Carmen Lee was the lead, as I didn’t remember her being popular at all. Perhaps, when she became popular, I already stopped following the Hong Kong Entertainment world.

      2. Carman Lee was actually a very popular and successful movie actress in the mid ’90s. I believe she only starred in two Tvb series, those being of course Return of the Condo Heroes and Demi gods and semi devils.

    2. jkfan, Carmen Lee was a lead before she quit Showbiz. Her most notable work was starring alongside with Louis Koo, as Little Dragon Girl in Condor Heroes 95.

      1. Right, I thought she was only in one TVB series, which is Condor Heroes 95, which I didn’t watch since well, nothing beats Andy Lau’s Condor Hero version. Being in one TVB drama doesn’t mean she is popular right? Perhaps, I just didn’t follow after that period and really don’t know. I want to see more of Fanny Yuen, they only show one or two seconds of her from the 1st episode.

      2. Carmen Lee was a movie actress. She was already famous in the movie circle when TVB asked her to play Xiao Long Nv. She later also act in several Mainland series.

      3. No Carmen was in Demi gods Semi Devils too,which is why many said that she,Idy and Liu Yi Fei were all destined to play XLN and then WYY as well. Yes,Carmen was in several Mainland series.

  15. Here is one way for sure will instantly boost ratings: have Rachel Lee and Lawrence Ng reprise their Cat3 glories. LOL!!

  16. I only watched the first episode, but I’m pretty sure I’ll stick through this! We have our veteran actresses, some I don’t remember seeing and aspiring actresses who are quite impressive, and a story about friendship and betrayal maybe? Definitely a must watch!

  17. Saw the trailer and was interested…watched the first episode and thought it was ok to continued…however, too many long scenes regarding when they were young. Its good to have the flashback scenes but it should be cut shorter. All the actresses acted very well. Flora Chan’s role was strange…when she was younger she already acted arrogantly, yet she herself didn’t even think it was a problem…even as she grew older she didn’t think so and continuously blaming on her ex-friends…

    1. unfortunately many people (in real life) are like Flora’s character…more so the current young generation

  18. I hate complaining on comments, but everyone is annoying me so much.
    People are saying that this drama doesn’t appeal to them and that the cast is old and wrinkly. Well what do you expect, they are 40 year olds playing the role of 40 year olds. I’m sure not matter where you are from, after 20 years you will age by 20 years, and no one has invented an anti-ageing device or-else someone will be earning alot of money helping people stay young. If you think that they are ugly because they are not young, don’t look at your grandparents, in fact don’t look at anyone above their 40s.

    What annoys me the most is that you all complain about seeing the same actresses who can’t act to save their life, such as Eliza Sum and Priscilla Wong yet you still watch their drama. As soon as they bring in brilliant, aged (former goddesses) it’s “ewwww….” – well if you want some eyecandy, Eliza Sum is in it – oh wait she can’t act!!

    People have their preferences, this story may not appeal to some people, and I get that but people just don’t respect the people that have worked for this show.

  19. This series reminds me of a movie I saw many years ago. The movie is about a group of friends meeting again many years later and the movie was intersperse with flashback of their young days. I remember Annie Man played the younger version of Karen Mok and Leila Tong played the younger version of Rachel Lee.

    Here’s the movie.

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