Eddie Cheung: “My Kids’ Sexual Knowledge Surpasses Mine!”

Producer Jazz Man‘s (文偉鴻) new sex comedy, Love in Sex <性在有情>, filmed a kissing scene between Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Eddie Cheung (張兆輝) today. Sharon showed off a rather bold side of her when she shoved Eddie to the wall and passionately kissed him.

Although Sharon recently got married in Bali, Eddie denied there was any awkwardness when filming together. On working with Sharon for the very first time, Eddie exclaimed, “I’m not nervous at all. I’m very compatible with Sharon!”

Not worried about the sexual nature of the series, Eddie said even his children know more about sex than he does. “They watch all the dramas I’m in. My children’s sexual education comes from their books and they even teach me about it! I’m not worried; their [sexual] knowledge surpasses mine!”

Playing a sexual social worker in Love in Sex, Eddie had to fully understand the details about the various infections and diseases pertaining to sex. Eddie also revealed that there would be plenty of sexual jokes in the comedy, especially during scenes where he is giving sexual health advice to his patients.

Portraying a sex therapist in the series, Sharon boasted that she is now an expert in sexual knowledge after filming. However, Sharon embarrassingly denied using any of the newly acquired knowledge in her own personal life.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “even his children know more about sex than he does”

    Maybe that’s over exaggerated! Or he’s that innocent! Lol! Anyways, love Eddie!

  2. Yes, that’s the exact reason why she’s still stuck in her current level after so many years with TVB.

  3. I feel bad for Eddie. This guy’s got a couple of film awards under his belt, yet they still pair him with a nobody like Sharon. As if babysitting Kate last year in Sniper Standoff was not enough.

    1. @DramaAddict:  I totally agree!  It looks like Eddie’s 2 Best Actor film awards mean nothing to TVB.  Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – Kara Hui won 7 Best Actress film awards in 1 year (technically more than that if we count the ones she won like 30 years ago), yet she was still treated like a “ke le fe” at TVB.  Such a shame – Eddie should just keep pursuing his film career and forget about television…or just film movies for fun on the side, since his beauty products business is so lucrative and he doesn’t need the money….definitely better than subjecting himself to TVB’s sub-standard treatment.

      1. @jake: why would Eddy need a “breakthrough” role when he’s already recognized and awarded for his acting??? TVB says every roles now is breakthrough now aday lol.

      2. I still love Eddie though! Wish they gave him a villain role! Eddie was always good at playing villians!

  4. Eddie looks like she just woke up.
    Other than long legs, what else can Sharon do?

  5. why Jazz man keep using her as lead?. Nancy is more capable than Sharon.

    1. Oh no, Sharon in a show about sex? So we’ll definitely see her in mini shorts/skirts and trying to act sexy the entire show. What’s with Jazz using Sharon all the time? She’s not lead actress material.

      1. oops, meant to be a separate comment.
        Agreed though, Nancy is better.

    2. The funny thing is… Sharon can’t be sexy even if her life depended on it. Just trying to watch her walk seductively is painful already.

      1. Yes!!! I’ve noticed it too. She tries so hard it looks like she’s limping.

    3. That one drama with Roger and Fala should have been a good enough warning. Sharon can play the silly, girl next door but not strong, sexy woman…

      1. I think this performance is one of the better performance of Sharon, until her character switch body with Fala’s. She’s really convincing as the beautiful airhead Ha Ying Chun. But, she falters when she played Chung Mo Yim.

      2. @Kidd Good point. Sharon does play the airhead character really well. She’s cute, sweet and funny. Unfortunately, the unconvincing way she tried to pull off seductive and sexy was the only part that stuck with me… 🙁

      1. It’s painful to admit but it’s true, I rather see one of those three mentioned than Sharon. She was so horrible in TUA and LW. Ugh.

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