Joey Meng Trains Intensively for Policewoman Role

Since Joey Meng (萬綺雯) will be playing a policewoman in the new series, Ox Head Loves Horse Mouth <牛頭愛搭馬嘴>, she has been training intensively with the action choreographer to prepare physically for the role.

Joey already learned how to properly hold a gun, specific knock down and reverse locking techniques when catching thieves. In the drama, Joey often “knocks down” her siblings when she returns home. Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) and Harriet Yeung (楊詩敏), who play Joey’s siblings also attended the training sessions. In order to familiarize with each other, as this is the first time the three will be collaborating, producer Cheung Kin Man (張乾文) pit them against each other in a friendly fight.

Joey, Fred, and Harriet took turns doing handstands and cartwheels to warm up their muscles. And in one warm up fight, Fred’s head was locked in between Joey’s scissor legs, and when asked if he is scared that someone might get hurt, Fred said the experience were very fun and entertaining.

With a martial arts background, Fred quickly picked up the moves and Joey felt relieved that Fred will be able to remember most of their moves. Joey injured herself earlier in several action scenes while filming Ox Head Loves Horse Mouth because she did not know how to utilize her muscles in some of the action stunts.

Since his popularity soared from winning The Voice: Stars’ Legend <星夢傳奇>, Fred will be busy with shooting dramas and preparing for his new album. Fred said, “It’s okay right now. I’m used to filming dramas on a tight schedule. The plan right now is to release an album in either May or June, so time wise, it’s workable. I want to be able to manage both workloads.”

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  1. Who is the male lead?

    Oh finally an acting role for Fred.

      1. bobby was better choice,i have never been a fan of johnson lee,his jokes gone to far and are not funny at all.

      2. I see. This is the series. Bobby would have nailed it. Johnson is funny but he is not a very good actor and more importantly he does not have Bobby’s like factor.

      3. @Funn Lim, agreed. I also think Joey would’ve had more chemistry onscreen with Bobby if their characters will have a loveline, that is.

      4. Still wish they would have postponed filming this series to keep Bobby…

      5. TVB does not postpone for anyone. If you are dead and can crawl out of your grave to meet the deadline, you’re in the cast. Or rather, TVB doesn’t care about proper casting. They will wait if you’re famous enough. But they won’t wait if you’re perfect for the role.

      6. “TVB does not postpone for anyone. ”
        ^ That is not 100% accurate. There has been extreme cases where TVB did postpone filming for certain artistes (eg. Bobby Au Yeung, Francis Ng) or waited a bit until they had time to film a drama.

        Of course, this privilege is very rare. It really depends on who it is, the reasons for stalling and would postponing filming affect concerns such as the duration of filming period, other filming artistes’ filming schedules, creation of potential conflicts, for that drama.

        And proper casting is hard. Just because a person is a right fit for a role because of certain reasons (eg. right personality traits, etc.), it doesn’t necessarily mean they can act it better, more convincingly than someone who have a contrasting personality. It really depends on how well that artiste portrays that character. And sure, they may be very convincing since they have the same “personality traits” and is a perfect match.. but I would question their acting.. if the person is a “perfect” fit for the role due to the right traits in real life, is that person really acting their role as that character or are they simply being their actual selves in a drama? There’s a difference. If the person is just being “themselves” in a drama, it could be a boring performance, since they’re themselves and not using their acting skills to a test. It wouldn’t require much acting skills at all either. But if an actress/actor is portraying a character that’s different from their actual self, they’re putting their acting skills to a test. And that to me is real acting. (:

      7. Johnson tries to be suave and funny at the same time which doesn’t always work. Wish it’s a collaboration between Bobby and Joey.

      8. @Bubblez: Actually, Funn is right — TVB won’t postpone filming for anyone unless they’re really famous or it’s an ‘exceptional’ case. I consider both Francis and Bobby’s ‘postponements’ as ‘exceptional’ cases.

        For Francis, they postponed filming because they HAD TO, since Francis’ Sam Gor character was the pillar of TITS 1 and also the ‘main draw’ for the sequel….therefore, if they didn’t include him in TITS 2 (especially with majority of the original cast already gone), they would not have had a series to film at all.

        Bobby Auyeung’s case in Always and Ever was also an exception, since he fell ill in the middle of filming, so TVB had no choice but to wait for him, especially since the entire series is based on the ‘hype’ over Bobby and Esther’s reunion. Can you imagine what the public’s reaction would have been if TVB kicked him out of the production just because he fell ill and also change the script so they can continue on with production? I’m sure that’s territory that even TVB wouldn’t want to tread…

      9. @llwy12,
        I never directly said that Funn was wrong. I just said that this isn’t 100% accurate because there has been exceptional/extreme cases, the ones you have mentioned, where they did postpone it because they had to for certain artistes. Would they do it again for other artistes..? That really depends. I also said that postponing a drama on tvb’s part is very rare as well. So in general, Funn is mostly accurate but there are those very extreme rare cases where TVB would choose to postpone it.

  2. wooohooo Fred!!! 🙂 featured in an article! i’m so excited to see him acting with Joey Meng, she’s awesome!! and can’t wait for him to release his album!!

  3. They all look so cute together in that picture. Haha… looks like a fun series…

  4. Johnson lee is ok but would rather have Bobby in this series to bad he declined this role LUV watching him act in all series

  5. I have a feeling this is going to air in May or June to coincide with the release of Fred’s album. Actually, it would be smart of them to do so with Fred singing the themesong for this series while releasing his official single as well.

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