Kenneth Ma and Niki Chow Exchange Sexy Dialogue in “The Misadventure of Zoo”

Niki Chow (周麗淇) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) found good chemistry together onset The Misadventure of Zoo <流氓皇帝>. Kenneth joked that he was so happy to be kissed by Niki eight times in a recent scene that he savored the memory and could not fall asleep at night.

Following Double Fantasies <無雙譜>, The Misadventure of Zoo is another classic drama that TVB decided to remake for a new generation of viewers. Kenneth stars as a peasant whose life experiences extreme wealth and poverty, in which he becomes a famous actor in Shanghai and even emperor of China for a short time, before ending up as a beggar. His love story with Niki experiences trials and spans several decades, following the ups and downs of Kenneth’s changing fate.

When The Misadventure of Zoo was released in 1981, it quickly became a memorable hit. For the new version, TVB will be updating the dialogue to reflect the changing times. Niki said, “This drama has a lot of dialogue that is Category III, which will make people think [dirty thoughts]. I don’t know if these lines can be broadcast on TV, but it was a lot of fun to film. If we went overboard, then we might need to dub the lines during post-production.”

To make their comedic scenes have better timing, Niki and Kenneth would rehearse together before the cameras rolled. However, Niki was perplexed why a simple kissing scene on Kenneth’s cheek had to be re-shot eight times. “Aside from the need for different camera angles, I was very surprised why a kiss on the cheek would interfere with the audio results? The sound crew told me that due to background noise, we had to re-film the scenes, which resulted in eight kisses.”

Usually flirtatious with his leading ladies, Kenneth laughed, “I didn’t bribe the director,” and said he was glad in the opportunity to film the kissing scene multiple times. “The lipstick left a deep impression and I was so happy, I couldn’t sleep at night.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Kenneth Ma, you might have fallen in love with Niki after the filming. Good for you!!

    1. Unfortunately, Niki is booked by a younger, richer and more handsome actor who felt in love with her after filming.

      1. Not sure if her current boyfriend is that rich, but is maybe richer than Kenneth. Plus, Kenneth is a thrifty person so probably is not suitable for her.

      2. Jeremy Jones Tsui was born rich and has prominent background.

  2. Oh my.. Not our dearest Niki. Ma ming takes advantage that’s bad! .

  3. Niki’s taste is too expensive for K Ma as he is a spendthrift. I’m glad that he knows how to enjoy his opportunities though.

    1. Niki’s taste is too expensive ……….. what kind of taste is it?

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