Myolie Wu’s “Wine Beauty” To Finish Filming in March 2013

In light of the Lantern Festival celebration, which lies on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, H&R Century Pictures released new cast photos from the upcoming mainland Chinese idol drama, Wine Beauty <红酒俏佳人> today. The photo shoots feature cast members Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Li Sheng (李晟), Roy Chiu (邱澤), Mao Zijun (茅子俊), and Joy Pan (潘仪君) holding Chinese New Year greeting banners and decorations. The cast held banners that read “Gung Hei Fat Choy”, wishing everyone for a Happy New Year of the snake.

Wine Beauty, mainland China’s first television drama on sommeliers and wine production, will finish filming in March 2013. With a cast from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, the romantic idol drama stars Li Sheng as Lin Xuan, a low middle-class worker, who travels to Shenzhen against odds to search for her boyfriend Zhao Xi (Mao Zijun). There, she discovers that Xi and Shen Yiman (Myolie Wu), the only daughter of a prominent wine tycoon, are together and engaged. Xuan also unwilling gets involved in a winery dealership conflict between Yiman and her stepmother, Dan Li (Joy Pan).

Yiman’s younger cousin, the kind-hearted Shen Zihao (Roy Chiu), pulls some strings to help get Xuan a job in the family wine chateau. Framed by Yiman, Dan Li is sentenced to a few years in prison. Xuan later proves Dan Li’s innocence, and gains her trust.

As Xuan is completing her sommelier certification, Zihao goes bankrupt. Xuan helps Zihao go through these difficult times, and also finds herself falling in love with him.

The 40-episode drama is produced by Cai Meifang (蔡梅芳) and directed by Chang Hsiao Ching (張孝正).  Wang Zhifei (王志飞), Jack Liu (刘真佑), and Wu Yufang (吴玉芳) also star.

Wine Beauty 3  Wine beauty 2  Wine Beauty 1


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  1. OT. ANG LEE WON BEST DIRECTOR IN THE OSCARS!! Very shocked but well deserved win!

    1. Funn,
      Yes a bit surprised that Ang Lee once again won Best Director for “Life of Pi”. And also surprised that “Argo” got Best Picture.

      Haha very little cleavage at the Oscars this year. Wonder if Hong Kong Film Awards will follow this example.

      1. To me, Argo was the least surprising since Ben Affleck got snubbed for the directing award (which he was winning at every other award show) and it somehow became the underdog/frontrunner for this category.

    2. Ang Lee’s win is actually not that surprising. He was the front-runner along with Spielberg, whom for some unfounded reasons the Academy has never favored.

      I think this feat has put Ang Lee solidly on top of all Chinese directors. No one, including Wong Kar Wai, can even come close.

  2. Sound like myolie will be playing the devil and not the main actress, more like 2nd main if not main support, but geeze, the boys don’t look bad, but kinda meh -.- this series don’t sound interesting >_>

    1. Myolie is second female lead in this series, but this role is something new for Myolie.

    2. When it comes to mainland shows, it’s always better to play the supporting or 2nd lead. The main lead are always purity or mary sues.

  3. She’s been filming non-stop since she started this series right after Triumph2 and she’ll be filming Rosy Business 3 right after this ends. That’s a pretty crazy schedule.

    1. Yeah love myolie but I can see why everyone says she’s a workaholic….

  4. although it’s second lead myolie must be picking it because the role is new for her! lead roles in mainland are mostly too nice and boring the second leads!

    1. More boring *than the second leads who are more interesting!

    2. Cant stand those “too good to be true “sort of characters. Just not realistic at all, & very irritating to watch. Myolie is smart to avoid those!

    1. I really doubt it, especially since the photo was released by a company.

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