Priscilla Wong and Tony Hung Friendly On Set of “Love Me, Please Leave a Message”

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Although Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) joined TVB just a year ago, she already has several leading roles to her credit and is quickly becoming a familiar face on prime time TV. Her rising popularity has resulted in an increase in job offers and Priscilla has no time to take a break. Even though her most-recent series Karma Rider <師父·明白了> finished airing just last week, Priscilla is already back on-set with her co-star Raymond Wong (黃浩然) to once again portray a couple in modern series Love Me, Please Leave a Message <愛我請留言>.

Priscilla and Raymond were recently in Wanchai filming for their new series. Priscilla shared her scenes with rumored love Tony Hung (洪永城), who plays her boyfriend in the drama. While taking a break, Priscilla and Tony sat on the nearby steps together and played with the dog that they were working with. Priscilla quickly developed a good rapport with her canine co-star, and was seen holding the dog on her lap while resting her tired eyes.

When filming began, Tony and Priscilla were instructed to walk down the steps while Priscilla carried the dog in her arms. Despite its peaceful demeanor earlier, the dog suddenly moved about and refused to stay still. Priscilla tried to tame the dog but failed. She immediately passed it over to Tony who was able to calm it down eventually and saved the day.

Afterwards, Raymond and Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) stepped in to get ready for the next scene. Playing a married couple, Raymond and Elaine shared good chemistry as they rehearsed with their on-screen daughter. After walking up and down the steps several times, the little girl became upset and threw a tantrum. An experienced father of two sons, Raymond immediately lifted the young actress up into the air and flew her around. Fortunately the girl returned to a good mood quickly and was able to complete filming.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. hyron shin says:

    Priscilla look very cute happy smile on the above picture,
    i really think she doing a fantastic job so far.
    Best of lucky Priscilla wong.

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  2. iawnaek says:

    Wow…slow news day. This is soooooo newsworthy.

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