Raymond Wong is Greedy Villian in “Overachievers”

TVB will welcome its audience back to the world of workplace politics in upcoming drama Overachievers <名門暗戰>, which will premiere on November 3. The grand production, which took over five months to film, stars the original cast members of 2012’s The Confidant <大太監>, bringing their battles of wit and intelligence from historical China to modern-day Hong Kong.

The drama centers on the powerful and wealthy Chiang family, led by the patriarch Chiang Shing Tin (Elliot Ngok 岳華). His children, eldest son Yuen (Wayne Lai 黎耀祥), second son Sing (Raymond Cho 曹永廉), third son Jun (Jason Chan 陳智燊) and daughter Lai (Grace Chan 陳凱琳) all carry important roles in the Chiang business empire. Tin, a greedy mercenary, often clashes with his eldest son Yuen, a cocky, overconfident, but talented investor. Meanwhile, Tin’s wife Lee Chau Ping (Susanna Kwan 關菊英) plots to have her son Jun inherit the family business, but her stepson Yuen comes as a major obstacle.

Raymond Wong Portrays Greedy Main Villain

Raymond Wong (黃浩然) plays mysterious businessman Chung Hiu Yeung, who marries into the family as Lai’s husband. Yeung comes from a complicated family background; his father had murdered his mentally-ill mother, and Yeung suffers from a damaged childhood. Burdened with frustrations, Yeung also has no confidence in love. Initially a close friend of Yuen, Yeung ultimately betrays friendship and love for money.

Wayne Lai Has Shot for Fourth TV King

Producer Marco Law (羅永賢) believes that Wayne has a chance to win TV King again through his performance as Yuen in the series. “It doesn’t matter how many times he wins. If he deserves it, then it should be given to him.”

Marco expressed that Yuen is a refreshing character for Wayne. Despite Wayne’s veteran acting experience, Yuen is a role the actor has not tackled before. “I told him he has to be careful first, because Yuen is a role that knows no bounds. If Wayne doesn’t handle the role well, the audience will have a very unlikeable impression of him. But Wayne has confidence and coped with the difficulties.”

Sources: Oriental Daily; Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. agree with marco but if wayne gets overshadowed by the supporting cast in this series like by power chan and raymond cho it will mean power chan and raymond are better actors and they deserve to become tv kings as well

    1. Yeah, I agree with you too. Maybe they should play lead roles the next time round.

  2. Jayne,

    Is it supposed to say Raymond Cho instead of Raymond Wong?

  3. This sounds like the typical rich family fighting and struggling to take and inherit wealth and power. Those kinds of themes have been done to death already. I guess with such a big number of series coming out from various countries and companies each year, they are bound to be out of ideas.

    1. Indeed. So many series so have to be selective. At this stage I’m watching the least amount of TVB series.

      Any recommendations HTS on what to watch?

      1. @puff,
        Great to see you again. Missed you seeing you post here.

        I know what you mean about watching Tvb series. I have not seen a good Tvb series in a long time. I just saw Shan Shan Lai Le which is a modern China series that I really like. That is the first modern China series that I actually like. Another one is Bu Yi Yang de Mei nan zi which is also a modern China series. I must say China is getting better making modern series. One other one is Feng Zhong Zhuan Qi which is Dao Mo Yao. I personally enjoyed those so you can check them out if you have time. However,I personally enjoyed them so hope you will too.

      2. Thanks HTS. Yes missed reading posts.

        Thanks for the recommendations. Will try and watch Bu Yi Yang De Mei Nan Zi to try Chinese modern drama and Feng Zhong Zhuan Qi.

        I’ve been sceptical about modern series from China, because they been poorly made in the past but will give it another try after I finish a Taiwanese idol drama (The Way We Were or 16 Summers).

      3. Thanks HTS. Watched 1 episode of bu yi yang de me nan Zi, promising but I don’t like the dubbed voice. So switched to sound of the dessert and it’s good. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Wayne’s role sounds like Gallen’s role in ATE at first, but of course Gallen turned good at the end.

    1. Man, Grace is a toothpick next to Yoyo and Yoyo is pretty slim, lol

      1. Based on the above photo, I think Yoyo Chan looks a lot prettier than Grace Chan.

  5. wow, I can’t imagine wayne playing a cocky guy. interesting to watch but the fighting for family riches is kind of boring.

  6. Lol, the rightmost 3 guys at the back row are having really bad hair day!

  7. Hopefully this series boosts the odds of Power or Raymond Cho winning best supporting actor this year, unless either one receives it for Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain (thoroughly deserved for Power, and Raymond to a slightly lesser extent). Power was robbed of the award for The Confidant, and dammit, high time Raymond gets it too. Good luck to both.

    And I hope Wayne doesn’t win this year! He is a good actor (in extreme roles) but come on, give others a chance.

    1. I have a feeling the Best Supporting Actor award will be a tight race again this year (which is great, as that’s the way it should be). From the looks of it, most of my favorites will likely be in the running for top 5 (Power, Raymond Cho, Benz, Ram) — which means I might as well forfeit my vote now because I love all of them and definitely can’t choose between them.

      As for Best Actor, I honestly don’t care who wins, since I stopped caring about that category years ago. However, I will say this — as much as I love Wayne and have confidence that he will put in a solid performance, I personally don’t want him to win again this year because it will create nothing but backlash…besides, he already has 3 BA awards and doesn’t care whether he gets it again or not, so I would rather not see him get “bashed” once again for winning it a fourth time (regardless of whether he deserves it or not)…

  8. Hmm. Guy betraying friendship and love for money. reminds me of Johnny in “Central Affairs” when Raymond was still with ATV! He did so well in the last ep of that show on the hospital bed! Can’t believe it has been ten years already!

    1. Is Central Affairs the one which starred Michelle Ye and her character was kidnapped as a child and reconciled with her family years later? Also starred Patrick Tse? Errr what did Raymond do on the hospital bed?

      1. I thought that was central affairs 2 starring Kenneth Chan.

      2. That was CA2. I’m talking about CA1 where Raymond marries the insurance mogul Patrick Tse`s daughter then gradually kills her whole family and takes over the business. He leaves his very pregnant wife for Michelle, who is really Patrick’s illegitimate daughter and out to win back her dad’s empire.

        Michelle and Raymond have a love-hate relationship, much to the disappointment and disgust of Michelle’s BF, Gilbert, who is not let in on the plan. Raymond’s Johnny eventually becomes a quadriplegic but manages to splutter “I love you!” to Michelle, who is crying hrr head off as she realises they both love each other the most. Great acting in that scene from both artistes.

        After seeing the Raymond promo for “Overachievers” with the father-in-law torturing scenes, Johnny is definitely back! Yippee!

  9. ‘The grand production, which took over five months to film, stars the original cast members of 2012’s The Confidant , bringing their battles of wit and intelligence from historical China to modern-day Hong Kong.’

    Whats this drama got to do with The Confidant? Im sure this drama isnt the sequel to The Confidant?

      1. I wished Jason was not cast in the drama, cannot stand him at all. And don’t like Grace either.

    1. No, it’s not the sequel to The Confidant (TVB still has plans to make the sequel next year)….but it reunites the same cast (Wayne, Power, Raymond Cho, Raymond Wong, Edwin — plus Maggie, KK, and other supporting cast).

      I also wish that Jason wasn’t in this series — I like most of the male cast and with so many great actors in this series, his horrible acting is going to stick out like a sore thumb. Hopefully we don’t have to see much of him in this series….

  10. So what does Power Chan play? I dont see any mention of him at all.

  11. lol,beside ruco and bosco there are no attractive male actor on tvb anymore.

  12. I hope Wayne does give a strong performance. The best actor race looks pretty boring right now. Would be interesting to see Roger and Wayne compete for the award. As the producer said, it doesn’t matter how many times an actor wins as long as he deserves it.

    Power and Raymond Cho deserve better roles. Hopefully they can shine here. I do believe Power was robbed two years ago so I’m looking forward to seeing some redemption.

  13. ‘You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.’ Huh!!!!!!!

    Wont miss dis 1 anyways! Super grand production i suppose.

  14. So this seems like the confidant but Michelle Yim is replaced with Susanna Kwan and two Ms HK finalists replace Aimee Chan and Natalie Tong. Sounds like a diaster unless Wayne Lai pulls out a trump card like in No Regrets.

  15. Can’t wait to see raymond and nancy’s chemistry 😀 and can’t wait to see raymond wong evil again.

  16. Just seen the first ep, I am a Raymond Wong fan, but seriously his hair is so awful in this series, is that clip on bangs? What they hay stack!!! I can’t take him seriously as a villain that hair is so distracting!!

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