Selena Li Not in a Hurry to Get Married

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TVB drama, Flat Slave <樓奴>, held a blessing ceremony in Tseung Kwan O this week. Lead star, Selena Li (李詩韻), who openly admitted last month that she has a boyfriend, opened up about her new relationship.

Selena’s good friend, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), recently announced that she is pregnant again. Selena said she is elated for Aimee and her husband, Moses Chan (陳豪). Selena revealed that she and Aimee often contact each other in private. Contrary to rumors that Aimee will quit acting, Selena clarified that Aimee loves acting and has sacrificed her career for her family. It is expected that Aimee will return to acting sometime in the future.

Asked if Selena wants to get married and have children, Selena said she is currently enjoying dating life and has no plans for marriage soon. What happens if she becomes pregnant? “We’ll figure out what to do then, but I don’t want to have children until after I get married. I don’t want to put pressure on others. In January, I will go to Singapore to film a drama. I want to finish all my jobs before thinking [about marriage]. I’ll play with my friends’ babies first. When they grow older, I want them to be my flower girls and boys at my wedding.”

Eliza Sam Denies Vincent Wong Groping Her Chest

While shooting a scene for Flat Slaves a few days ago, it was reported that Vincent Wong (王浩信) groped Eliza Sam’s (岑麗香) chest when the former was trying to save her from drowning. Eliza denied those reports and expressed that both of them were just doing their best for the scene.

Eliza said she knows how to swim, but because the water current was very strong, she had floating plates attached to her.

Although Vincent and Eliza portray a couple in the series, they will not have any overly intimate scenes. Vincent revealed with a laugh, “In the scene where I save her from the water, I was supposed to give her CPR, but in the end that was cut and Eliza sprayed water all over my face instead.”

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  1. Shazza says:


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  2. Anon says:

    I’m tired of seeing Eliza Sam in all these new drama’s, and being given first and second-line duties, considering that her acting is so raw (bad), and she can barely speak Cantonese.

    Comparing her to Bernice Liu (both from Vancouver, won Pageant’s, and can barely speak Cantonese when Bernice started at TVB). Bernice, at the very least, was a much better actress starting out. Eliza looks awkward in her acting and when she’s speaking her lines.

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    • lol replied:

      Shes cute

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      • Mya replied:

        So what she is cute she’s not that cute anyway and u can tell she has plastic surgery

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    • Mya replied:

      I agree with u she Gary’s heavily promoted cuz she goes on dates with rich man. And always rumor with he has been popular

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  3. CuteY says:

    No girl will admit they are in a hurry to get married. It will only make them look cheap.

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  4. well…..not many girls would like to get married that quick they would just have to think about it first before they start getting married!!! and i wish Selena would get married one day!!!

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  5. Toby says:

    What? Is Eliza lead over Selena in this series? This is absurd.

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  6. muse says:

    does this mean vincent wong is the main lead for this new series…if yes, then its indeed his 1st lead role series and quite happy for him. selina during her early days have been given lead role series but suddenly demoted for years and now she is back with lead role again….so happy for selina as she indeed is sweet, nice and pretty and guys really adored selina personality

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  7. Chill says:

    Why is Selina the lead and Eliza and Vincent plays a couple?

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