[TV Commentary] “Eye in the Sky” Episode 4

Eye in the Sky <天眼>
TVB Drama 2015

Executive Producer: Catherine Tsang
Genre: Crime Thriller
Number of Episodes: 20

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Tavia Yeung, Tony Hung, Vivien Yeo

The following is not a recap but a commentary on the particular episode in the title. Major spoilers and Ruco Chan-love alert. Originally posted at www.point2e.com.


Obligatory eyecandy pic of the day …



I think Ruco had no intention to frame Kevin of a crime. I don’t even think he knows and I do think he was saving someone but… WHO?

Anyway Tavia realises Kevin is not Ruco because he doesn’t have a scar on his body. Kevin believes he has a twin and true enough his parents said his younger twin died when he was born. So… how come ah? Ahhhhh investigation leads to the mid wife who confesses she stole and sold Ruco and showed mama a dead baby!!

That’s the gist of this episode. Now what is intriguing is the level of acting in a few simple scenes that aren’t simple.

Kevin is so far great as the stony faced super serious high efficient dude intent on clearing his name before he returns to police duty. He had the right acting, the rights moves, But it is Ruco that absolutely impresses with subtlety. When you watch this episode, notice him even if he’s at the back and he is always at the back but you can see from his expressions, his mind is thinking, devising, spinning. His subtle changes as he looks at Tavia whom we all know (and is reminded TWICE in flashbacks) had sex with Ruco (as Kevin). Ruco’s eyes have a glint of recognition for the girl. Then there’s the whole theory of a twin and getting the parents to admit it and you can see how it distresses him. And finally when the midwife was confessing, he was also as eager for the answer, he wasn’t all out screaming “TELL US THE TRUTH!!” because that would be odd if Kevin was calm and Ruco supposedly unconnected seems too concerned. No, he was subtle, he looked even more distressed, like he finally solved a mystery. Earlier Kevin said having a twin gives 2 theories; one his twin died and whoever it was was the arsonist who looked just like him out to frame him. Again notice how nonchalantly Ruco replied without a beat “No, it can’t be” because he probably didn’t know he had a twin or he never had any intention of framing Kevin. So the 2nd theory is the only possible theory; twin is still alive. Again it is all in the subtle facial expressions.

I have no doubt Ruco and Kevin are equal leads and in case some fans feel Ruco is given a bad deal, please don’t think so. Ruco may be at the back but he had a lot to do, a lot of slight emotions to give, just enough to hint but not enough to give them away. Let’s put it this way; he wasn’t Tavia in BTROC where Tavia as the evil person rolled her eyes SO OBVIOUSLY. Ruco wasn’t obvious but since my eyes never left him, I really could appreciate those subtleties. What an amazing mesmerizing performance tonight. It really helps that he is so damn hot. I mean my god, the security costume, and his off duty costumes, all are my ideal Ruco fashion and I have no complaints for those, so far. And his eyeglasses are not usual but not too fancy. It is however his acting which is his best accessory; he is this man smiling, so helpful, so nice and yet you know it is a mask and I suppose once stripped could either be a very scary person or I hope, a person with an agenda that we could empathise with. Knowing Ruco and how he handled Zhou Yu in 3 Kingdoms RPG, my guess is he could make us empathise with the worst sort. That takes experience and some nifty writing. And physically he is just made for this physical role. I wished he looked that way in ROE where he was at his thinnest.

The problem is everybody else.

So many seemingly unconnected people that just wastes the precious screen time. I also got tired of Tavia’s “I m so depressed, I am so angry he can’t recognise me” and her constant shouting which is so one note, so luckily it lasted 2 episodes at best. And please, no more repeat of that scene. I get it; they had sex. No need to remind us all. Move on already!

I still dislike the whole Tavia and detective agency. It feels her role is an afterthought. I wished she was sassy and equal to the guys. I wish it is a security company in a tall office building. The service apartment part is dragging the intensity of this series down. This series wants to be cute, quirky, funny, serious and mysterious all at the same time and it feels disjointed at times. Which is typical of all TVB series anyway.

However the core story is intriguing. Which is why I love ROE episode 7 onwards. Because it is one of those rare TVB series where it is self contained, it knew when to stop and when not to add too much. It is a one off sort of series and I hope Eye In The Sky will have the same treatment soon instead of branching out to unrelated stories.

But oh Ruco Chan, so hot. Ouch! Kevin also is handsome in a mature steady sort of way. It is as if this is modern 8th Prince minus the relaxed attitude, so he is a bit like 4th prince plus 8th prince from BBJX. Whilst Kevin looked too thin and haggard, his acting did not suffer as much. But then not many actor of that age or around so could stand next to Ruco as in this series and look healthy when Ruco himself looked like he just walked out of some sports poster.

Please don’t let my Ruco obsession from watching this series. There are other good stuff too.

I am watching My Love From Another Star and I understand why that series is a super hit even if I feel it shouldn’t. If there is a-typical TVB series,there is a-typical K-drama. I wouldn’t be wrong to say 8 episodes of My Love From Another Star is equivalent to 2 episodes of Eye In The Sky. It is that slow. Admittedly korean guys are tall and slim but looks like they hides six packs under the heavy jacket and sweater and I love how K drama always portray the women as proactive; they love they will say so, no hiding. But you can basically summary one action for each episode. You can’t do the same for Eye In The Sky which deserves some attention for its own brand of hot guys and super action. K dramas are one purpose only which tends to drag, TVB series tends to divert attention to too many stuff which is what Eye In The Sky is in danger of doing. But loving K drama doesn’t mean you can’t love TVB series, they aren’t exclusive. I do hope Eye In The Sky can learn from K drama to be more precise and a bit more focused but I don’t hope it to be too focused that nothing else matters. K drama acting is either stony faced but eyes is full of expressions or too much expressions but either way it is so obviously written on their face. Eye In The Sky in the form of Ruco shows there can be a balance in all these elements that teases the audience and reward us for being attentive and yet not give too much away that it becomes too obvious.

My point is Ruco right now is my sex god, my love god, my greek adonis god and my acting god. Ruco, I bow to thee for your awesomeness and both my heart and my mind acknowledges that and you do know, heart and mind rarely agrees.

So handsome.


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This commentary is written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com and was originally posted at www.point2e.com.

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  1. Thank you for your honesty about your Ruco obsession. I love reading your summary here! For me, there are only few eye candies left at TVB: Ruco, Kevin and BOSCO! One day, hoping all three of mine will be in a drama. Keep up the great work JayneStars and Funn!!

    1. Kevin bosco and ruco was in burning flames 3 together

  2. Hahaha , I liked the walking out of a sport poster! It is awesome description. Kevin and Ruco and Tavia are all pretty awesome actors, very natural and bring out interesting characters!

    1. Hi, Nick… are you from HK?? are you a male fan of Ruco??

    2. Nick! Thanks so much! So many gorgeous pictures, so hard to choose!

      Any Kevin fan here who takes screencapture? Anyone captured the one where he had a bite at the KFC drumstick??

      1. i am malaysian guy, nice to know you. i really enjoy your episode thoughts for this series” eye in the sky , and ruco. thanks !

  3. Kevin doesn’t need to do much…he is still as suave and charming as 8th prince in modern times. It is Ruco who is sly and always planning and thinking his moves. Tavia as blur detective and working in PI firm is boring. I pity my poor Kevin for not being able to clear his name and return to the police force.

  4. if I cannot choose between the 2 guys, then I would have to choose kevin…I’ve been nuts over him since 八爷 in 步不惊心.

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