[TV Commentary] “Eye in the Sky” Episodes 1 to 3

Eye in the Sky <天眼>
TVB Drama 2015

Executive Producer: Catherine Tsang
Genre: Crime Thriller
Number of Episodes: 20

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Tavia Yeung, Tony Hung, Vivien Yeo

The following is not a recap but a commentary on the particular episode in the title. Major spoilers and Ruco Chan-love alert. Originally posted at www.point2e.com.


I watched all 3 episodes at one go. Why Ruco didn’t appear in episode 1 is obvious. Question is how come it is so? Ahhh plot thickens. I am just disappointed Tavia’s role is as boringly expected. Oh how I wish she was as she was in the sales presentation. But she is funny and effective in this role.

I must say this; Kevin impresses. I like his serious deadpan look. But it is Ruco that makes me go oooohs and ahhhs. Physically he is slimmer than in Outbound Love where he was arguably the biggest there but in here he looks physically fit. His first scene was mesmerising because he had the right moves, the right clothes and right hair. In fact I love his off duty looks as well which was how he used to dress until he became obsessed with the current wannabe hip hop look and sometimes the Amish look. I want him back in tight jeans, great sneakers, tight shirt and open button checkered shirt, please!!! He looks simply sensational. Acting wise, what more can I say? His character Nik is intriguing. I think he plays off well with Kevin who by the way had a hot make out scene with Tavia.

And why is Jonathan Cheung now forever stuck with the Fan surname? Like he copyrighted it.

I have no complaints about the story or the acting even if I am confused why some unnecessary characters are there to dilute the plot (Tony Hung, etc). But man…. Ruco looks and is hot. Sizzling hot. So handsome.

But hey, other than eyecandy (where for obvious reasons the 2 men are far more beautiful than the girls in this series and also much much sexier), the story’s good and the acting’s good.

You know what, I think I will post one hot Ruco picture for every entry in this post from now on! I am just happy Ruco is back to clingy pants. As for Kevin, admittedly he is much too slim and face a bit frozen but he is still a good looking man and the character of super serious super detective is really right up his alley. What I don’t get is why set this at some high end service apartment, wouldn’t it be better at some major huge commercial building to justify the number of security guards and some sticky security situation? It just feels too much like Hotelier.

Anyway, Ruco picture of the day!
ep1-picofthedaySorry if this has so little plot in my writing. I am back to being Ruco-fied. Let me calm down a bit and I will talk about the plot at some point. What we do know is Ruco was Kevin, he did something to save someone, changed his looks and back to HK and up to no good. He is of course the long lost twin brother Kevin isn’t aware he has. Tavia met serious Kevin but interacted with Ruco (looking like Kevin) and had a one night stand in one of the creepiest scene. Why creepiest? They were making out when she said she felt like someone’s watching them and there was a huge portrait of her father in the small room and earlier we are shown her father sits behind the portrait to see the proceedings in the room through the small hole in the portrait. Of course he wasn’t there then but what if? Ruco (as Kevin) said to her whoever’s watching can watch and learn and she laughed and they continued kissing and I was thinking what if her dad is behind the portrait and he is looking at his daughter having sex with a stranger guy.

So creepy.

This commentary is written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com and was originally posted at www.point2e.com.

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  1. Don’t care what people say about TVB, but i’m enjoying this serie a lot the chemistry between Ruco and Kevin is awesome. Tavia is only a supporting role in the beginning of the show will see how it progress as we go on. So far good drama!

    1. totally agree … don’t care what people say about tvb dramas, but im still enjoying alot of them.

      1. Totally agree.I’m enjoying only this dramas.I love the chemistry between Ruco,Tavia,Kevin. Specially Tavia…

    2. Me too, I’m still enjoying watching TVB dramas the most
      Been waiting for this series to come out and finally came out very early of the year

  2. I’m enjoying…. heck this is the only series I watch after my ex spiritual lover I didn’t even watch one Eps of the Young Charioteer I’m anticipating for it to end already lol

    1. i couldn’t even stand watching one episode of my ex spiritual lover =/, it is really silly beyond tolerance.

      but i like watching Young Charioteers, quite a relaxing drama with nice sceneries of Taiwan … besides sisley’s shouting at the top of her voice, i think the drama is actually quite nice although it is more about office politic in an accounting company rather than cycling.

  3. totally enjoying watching this show especially ruco … in fact i love the combination of all the main characters so much, seldom get to watch a drama where all the characters are likeable.

    1. Agree, I’m watching this series because of Ruco but the story is very interesting as well

  4. yeh i love Ruco & Kevin too… both are just good to watch … BUT cant stad Tony Hung… his acting real suck , his mouth, his eyes n his expresion … grrrrrrrrrrr i just fast forward everytime he appear .. finally someone worse then Jason Chan

    1. Am i the only one who thinks that Tony and Ruco have great chemistry? I really enjoy watching them together even though I normally don’t like Tony. I think he and Samantha’s storyline is totally unnecessary. It’s a pain watching them.

      1. @choco-bunny: I love the chemistry between Ruco and Tony. They are quite hilarious together (from ep 2 to 8 until the last scene where evil/vengeful Ruco surfaced). Sometimes it can be a one-liner from Ruco to Tony and it’s still funny (the scene where he teased Tony about having great taste for the Housekeeping lady at the poolside party). I love seeing these 2 guys together…they seem to have so much fun. Off-screen, I know they have become great friends. Ruco can pull off any role, including comedic ones!!!

      2. And I do feel the Tony-Samantha romance is unnecessary. And also Tavia with her dad also totally unnecessary. Too much distractions. This drama should focus on Ruco and Kevin and how their brotherhood/relationship develops, plus Ruco’s character turning fom sheep to wolf. Of coz, a little comic relief from Tony or the Y suite GM/Fate won’t hurt.

      3. @RC, I also love that one liner to Tony at the pool scene. He said it with such a straight face but we all know what he actually meant lol!

      4. i think tony and ruco have great chemistry too … like watching them together.

      5. i love tony’s character in this series. he’s very natural and i agree he has great chemistry with ruco. i could be biased though because i haven’t really watched him in anything else and i really like him from his travelogues.

    1. Do follow my blog post if you want to read the latest ones. I have sent to Jayne who is busy so she will take some time.

      Meanwhile, anyone knows where I can find a lot of HQ screencaptures of this series per episode? I am running out of Ruco pics to post AND I am looking for that one pic where Kevin bites into the KFC.


  5. Am I the only one here who doesnt like Ruco? LOL..

      1. Not really, i have disliked him from a long time ago, before this series started

      2. It’s ok. There’s still lots of people who love him. There are also many artistes I dislike. We can’t possibly like everyone. Human nature is difficult to understand.

    1. Do follow my blog post if you want to read the latest ones. I have sent to Jayne who is busy so she will take some time.

      Meanwhile, anyone knows where I can find a lot of HQ screencaptures of this series per episode? I am running out of Ruco pics to post AND I am looking for that one pic where Kevin bites into the KFC.


      1. Oops! Sorry! Wrong post to reply to.

        But it’s ok. THis series has enough of other guys for any fan to watch and decide who they love.

    2. Just come to support you and tell you: No, you are not the only one here.

  6. TVB managed to get almost everything right in this drama. The casting is superb, the story line is novel, the dosage of intrigue and suspense keeps viewers at the edge of their seats, and the comedic and serious moments rightfully balanced. But above all is the natural chemistry of Kevin-Tavia-Ruco that makes this series so watchable. Certainly one of the better drama from TVB.

    1. Surprised that Kevin has such great chemistry with Ruco. Ruco and Tony also look like best buds.

  7. Most likely Ruco is the half bad/half good character like his been portraying many times.

  8. At her age, cant stand Tavia acting young n cute, total flop compare with sweet n cute Samantha Ko and Lam Ha Wei…Awwww

    1. Don’t care about tavia age,Can’t deny that tavia look young and cute in this drama.I like tavia any character role.GO TAVIA!

      1. Yes, enjoying Tavia’s acting very much. Her age doesn’t show at all. She’s so natural in her role. So enjoyed watching her, esp in episode 9. Just wanted to keep rewatching her parts. In past dramas, Tavia had always been typecasted with many crying scenes. In EITS, she clearly demonstates her versatility & she is natural. I don’t see any forced acting to be deliberately cute that it appears false. She’s good…go tavia go!!!

      2. That was my thoughts exactly,so enjoyed watching her in episode 9.love Tavia,let support Tavia!

      3. Tavia is ok . Tavia acting cute is miles more bearable than Kate or Charmaine acting cute, just my opinion.

    2. tavia isn’t acting cute…she is dull except for that one night stand.
      it must be embarrassing for tavia to face ruco since she knows what they did, but not the same face though.
      ruco didn’t appear until episode 3…i’m enjoying this drama. it’s exciting.

  9. Reading everyone’s comments in here, I will say Ruco’s role is actually wolf in sheep’s skin. I just don’t want him to die.

    1. no duhhhhh…..and kevin is actually a sheep in wolf’s skin. how i know this?

  10. To anyone who has seen ep 8; did anyone catch Nik’s birthdate in one scene?

  11. Nope, I’d make a hopeless detective, being very unobservant. I’d just like to say that I’m enjoying this series tremendously and like Funn I just wouldn’t want any of the 3 to die, however bad he/she turns out to be!

  12. i am waiting for ep. 9~~~!!!
    i am waiting for RUCO character… hehe

  13. That right this is the only series that I follow every nite most likely becos I miss seeing Ruco and plus his character here is interesting. Can’t wait for more episode

  14. Hey guys, I’d like to know where that “Ruco picture of the day” came from. like which episode was that? I don’t remember seeing that scene so I would like to know if I missed something.

  15. after watching ep. 9.. i got boring watching it.. I only wanted to watch this drama of Ruco and Tony in it.. why is this drama only focus on other person seeking and taking pic of others? i got boring watching it.. I like Ruco drama of brother keepers because the story focus on the brothers not other people.. I guess Eyes in the sky is worst story of producer..

    1. there’s gotta be some side plot otherwise the serie would have ended within the next episode if it was only about Ruco and Kevin brother relation, i’m sure the storyline will be pick up very soon since it’s only 20 episode.

      1. Agree with Vodka. Every drama has padding, some more than others. It is still bearable in EITS.

      2. I think TVB can take a page from HKTV on this. Their longer dramas have more meaningful side plots that enhance the storyline whereas TVB usually has that filler anime episode feeling where you know they just plug it in because they have nothing left to show.

        I thought this was 25 episodes but if it’s at 20 then we’re almost halfway done. If it takes almost half your show to finally get the ball rolling then they might consider doing it in 10 packed episodes instead. In typical fashion, we now hope for 5-8 episodes of goodness and then pray the ending doesn’t fizzle out.

      3. If they take out the other useless stuff, 20 is just right. With so many useless stuff and to end at 20 means they don’t have much to tell and not much character development and ending will be rushed.

    2. Brother Keepers and Eye in the sky is totally different drama.EITS is amazing story of producer and I love the chemistry between Ruco,Tavia,Kevin.I’m enjoy this dramas,especially Tavia.unlike BK boring and the worst dramas.

      1. BK is let down by Linda’s bad acting. EITS although Tavia just a sidekick role she’s ok this time. I guess I’m ok when she’s not the focus of the drama

      2. Ruco as always is brilliant and he has proved in EITS that he’s the hottest, most versatile and most skilled actor in TVB now. Yeap better actor than Kevin and more vrsatile than Wayne and Roger.

      3. “Yeap better actor than Kevin and more vrsatile than Wayne and Roger.”

        For that I disagree. Wayne and Roger proven themselves in drama AND comedy. Ruco has yet to prove himself in comedy. I feel the only way he will improve is to acknowledge some veterans are much better than him which he does acknowledge. Roger is an excellent actor and he need not prove himself anymore. Wayne has always been excellent and again he doesn’t need to. Ruco probably looks up to both actors who proven themselves having the chameleonlike ability and staying power and are well liked by the audience. Ruco someday may reach that level. I think Ruco is an excellent actor but he isn’t the best. For that I will acknowledge it for me as the truth and I am fine with it. I hope all 3 will be in a series and I can’t recall have they ever. Only with the best can he improve much more. Problem is Ruco is mostly with mediocre actors and he is inadvertantly the best. He can’t get better or be different if he can’t learn from the best or get out of his comfort zone. I love this man but I admit he is seriously getting typecast. TVB should give him Roger’s career. Or maybe make a life story of Sir Run Run Shaw in 50 episodes and I think Ruco can play that part, although he will need to lose some weight.

      4. I disagree. Wayne and Roger may have proven themselves in drama and comedy (in yr words) but they’ve not proven themselves in the action genre whereas Ruco has done all three genres. So Ruco is indeed more versatile going by the standard definition in the dictionaries. As to whether he’s better than Roger and Wayne in drama remains debatable as acting is highly subjective. I personally do not like Wayne’s style (always shouting, very OTT to me). I think Roger is a better actor than Wayne but it’s rather hard to shake off that Ah Wang image; in fact I saw visions of Ah Wang in BHWS too. Ruco belongs to a different generation, being 12 years younger, so he technically has much fewer years of experience than these 2 veterans. Ruco has yet to act in a full out comedy but he has shown what he can do in No good Either Way, which though not a slapstick comedy like what Wong Cho Lam does, has its share of comical moments which I think he handled well. I would love to see Ruco paired with Wayne and Roger one day too. I’m certain he can hold his own vs these 2 more experienced actors.

      5. That’s exactly what I was thinking choco-bunny. That’s why I said Ruco is more versatile than Wayne and Roger and let’s not forget, Ruco also has better looks than them. I have never found Wayne/Roger as hot or sexy or yummy anytime. Yup, same here I also think Wayne is increasingly OTT and he has that same RB style of acting everytime. I like Ruco’s light hearted type of comedy. It’s better than the cringeworthy OTT type of Wong Cho Lam’s comedy or Roger’s Ah Wong. Ruco will excel just fine in a full fledged comedy series.

      6. @Toby, WCL style of comedy sucks. I could barely sit thru Come On Cousin cos he was such a pain to watch, speaking in that very affected manner and his face ….eeewww. There were some genuinely funny moments but i would say that 95% was slapstick. I don’t wish to see Ruco do this kind of comedy.

      7. @choco. So true. And WCL is sooooo overrated because of COC. That series was nonsense. Let’s pray Ruco won’t ever have to do that slapstick nonsense type of comedy although we know Ruco will do well professionally.

      8. Comedy takes either a very bad actor (Moses) or a very good one with comic timing (wayne) to truly work. Ruco is a very good dramatic actor, he can be sexy, he can flirt, he can be romantic, he can be cute, he can be funny but whether he can be comedic, I do not know.

        Why Roger seems to have this Ah Wong image is because his performance left such a deep impression you probably can’t see him as anything else. But I don’t see him that way. I can see him differently.

        Wayne is an excellent actor, it is just his style is the same. Like Harrison Ford. In the past I see him as a mediocre actor. Only now as I look back, he may not be very emotive, but he was those rare actors who can exhibit a sense of righteousness and he was a fine actor. Much like Felix Wong, not the best actor but in TVB you won’t find another like him for a very long time.

        It may be a futile argument but whilst I feel Ruco is a cut above a lot if current crop of so called big brothers, I feel he has a lot of areas he can improve. If Wayne shouts his lines, Ruco has a tendency to speak loudly in a happy moment/reckless moment etc etc. But those are nitpicking because that’s not a bad habit. It is a trait identifiable in the actor.

        What you didn’t mention is in Wayne, Ruco and Roger all share one familiar trait that many actors, Kevin, Moses, Kenneth, Bosco and the likes do not have, that one trait that is made for TV. It is not handsomeness (though for me Wayne is rather good looking in costume drama when he was younger), or the way they talk or the way they act. It is the way their eyes speak volume and that fleeting moments of subtleties that influences the entire scene. Expressions is one thing but the eyes, they’re made for TV to zoom into. Wayne shows that in every series he is in, Roger definitely and Ruco of course. So it is also correct to say Wayne and Roger are from the previous generation and Ruco is the new generation but is Ruco better than them both? How do you compare? If I compare Ruco’s one series from the other I can tell you in my humble opinion every criticism you throw at Wayne and Roger I can say Ruco has it. But no one can deny all 3 are high level performers who constantly delivers. Of course there will be once or twice where there is a bad performance or due to bad script but on average, these 3 are proven actors’ actor. Ruco is sexy, of course, but he is capable of going another route. I don’t want a Tom Cruise. I want a Damian Lewis. A proven actor who is also sexy. That sort. As for action series, some actors are physical and perform well like Ruco. But don’t you know? These days a lot of action movies or series do not have much action. A respected actor can be an action star by just standing there and deliver a line. Action can be trained. Acting takes talent.

        As for comedy, Ruco can’t do what WCL do; cross dressing included. But WCL can’t do what other comedic actors can do. Likewise, there was a time Nick Cheung was dubbed the next Stephen Chow and acted in a few movies of such nature. Guess what? He is better as a dramatic serious actor not because he can’t be funny or comedic but because there can only ever be one Stephen Chow in 1 generation, 2 if we are lucky. Does Ruco belong to this category for dramatic acting? Too early to tell.

        As for Kevin, he is officially an idol actor who can act, yes but not at a deeper level. But he won’t spoil a series that’s for sure.

      9. Like you said, no point arguing. Acting is subjective. I can tell that you like Wayne’s and Roger’s style very much. Unfortunately, I don’t share the same level of admiration as you do but i do think they’re good in their own way in some dramas (not all). As for Roger stuck with Ah Wang image, well, it’s arguable if that’s becos his performance as Ah Wang is ingrained in the audience’s (my) mind. It could be that that’s his personal style that he can’t shake off, hard as he tried in another role. Heaven forbid that Ruco do a slapstick comedy like WCL. I can’t stand that guy and his brand of humor.

      10. Well at least we can agree that Ruco’s acting is already way above idol actors like Kevin or Raymond. Ruco is commanding in every scene and I have to say that he kind of surpassed Kevin’s dominance as the first lead of EITS.

      11. @choco WCL is a slapstick comedian and can’t act. Ruco is a great actor and possibly one of the best TVB ever has. It’s baffling how no director offered him a movie yet. I hope TVB start realizing how much Ruco is worth as a great actor and start giving him the breakthrough that he needs if not we might see Ruco is the next to get poached by mainlanders since he is already the best one compare to those who venture to China/movie like Kevin, Raymond, Bosco etc

      12. I agree with Funn’s assessment of Ruco, Wayne, and Roger, for the most part.  While I like Ruco and definitely agree that he is a good actor, he’s at a different level than Wayne and Roger and they’re from different generations, so in my opinion, it’s kind of unfair to compare the 3 of them.  Ruco may be one of the best actors from his generation, but that doesn’t mean he is better than Wayne and Roger (who are from the generation before him). 

        Perhaps I have a different definition of versatile, but for me, a versatile actor is one who can play various different types of characters (good guy, villain, comedic, rich folk, poor folk, goofy, serious, gangster, etc. etc. etc.) and convince me they ARE that character each time (or close to each time).

        Wayne has always been an excellent actor and while his style is essentially the same (moreso in recent years), that doesn’t take away from the fact that he is versatile.  I think the problem in recent years since he became leading actor is that he’s being given (more or less) the same types of roles over and over again (which is typical TVB method) – he no longer gets the varied roles that he got when he was a supporting actor, so he’s pretty much stuck doing the same thing over and over again.  But hey, he seems to like it, since he has pledged his loyalty to TVB, so no need to worry for him….

        As for Roger – I guess I don’t see Roger the same way as you guys because I grew up watching his series back in the 80s/90s (obviously during his pre-Ah Wong days).  Most people nowadays may know Roger for his Ah Wong character, but for me, it’s the opposite – I’ve always known Roger more for his dramatic acting rather than comedic.  Yes, Roger is definitely versatile and he can absolutely do comedic (as well as any other role you throw at him), but I feel that where he truly shines is in dramatic roles.

        Again, with acting being so subjective (and everyone’s exposure to different artists so varied), each person is bound to have a different opinion, so yes I agree there’s no point in arguing….just giving my two cents…

  16. I love Funn’s commentary on this series especially about sexy hot Ruco. Keep it going Funn!

  17. Tavia has been overshadowed by her male casts.

    Ppl watches the series more likely because of Kevin (who hasn’t acted for tvb for so long) and Ruco the hot male artist in TVb…

    1. The problem with Tavia in this role is not Tavia but her role.

    2. Exactly, this is Kevin’s comeback series after a long time and he has that 8th Prince vibe still, meanwhile Ruco is brilliantly shining and having the most intriguing character and solid acting skills, and Tavia is being overshadowed and it’s obvious she’s just a sidekick and love interest.

      1. No offense to anyone, it’s just that i wonder why some are just looking for Ruco’s acting all the time in this drama, and some keep commenting that Tavia as sidekick…obviously a good drama needs a Cast to deliver good acting & chemistry together so together they gel & deliver good performance together. Imagine just having Ruco only in every episode & he gets an actress like sisley to act with..i will be the first to turn off my tv. Hey, whatever roles the main actors/actress get, the important thing is that they act it well & compatible with each other. In EITS, we can’t deny that KC though mainly cool & stern faced but he is good as Szeto Sir. Tavia tho nerdy, blur but she’s great in this new comical role. Could be many can’t see her beyond her past typecasted tearful scenes only.To me Ruco is just Ruco…good yet his expressions are not what we havent seen in his other dramas…but overall they act well together, thus EITS is nice to watch.

      2. @says me: I’m pretty sure there are ppl in this forum will still glue to the screen if it’s only Ruco for an hour. Think Cast Away with Ruco. Chicks will flock to it! Lol!

    3. I don’t agree with you veejay. Many ppl praise tavia looking cute young and innocent in this role. She also can easily portraits any role given to her. I think you are bias just becos you’re Kevin’s and ruco’s fan. Stop complaining. She did a wonderful job on her character. Very versatile actress.

    4. You need to stop being rude about me and think about others. If you don’t like me just say so don’t be rude.

  18. This shoe is really good. If you want to hear more go to casual tvb.

  19. That show is great. I think it is going really well. If you want to hear more go to casual tvb or tvb.com.

  20. Really good show. Also I made a new song. I played it in one of the episodes with Leslie and a Hoa.

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