Yu Zheng’s “Palace 3” to Premiere in April

Yu Zheng (于正) is back in the game with a new installment of his popular idol series Palace, also known as Gong. The Qing Dynasty series’ first installment, the time-traveling romantic comedy Palace: The Locked Heart Jade <宫锁心玉>, was the series that shot both Yang Mi (杨幂) and Feng Shaofeng (冯绍峰) to superstardom back in 2011. The second series, Palace: The Locked Beaded Curtain <宫锁珠帘>, or Palace 2, affirmed Du Chun (杜淳) and Mickey He (何晟铭) as popular actors in Chinese television, and also introduced Yuan Shanshan (袁姗姗) as a rising new star.

In hopes to promote her as the next Yang Mi, Yuan Shanshan returns to star in Palace 3, known as Palace: The Lost Daughter <宫锁连城>. She portrays Song Liancheng, a seemingly ordinary city girl who by chance meets Fuchai Hengtai (Lu Yi 陆毅), the son of a noble. They fall in love, but their fates become divided when it is discovered that Hengtai was adopted, and that Liancheng was actually the true offspring of Fuchai.

It is reported that Palace 3 is set to air sometime in mid-April 2014 on the primetime slot for Hunan TV. Promoted as one of the biggest costume productions of 2014, the series also has elements of fantasy. Recently, new stills of Palace 3 were published online, showing a nude Yuan Shanshan submerged in a clear tub. For the scene, Yuan Shanshan wore a nude-colored leotard and spent several hours in the tub. The producer revealed that the scene depicted in the stills is a turning point for the series.

Palace 3 also stars Gao Yunxiang (高云翔), Shirley Dai (戴娇倩), Yang Rong(杨蓉), and Wang Lin (王琳).

Palace 3 a  Palace 3 c  Palace 3 b

Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am also interested in this drama. I really love the first two Palace productions 🙂

    I havent watched his remakes because of the negativity.

  2. me too as well i really like all of the palace
    and i really wanted to see if this drama is
    good or not????

  3. those three photos makes want to
    watch it but what is yu zheng doing
    is she praying to god or what??????
    it looks like she is praying to god!!!!!!!!:)

  4. Damnit, Yuzheng musta love Yuan ShanShan so much that she must be in every of his production. There r many more better actress than her. I feel like she doesnt shine at all eventhough shes been in some popular drama.

  5. Contrary to most fans in here, I think YSS is a good actress. Her eyes are real pretty. Can’t wait to see this drama.

    1. I also like her acting and I agree that her eyes are pretty!

  6. Gong 1 was not bad, but 2 was boring. I just watched about 10 episodes of Gong 2 and gave up.

    1. Gong 1 was urghhhh. Gong 2 was urghhhh urghhhhh. Gong 3 will be urghhhh urghhhhhh urghhhh. I really don’t like Yuan Shan Shan.

      1. Actually I prefer watching gong 1 to bbjx
        But I didn’t watch gong 2

      2. I love gong 1 🙂 but… Did not bother with gong 2. Don’t like yss anyway, or any of the cast to be bothered with it (watched first episode then gave up lol) not going to care about gong 3 lol! But this time, it is more because I don’t like YZ >_> (sue me if the icon is different lol, obviously my normal iPad is busy ;p)

      3. Funn, why gong 1 was urghhh? It’s definitely not great, but not that bad to get an urghhh? Maybe I’m kinder since I watched it a while ago and I was bored because I just moved to a new country and was in need of distraction when I watched that.

      4. because funn is picky, judgamental and it doesnt have any artistes she really likes. ehnce downgrades it!

      5. Puff, long story short, I hated it with all my heart and soul and gut. And then came Gong II and I hated that even more. The reason is because that series is the reason why China banned time traveling story and why BBJX is far more superior and why I detest Yu Zheng with the very core of my soul. I hated the story, I hated the actors, I hated the costumes, I hated the producer, I hated the ending and then for Gong 2, the hate times 3. Gong is rubbish, gong 2 is rubbisher. I don’t care you call me picky, prejudice, bias. Gong is the very reason I hate Yu Zheng, and Gong 2 is the very reason why I hate him more and Swordsman is the very reason I hate him most. But Scheme of a Beauty is the reason why I have not vowed to kill him.

      6. Since I don’t want it, yes my rubbish. But rubbish nonetheless.

      7. Funn, agree that BBJX is more superior than gong. Swordsman and gong2 are bad, but won’t say gong 1 is rubbish. Scheme of a beauty was good, albeit at times a bit draggy.

      8. bbjx = objective view of the feuds, 4th prince and cecilia
        gong= leaned towards 8th prince and yang mi
        gong2- 4th prince and yss
        gc= leaned towards 4th prince and his unwavering love 4 joey

  7. I liked the 1st installment. havent seen the second one.

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