Ruco Chan Singing “The Other Truth” Theme Song in Malaysia

[vsw id=”yUkZ2pnB04s” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Ruco Chan promoting Malaysia’s Astro 2011 television awards and singing the theme song to “The Other Truth” amidst screaming fans.

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  1. I’ll like to be a screaming fan right there too! Ruco’s voice is very suitable in singing the theme song for “The Other Truth.”

    1. True~! It would be nice if Ruco sung the original version will it? ^^

  2. I was there, really love his performance, irresistible voice, able to hit high notes effortlessly

    1. Clover,
      Aside from being impressed with his singing, what was your impression of him in person?

      1. He remains down to earth and polite despite his sudden fame. Guess his turbulence earlier career made him a humble man (lack of confidence to some extent). He was stiff and rather quiet in his first show with Laughing Gor, however the thunderous applause and cheers from the fans seemed to lift his spirit, he looked totally at ease in his third show with Kenneth Ma. He is extremely gorgeous in person, mesmerizing fans with his warm smile.

      2. Clover,
        Thanks for sharing your impression of Ruco at the performances in Malaysia. Yes, he does seem like a very humble person, maybe too polite to a degree.

        I believe a group of Ruco’s fans flew from Hong Kong to Malaysia to especially support him at the promos. Wah, so dedicated!

    2. Ruco sings both theme songs in Love In A Miracle (one is a duet with Amy Chan) and they are quite good. Love his voice. Saw a clip where he sang the themesong live with Amy Chan and really liked his singing skill.
      He sang The Other Truth themesong quite well too. It’s good that his talent gets recognized now. He totally deserves it!

  3. For me, so-so performance.

    I wonder TVB will force him to become a singer? 😀

  4. He’s actually a pretty good singer. I think in a way the fact that he’s actual humble and polite is a definite contrast to some people which in a way makes him unique. It also helps that he is focused on his work and trying to do his job instead of some others who have fame all up in their head. I guess it’s refreshing to see people who have not let fame get to their head. Another explanation since I have never met him in person is he could just be a shy person in general. I mean usually actors act in front of the camera. This time he’s actually seen by a lot of people. Even though on camera he might play the role of a confident and outgoing lawyer this may or may not be his actual personality in real life.

    Maybe they should use his version of the song as theme for Other truth 2 although they’ll probably replace with another song. Sadly.

    1. It’s quite interesting when there are a number of articles to say that Ruco is arrogant and set fame as first priority(wannabe second Andy Lau) in real life but fans praise him to be humble. So you base on the clip/on screen or you see him yourself? Oh, I read from your post that you haven’t seen him yet. Then I guess you want to see him first?

      I’m curious only. Uhm, hope it dun make Ruco fans get mad :D. I haven’t seen Ruco, too so I won’t judge :P.

  5. I’ve not watched him in tv series nor dramas nor in actual person but I find there’s something weird about his eyes. not sure it’s because of the gap between his eyes are very close to each other or it’s cause by the glasses.

  6. Ruco looks so much better with specs n really hv the looks of an exec.. His future will b v bright if he does more lawyer type series.. He appeared a shy guy n pretty reserved n homey type.. I m really mesmerised by him..

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