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Jackie Chan Unveils “Police Story 2013” at Beijing Film Festival

By on April 24, 2013

Jackie Chan Unveils “Police Story 2013” at Beijing Film Festival thumbnail

The 2013 Beijing International Film Festival held its closing award ceremony yesterday. Among those in attendance were Jackie Chan (成龍) and members from the cast and crew of his new movie, Police Story 2013 <警察故事2013>, which held its first public screening at the film festival.

Since Police Story 2013 began filming, it has attracted much attention from domestic and international media, thanks to its link with the previous five movies in the popular Police Story franchise. After the release of the first Police Story film in 1985, the franchise has gone on to release four sequels and garner numerous awards and nominations. Police Story 2013 will be the sixth installment.

However, according to Ding Sheng (丁晟), the movie director, Police Story 2013 will be “a continuation of the classic Police Story brand only in name.” Ding, who helmed the 2008 film The Underdog Knight <硬漢> and its sequel, shared that Police Story 2013 has a brand new story and breaks away from the traditional “cop movie” genre. “It integrates many styles,” he said, “from cop, action, suspense, to crime.”

Police Story 2013 will star Jackie, mainland Chinese actor Liu Ye (劉燁), and mainland Chinese actress Jing Tian (景甜). When asked how they felt about working with Jackie for the first time, both Liu Ye and Jing Tian used the words “excited” and “honored” to describe their mood. They also shared that they learned a lot from Jackie, whom they refer to by his nickname, “Big Brother”.

Although Police Story 2013 is a continuation of a series, Jackie feels it is a “brand-new attempt” for him, since he tries to pursue a different challenge with every new film that he works on. “I had a lot of ‘first times’ in this movie,” Jackie said, “and I’m looking forward to it very much.” The movie, which is currently in post-production, is expected to open in theaters this year.

At the film festival, Jackie and the other cast members were dressed in black, with a green ribbon affixed to their clothing, to express their mourning for the victims of the Sichuan Ya’an earthquake. Jackie expressed his heartfelt sympathies, “Disasters allow our hearts to become even closer. I hope that the people in the disaster area know that we will always be together, and that the love of 1.3 billion people will always be together.”

Source:  huanqiu.com

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    1. curious says:

      ugly man inside out

    2. dd says:

      Jackie Chan: the only man whose movies I pirate the sh*t out of.

    3. Panzer says:

      Love Liu Ye, so this will probably be the first JC movie since DM2 that I will actually watch lol.
      Don’t think I would actually pay money to see it though, that might give industry people the impression that I support his productions.
      Wonder how long till it hits blockbuster/Netflix?

    4. Ribb says:

      tot the ‘last’ movie oredi done, this is another last one?

    5. DooK says:

      Some harsh comments here lol.

    6. curious says:

      @DooK says:Just speaking the truth,poor Jackie,has-been,over-the-hill….etc
      Yet,trying so hard to stay relevant!psml!

      • DooK says:

        At least I’m not the one who’s mixing up real-life scandals (which doesn’t interest me much) with entertainment which are two different things. And speaking of trying to hard, go polish your style of writing because I get the notion that I’m arguing with a kid lol.

        • curious says:


          U have a great way of putting words in my

        • DooK says:

          So you’re not hating on Jackie right? Then why did you post “Jackie is ugly inside out”, and responded me with “Harsh? Rofl!” That’s relevant to what I responded to so I’m not the one putting words in anyone’s mouth. Epic fail once again lol ;)

    7. curious says:

      @DooK says:
      No don’t hate Jackie @ all
      Merely stating the truth
      U r the one that’s getting all edgy and defensive
      btw,u r far more entertaining that Jacky ever could be ;D

      • DooK says:

        Well actually, I was just saying that comments here were harsh as I’m not even a big Jackie fan. All this were mere based on your response to my post as I got the impression that you were a hater. It’s not my fault that you got my attention anyway.

        You may find me entertaining from your end but your style of writing and spelling is far more entertaining. Trust me, you have no idea lol.

    8. AhQue says:

      He wants to make more money.

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