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35th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards: Eason Chan, Joey Yung, and Jacky Cheung Honored

By on January 21, 2013

35th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards: Eason Chan, Joey Yung, and Jacky Cheung Honored thumbnail

The 35th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards, simply known as the RTHK Top Ten, was held in the Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Center on January 20, 2013. Hosted by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), the RTHK Top Ten has been a major music award ceremony for the Chinese pop market ever since its first establishment in 1978.

Winners of the RTHK Top Ten are determined by audience vote and radio airplay.

A total of 49 awards were distributed that night. Hong Kong’s Eason Chan (陳奕迅) and Joey Yung (容祖兒), winning Outstanding Pop Singer and Best-Selling Singer together, were the biggest winners of the night. The Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award also gave out twelve awards instead of the traditional ten.

Jacky Cheung (張學友), however, took home the ceremony’s most prestigious award – the 35th Anniversary Honorary Award to recognize his lifetime contributions to the Chinese pop industry and culture. Jacky previously won the Golden Needle award in 2000.

Check the list of winners below:

35th Anniversary Honorary Award:
Jacky Cheung

Most Outstanding Male Pop Singer:
Eason Chan

Most Outstanding Female Pop Singer:
Joey Yung

Outstanding Pop Singer Award:
Kay Tse
Khalil Fong
Hacken Lee
Joey Yung
Leo Ku
Raymond Lam
Ivana Wong
C Allstar

Best-Selling Singer of the Year:
Male: Eason Chan
Female: Joey Yung
Group: Mayday

Best International Chinese Gold Song:
“Heavy Taste” <重口味> by Eason Chan

Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs:
“Leave Blank” <留白> by Ivana Wong
“Heavy Taste” <重口味> by Eason Chan
“Can No Longer Love <戀無可戀> by Leo Ku
“Wallpaper” <牆紙> by Joey Yung
“What is the Reason for Living” <活着為求什麼> by Hacken Lee
“Mask” <面具> by Alfred Hui
“Statement” <<告白> by Kary Ng
“No Power to Retrieve” 無力挽回> by Pakho Chau
“The End” <到此為止> by Shiga Lin
“Obviously” <明明> by Charlene Choi
“What Have U Done”  by G.E.M.
“Youthful Ignorance” <年少無知> by Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong

Outstanding Mandarin Pop Song Award:
Gold – “Love You” <愛你> by Kimberley
Silver – “Thousand Paper Cranes” <千紙鶴> by Khalil Fong
Bronze – “Going Home Alone” <一個人回家> by Ellen Loo

Best New Artist Award:
Gold – Hubert Wu
Silver – Adason Lo
Bronze – Robynn & Kendy
Award of Merit – Alex Lam, Jay Fung, Kimberley

Most Improved Artist of the Year:
Gold – Gin Lee
Silver – Fiona Sit
Bronze – Louis Cheung

Best Singer of the Year:
Male – Leehom Wang
Female – Jane Zhang
Group – Twins

Best Chinese Song of the Year:
“Thousand Paper Cranes” <千紙鶴> by Khalil Fong

CASH’s Best Singer-Songwriter Award:
Eric Suen

Weibo’s Choice:
Raymond Lam


Jacky Cheung’s Performance

Eason Chan and Joey Yung Receive Awards

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (26)

    1. llwy12 says:

      Um, sorry but the info is wrong…Jacky’s award wasn’t the Golden Needle award (he already got that award back in 2000). The award he got is called the ’35th Anniversary Honorary Gold Song Award’ – a specially created award to honor the artist whose songs received the most ‘gold song’ awards in the past 35 years. It was created especially for RTHK’s 35th anniversary….

      • Jayne says:

        The name of Jacky Cheung’s award has been revised in the article. Thanks!

      • looooooooooooooo says:

        RTHK award damn boring!!! Ugly and unknown hosts talk too much craps and low class craps/ lousy run down……….eason is a joke with his indian version of his song!!! jacky cheung and LF quite impressed.hacken lee / shiga and pak ho win gold song???!!!?!..never heard their songs before

    2. raymond says:

      a joke. why raymond’s song cannot get 1 of the chinese top 10 gold song? some other the winners’ song are terrible but still can get it? example that hacken lee song. I open youtube and listened to it ,omg terrible song. hehe. And others as well. LOL.

      • Michael says:

        Simply because Raymond’s song is crap. Come on, what did you expect…

      • menuiq says:

        Seriously Raymond voice is not that good. When he sings during on stage his voice is just not up to par. I used to like him a lot during his first popular days where I think his voice is quite nice. Now I think he is lacking behind. If you hear Jacky sings that day, you will know what is God of Song although Jacky is old but his voice is still good and this goes for Hacken Lee.

        • Crystal says:

          You do realize you are comparing a legend to a popular favorite right? And Hacken Lee ain’t a legend but he’s on top of his game.

          Lets just say the HK music industry has no one who can sing like it was back in the early 90s and backwards. I mean no one. Back in the 80s-90s, voices could be distinctively differentiated, whereas now..the quality of singers and music alike are extremely poor. Therefore these awards are nothing more than a popularity game. And the hype with Raymond…well he’s popular… he’s a favorite.. he’s a huge marketing tool…all pluses in a business point of view and he gets rewarded with these awards.

        • llwy12 says:

          @Crystal: Totally agree with you!

          It’s definitely unfair to compare a ‘legend’ such as Jacky Cheung to today’s artists – I mean, even comparing him to someone like Eason Chan (who has been dubbed by many as Jacky’s ‘supposed’ successor, though I absolutely beg to differ) is already ‘stretching it’ BIG TIME!

          After the RTHK awards was over, a netizen posted something on Weibo that I feel was ‘right on’ to describe why Jacky is in the position he is: the netizen said that during the first part of the ceremony, when the first award was handed out and the artist went up to sing the song ‘Lau Bak’ (I’m assuming the person was referring to Ivana Wong), he/she felt like there must be something wrong with the sound equipment and music because the performance just sounded so off. Then, by the time it got to Eason Chan and Joey Yung, the sound equipment issue seemed to have improved, as the performances were not as painful to listen to. It wasn’t until the very end of the ceremony, when Jacky Cheung opened his mouth and started singing, the netizen realized that all along, there was no sound equipment issue at all…

          That right there tells you how badly the music industry as a whole has detoriated and why when it comes to Jacky, there is just no comparison….

        • YanYanKong says:

          Totally agree! I still remember Ray’s perfect live singing performances following his first album, but his singing has become worse now, not improved which is not usual for a singer. Same kinda goes for his acting.

        • Crystal says:

          I think his singing improved compared to his acting. Raymond can rock ballad, R&B kind of songs. He should stay away from pop, hip-pop and all the other sorts. Honestly though, I guess you can partially blame his company for giving him his recent songs.

      • looooooooooooooo says:

        For your information,RTHK award top song are merely voted by RTHK ‘s deejays based on mainstream airplay which I think is not fair.The deejays can always favour certain artists based on friendships.

        Raymond managed to win weibo award and sina most popular singer award 2012 (whole nation inclusive China) means that he had the largest fans that vote for him online.

    3. wen wen says:

      I am proud of Jacky Cheung, he is a talented singer. His powerful voice and all his songs made him a real god of songs. I always support you Jacky :-)
      it is very hard to find the real talented singers now days.

    4. pandamao says:

      the highlight of the show were:

      1) Jacky Cheung’s performance of a few of his hits.
      2) Eason Chan & Joey Yung getting awards from Yan Lei (the woman that bashed GEM, Eason, Kelly Chan, etc. for being disrespectful)
      3) Eason’s second rendition of 重口味
      4) Khalil’s performance of Thousand Cranes

      Honorable mentions:
      – Gil’s improvement in singing after receiving best group award.
      – God awful song from Ivana Wong
      – Kary Ng’s 告白, Hacken Lee were pretty good live performances.

    5. TN1 says:

      Congrats! Congrats! N esp to Youthful Ignorance by Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong yep d cream of d best!

    6. Norika says:

      Congrats! I like Robynn and Kendy!

    7. Nelly says:

      I really miss Jacky’s songs. Even today, I still listen to him. He owns the show. I remember nic tse saying that hk music is going downhill even when others might think he’s arrogant but I agree with him, ever since 2000 it’s been going downhill. Joey getting award every year says it all, there is no competition. I’m not her fan but I can only recall one song “flying in the sky?” And that was because of tvb pushing her song in front of every show. Sad state really, I flocked to Korean and mandarin music.

    8. wen wen says:

      just finished watching the 35th golden song award…Jacky performance can make people “wow”, his songs, his voice…I think he is the best of the best. until today I still listen to his music.

    9. klnlyy says:

      is it top 10 or top 12 chinese gold songs ah??

    10. Tradie says:

      Yeah, why are there 12 songs?

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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