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Show Luo Responds to Incest Rumors with His Mother

By on January 8, 2013

Show Luo Responds to Incest Rumors with His Mother thumbnail

On January 6, Show Luo (羅志祥) finally completed his three-day concert in Taiwan’s Taipei Dome, the first stop for his Over the Limit World Live Tour. With four sold-out shows already under its belt, Show’s Over the Limit World Live Tour has grossed over 120 million TWD.

Vicious incest rumors concerning Show and his mother have recently been circulating around the Taiwanese media. At the after-party press conference of his concert, Show exclaimed, “I really don’t care what the rumor says, but I really want to educate those who say I am incestuous, because those people really don’t know what ‘love’ means!”

Show then turned to his mother, who was standing beside him at the time, and kissed her on the lips.

Show also apologized to his mother for his “menstrual” behavior in the past month. He explained that the pressure of performing well for the concert had given him mood swings. He formally apologized to his mother at the press conference, and hugged her tightly.

The singer-actor also revealed that in order to maintain his physique and energy for the concert, he ate nothing but his mother’s chicken soup in the last three days. In the months leading up to the Taipei concert, Show dropped from 77 to 67 kilograms. Show disclosed that his manager wanted him to keep up with his current figure, but Show shook his head and said, “No way. It’s too hard. Right now, I just want to eat well!”

Show, who is named as the hottest celebrity of 2012 in Taiwan, was slammed for releasing multiple repackaged editions of his latest album. Claims were made that Show and his music label, Gold Typhoon, were digging a “money pit” with the fans’ money.

Show’s Taipei concert was also accused for cheating more money off from fans. Show reassured, “I am not a singer who cheats money from fans! I want to have everyone see my talents and hard work. I sing live! I don’t cheat.”

Asked if Show plans to set up a new challenge for his next concert, Show said honestly, “The next challenge I should do is the 48-hour sleep challenge.”

Show’s next stop for the his Over the Limit tour is Hong Kong, which will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum from January 18 to 21.

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Source: Sina.com

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  • Readers' Comments (50)

    1. ping0 says:

      That’s such a stupid rumor, it was obvious that it was no were near sexual! They guy just loves his mother!

      • RaySimpson says:

        Stupid rumor to get people talking… I am guessing we will see about 150 comments for this one.

    2. Xinn says:

      I’m new to the TW entertainment scene but is this guy really good? Anywhere near the likes of Jay Chou or Lee Hom?

      • apple says:

        To me, he is more or less on the same level as Jay Chou, but not close to Lee Hom yet, but he is getting there. Whether or not he is good, will depend on whether or not you enjoy his music and acting. For me, i love his music and dramas, and he is talented.

        If you want to find a similarity between Lee Hom and Show Luo, it’ll be that both are really talented at playing instruments. And they’re both excellent live singers.

        • LUCY says:

          I love him but honestly he’s not even on jay’s level. He’s defiantly sort of a charismatic sort of artist. Not extremely excellent at singing but pre great at dancing

        • ita says:

          don’t think he is even close to both Jay Chou and Lee Hom in terms of talent in music. He is really good in hosting tho.

        • ita says:

          it’s a peck on lips only, haiya make it so big deal. This rumour is a bit too much. It is only both of them in the family, so how chinese said is both of them “Xiang Yi Wei Ming” …he loves his mom, nothing wrong with that..

      • elle says:

        his music is good. i like him mostly as an presenter at 娛樂百分百.

    3. Kidd says:

      What a stupid rumour. Show Luo is just a filial son who loves his mother.

    4. Eunice says:

      Such a ridiculous rumour!

    5. jj says:

      whats wrong when a song tight hugs their mother and kiss her on the lips????

      wtff…crazy rumoour and crazy people
      i think thats totally fine T___T i see that a lot

    6. momo says:

      Show is a very talented artist. A very persistent artist who never gives up.

    7. dd says:

      The real question is, when is the sextape coming out and; where can I buy it?

    8. tika says:

      OMG barf!!! OMG can’t believe this article. I feel sick.

    9. irene says:

      I love to kiss my son on his lips.

      I am sure 20 years later I will continue to do that.

      To me he will be always my little baby.

      • dd says:

        Nothing can go wrong from this.

      • Josie says:

        When your son’s 20, I don’t think he’ll appreciate that kind of public affection. But it will keep his therapist in business!

      • Cleo says:

        no way – kissing on the lips is for spouses not offspring or parents – there is something way too emotionally intimate about that

        it sounds gross that he did that – I wouldn’t consider them incestuous for doing it but I would consider them dirty

        • bizzybody says:

          I don’t think it’s considered kissing on the lips, more like a peck on the lips (instead of on the cheek or air-kissing the cheek). If the kiss involves tongue, THEN only I would consider it incestuous.
          Besides, it’s not the mum doing it, it’s his son showing his love. When you have a son Show’s age and he shows his love/affection to you by giving you a kiss on the lips in public without feeling any shame, I think you would be appreciative instead of thinking it dirty.

        • Kidd says:

          It’s a peck on the lips, not wet kissing with tongue and all.

          Pecking your mom on the lips – gross and dirty
          Wet kissing your lover – intimate and beautiful

          What the heck?

        • Funn Lim says:

          “Pecking your mom on the lips – gross and dirty
          Wet kissing your lover – intimate and beautiful”

          It stems from the fact that anything as intimate as a kiss on the lips with your mom or dad is gross. I agree on that but this is not like as if he was french kissing her.

          Remember Angelina Jolie and the wet kiss she gave her brother at the awards? That freaked a lot of people.

      • bizzybody says:

        Whether as a mum or dad, when they’re kids, I wouldn’t mind giving them a peck on the lips. But as they grow older (teenager), I’d continue giving them hugs, but I’d prefer them to be the one giving me the kiss (if they want to) in order to avoid issues of them feeling embarassed by forced public display of affection.

    10. Funn Lim says:

      This is insane. Westerners do kiss their parents on the lips, as in a peck. If it is full on french kissing, yes you can question that. What a horrible rumour.

      • Josie says:

        Not on the lips once the child is over 10 yrs old.

        • Lol says:

          He can 50…he will always be my baby. I kiss my son 100 times all over his face because he’s adorable to me…then I guess i’m guilty. What a horrible rumor…I hope this won’t affect the way he acts around his mom.

        • jj says:

          no, i see alot in their 20s!!

        • Little fishy says:

          My aunty kissed her son on the lip when he was 16yrs old (latest witnessed by me), I’m pretty sure he will continue do it even when he got much much older >_> he doesn’t like public display of such thing, but that’s more because he doesn’t want other see him as mama boy, rather than something wrong with the kiss. So yea that’s sort of kiss is pretty normal, my Asian friend just got a baby girl, n the mother loves to kiss her on the lips, I don’t see the fascination with that kiss, but must be parents’ urge? N the baby seem happy receiving such kiss, I guess if u kiss her on her cheek, she doesn’t have the mentality of ‘being loved’ but right in front of her eye, I.e. kissing on her lips is easier for her to comprehend that she’s being kissed n loved?

        • Cleo says:

          plenty of nonChinese would not kiss children on the lips – where do you get the idea that that is okay – a peck on the cheek but Lips???

        • bizzybody says:

          Agree with Little fishy.
          Each person have different upbringing/parents. Some have parents who don’t display love/affection even though they’d sacrifice anything for their child. The child may grow up not knowing how much his/her parents love her, hence they’d make sure their own offspring will never have doubts of their love by showing it. Some parents overdo the affection bit until the children are embarassed.
          So, it all depends on yourself. If you don’t like to kiss your child, don’t do it – but don’t make harsh judgement when you see others display love for their parents cos it’ll look like you’re jealous you can’t make yourself kiss your parents or your own kids would rather be caught dead than caught kissing you on the lips ;P

    11. msxie says:

      this rumor is as dumb as the ‘Leehom is gay’ rumor

    12. KT says:

      I’ve nothing against him but Show cannot sing live. Went to one of his TV show previously, and he cannot sing live.

      • bizzybody says:

        Don’t know about him singing live cos haven’t heard/seen before. But I think he’s a great dancer with good dance moves. He’s okay as an actor too, though haven’t seen him in any movies, only a few series (comedy).

    13. iawnaek says:

      This is an outrage1 Show Luo is GAY! G-A-Y GAY! Big gay Lou!

    14. Michael says:

      Admit it guys, if his mom is hot, we might believe it.

    15. clamine says:

      I kiss my mom all the times but only on her cheek never on the lips.

      Here are some of Show/mom kissing photos.

      I’ve to admit the bottom 3 are a bit too much for me.

      • Jayne says:

        Thanks for the link. It appears that Show kissing of his mom on lips is a regular frequent habit. It seems to be their special way of showing affection for each other, just not a very common gesture among Asians.

        I barely got hugs from my parents as a kid. And never any kisses on the face either.

        • bizzybody says:

          Me too – but my mum pats/kiss me on my forehead when she thinks I’m sleeping. Anyway my mum mellowed down as she age and I’d give her hugs even though she’d joke and say ‘u think u’re still a kid?’ she’d have a wide smile on her face.
          I give my kids lots of hugs/kisses whether they’re asleep or awake and sometimes with no special occassion. Our tagline is ‘you forgot to do something today’ and they’d come running to hug and kiss me – really brighten up a lousy day at work.
          When we’re out shopping, they’d hold our hands, once in a while bring our hand to their lips, kiss and say ‘i love you’. That’s what we used to do to them when they’re kids and now that they’re teens, they continue on without any prompting. As a parent, my spouse and I appreciate that very much. We don’t know how long it will last (maybe until they get gf/bf of their own) but we will appreciate it while it lasted and ignore those sour grapes :)

      • lolo says:

        hmmm.. seeems a bit intense to call it ‘peck on the lips’. Its weird but I don’t think its incest.

    16. Show proper love says:

      You can hug, you can kiss on the cheeks, but not on lips.

      You don’t see a dad kissing his daughter on her lips after she’s over 12, do you?

      Same with the mother then. It does look incestous, no matter what the mothers here say. In fact, most sons would not like their mothers to even hold their hand once in their teens.

      If Show still kisses his mother, i bet it is his incestous inclinations towards her and not the mother towards him.

      Guys till think of sex no matter at what age.

      You look at jap porn also you see this kind of played out fantasy.

      Get hold of yourself, Show. You should be a role model for teenagers, for goodness sake. Show us filial love, not ‘cross over the line’ behaviors.

    17. Jayne says:

      Names were called in the previous thread, but there is no need to inflame others in an out-of-context conversation.

    18. Funn Lim says:

      He seems to be very buddy-buddy with his mom. Look at his body language, see how he pats her back and rubs her shoulders and all. That was a quick peck. Nothing wrong. Like how you let your dog use his tongue to lick your lips. Look, that is not gross. It is in fact rather cute. I have read how Show Luo is arrogant, etc but seeing him so close with his mom is somewhat encouraging. Good to see a celebrity at ease with his mom and with the media to show to the world how mother and son interacts. It is only gross due to how the media and some section of people calling it incestous and all.

      Let’s wait for the revelations on how fathers SHOWER together with their sons AND daughters when they were child and then do the same as adults at those sauna whatever, let’s then see how the word incestous is used again.

      Again if Show isn’t embarrassed by his mom’s closeness with him, I don’t think anyone has any right to “dirty” it for him.

    19. Liku says:

      I think maybe right at that moment he was overly excited and happy, instead of kissing her somewhere appropriate like maybe her forhead, so he wasnt thinking and did a quick smooch on the lips, but out of a son’s love for his mother,

      Haha, I don’t believe the rumors,

      • Funn Lim says:

        It is not inappropriate to kiss on the lips like he did. And you don’t suddenly do that. They must have been doing that since little and very comfortable with that.

    20. Fox says:

      Hope his HK concert won’t be a money cheat.

    21. msxie says:

      A peck on the lips is no big deal. It wasn’t a passionate hot kiss with slurping tongues and all. THAT would be sick.

    22. TN1 says:

      Oh c’mon nothing incestuous about dat though many may find it peculiar esp azns. It’s kinda habit at a very young age, an affection!

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