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Celebrity Weddings: Gigi Leung and Sergio

By on October 4, 2011

Celebrity Weddings: Gigi Leung and Sergio thumbnail

Gigi Leung (梁詠琪) and Spanish boyfriend, Sergio, got married in Ibiza, Spain on October 3, 2011. With the wedding ceremony taking place on a beach, the newlyweds shed tears of happiness upon exchanging marriage vows.  Gigi described her wedding day as if it were a dream. The bride followed Spanish wedding tradition and gave the groom a watch valued at $90,000 HKD!

In recent years, 35-year-old Gigi Leung appeared to prefer European men. Marrying boyfriend of 5-months, Sergio, Gigi quickly ended her bachelorette life and even got married on the eve before ex-boyfriend, Ekin Cheng’s (鄭伊健) 44th birthday!

Gigi and Sergio’s wedding celebration incorporated both western and eastern elements. The groom appeared to be highly respectful towards Gigi’s mother and took care of the guests of the Leung family at the wedding.

Anxious prior to her wedding day, Gigi shed tears of happiness. Gigi had selected platinum wedding rings which featured a rose theme. When the couple were officially pronounced husband and wife at the marriage ceremony, which was held on the beach, Gigi declared that her dream had come true! “Sergio truly treats me very well. I never thought that I will encounter a person who treats me so well, a man who is very attentive and makes each day together appear like a dream! My mother and younger brother like him a lot too! Even my friends are full of compliments towards Sergio. I feel truly blissful!”

Marrying a beautiful bride, Sergio noted that he was the luckiest man in the world! Sergio spent a lavish sum of $4 million HKD to give his beloved wife a romantic, white-themed wedding. Sergio booked the beach grounds of the hotel for the ceremony and allowed his family and friends to book the airplane tickets and arrive on location to take care of the wedding arrangements. Sergio found a designer in Spain to custom tailor Gigi’s wedding gown. Many of the wedding guests also wore white.

Will Continue to Work After Marriage

Although she married a European man, Gigi followed custom Chinese wedding traditions. The night before the wedding day, Gigi’s mother performed the traditional hair combing ritual for Gigi. While her mother combed her hair and uttered wishes of happiness, Gigi bit back her tears. However, the other people observing the hair combing ritual started crying instead.

Holding a low-profile wedding, Gigi and Sergio invited eighty family and friends from both sides of the family. The guests arrived from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Great Britain and the United States to attend the wedding celebration in Spain. The guests included Gigi’s good friends in the entertainment industry such as Charlie Yeung (楊采妮), Valen Hsu (許茹芸), and Chen Shaoqi (陳少琪). Career-minded Gigi will continue to work after marriage, as she expressed passion for the performance arts. Sergio supported Gigi’s desire to continue working after marriage as well.


Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: Gigi Leung and Sergio had a beautiful “white” wedding on the beach! Since they only dated for 5 months, they are likely still in the early, passionate stages of love. From the photos, Sergio appears to be a lively man who has a passion for living.

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  • Readers' Comments (20)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      SHe looked lovely, wedding dress is nice and he does look very much in love with her.

      • Funn Lim says:

        What does sergio do?

        • yuaida says:

          He looks like a faggot. She couldn’t find a decent Asian man so she had to resort to a white man to show the world she is still marry-able………another one of these interracial-pending-fail-marriages.

    2. HeTieShou says:

      Congrats to Gigi and Sergio! May they have a lifetime of happiness together. Their wedding seems so beautiful. I think 5 months of dating before marriage is realistic now since I know people that have dated about that long and are now happily married. But 20 days, I still can’t quite believe it.

    3. Chriselle says:

      “Sergio appears to be a lively man who has a passion for living”

      I like men like this. :) No last name for this Sergio? Lol.

    4. Lady Gaga says:

      CONGRATS TO GIGI & SERGIO! am truly happy and their marriage be blessed with endless love for each other.

    5. Veejay says:

      I think Sergio would make a better husband material than Ekin who has never thought of settle down.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Maybe Ekin never thought of settling down with her.

      • FanWen says:

        Just because Ekin didn’t get married to Maggie or Gigi doesn’t mean he’s not a good man. There are way more people who date more than him and never get married so honestly I don’t get your point. And who knows why Ekin didn’t want to get married. Maybe there’s something wrong with Maggie and Gigi that he didn’t like. Just because people date doesn’t mean they automatically have to get married to that person.

    6. Cherie says:

      congrats to Gigi! really like her. its Ekin’s lost. he seems to like to trade his women like cars.

    7. Lily says:

      Gigi looks beautiful in the photos. I love her hair and wedding dress!

    8. Masaharu says:

      Congratulations Gigi :D I wish she found her happiness this time

    9. Summer says:

      Congratulations to Gigi and Sergio. She looks very pretty and both are very much in love. Wish them a lifetime of happiness.

    10. irene says:

      Love her wedding pics..wish both of them happiness!

      I truly hope Gigi will forget Ekin..coz getting married on eve of Ekin’s birthday might also meant she felt so hurt..

    11. Maria says:

      Gigi Leung y todos sus invitados estuvieron alojados en el Ibiza Corso Hotel & Spa. Gente Simpática y muy Fashion. Gigi estava guapísima!!!!

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