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Leila Tong and Liu Kai Chi at CTI’s “Police Force Line” Blessing Ceremony

By on July 22, 2012

Leila Tong and Liu Kai Chi at CTI’s “Police Force Line” Blessing Ceremony thumbnail

CTI Chairman Ricky Wong (王維基), CEO To Wai Bing (杜惠冰), and the cast and crew of the company’s new drama, Police Force Line <警界線> attended a blessing ceremony in Yuen Long yesterday. Ricky Wong began the ceremony by opening fire with a real gun, wishing for the new drama to surprise the world with a bang!

Starring Liu Kai Chi (廖啟智), Dominic Lam (林嘉華),and  Leila Tong (唐寧), Police Force Line is a crime thriller written and produced by the creators behind TVB’s E.U. <學警狙擊>, the drama that debuted the popular Laughing Gor character portrayed by Michael Tse (謝天華). Liu Kai Chi portrays the main protagonist, who becomes a vigilante after being wrongfully imprisoned for many years. Dominic Lam portrays his antagonist, a cop with a dark past.

Filming for Police Force Line already began earlier this month. Leila Tong, who is portraying a cop for the first time, said that she has signed on for two years with CTI. She said, “This drama is more focused on the male characters, so I have more time to take care of my daughter!” Dominic Lam also revealed that it has been 30 years since he last collaborated with Liu Kai Chi!

Ricky Wong Plans for 300 Hours of Entertainment

Although CTI has yet to obtain a free TV license, Ricky Wong expressed his confidence in getting the license next year. He said, “I’m confident that the TV station will open next year. Right now we’re focusing on filming about 200 to 300 hours of TV drama and variety programs so it can be aired next year.” When asked if he plans to broadcast the dramas overseas first in case the station fails to obtain a license, Ricky Wong repeated, “I’m confident that the license will come to us next year.”

Police Force Line also stars Annie Liu On-lai (廖安麗), who portrays a thief, and Deno Cheung (張松枝), best known for his role as “Zhao Zilong” in TVB’s Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國>. Felix Lok (駱應鈞) and Lam Lee (林利) will also make guest appearances.


Sources: On.cc, TVBmagazine.blogspot.com, hkdailynews.com.hk

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  • Readers' Comments (105)

    1. Nicole says:

      So Liu Kai Chi is the lead actor? Can it really generate ratings and thus income?

      • exoidus says:

        I think people who appreciate quality acting will def. give this one a chance and if the story is good it might generate high ratings.

        • Nicole says:

          It’s just like comparing CCTV to HunanTV. CCTV has the better production, better acting, but HunanTV has all the ratings, with puke-worthy productions like Gong and Gong2 or any other Yuzheng production, where they plagerized from all over, yet the stars become super popular and the ratings go over the roof.

          Of course, anyone who appreciates good acting will like CTI, but for them to generate income to keep afloat, with the type of salary (at least twice that of TVB) they are paying, is it plausible for them to draw in the audience which will in turn generate profit??

        • vivien says:

          That Gong series, my brother think Yang Mi is an acting Goddess.

        • exoidus says:

          Not hard to grasp considering how many fans just watch TVB for their idols, LOL.

          I thought CTI production costs were not fixed i.e a per series contract which means it can shut down quickly.

          On the other note perhaps even with the high production cost with ok rating the bottom line will stay positive or at least break even for the variable costs (therefore will continue to operate).

          This ofcourse supports the theory that TVB have been generating huge profits due being a near monopoly in the free-pay TV market in HK.

        • Nicole says:

          “This ofcourse supports the theory that TVB have been generating huge profits due being a near monopoly in the free-pay TV market in HK.”

          – It’s interesting to note that TVB also had a downsizing even before CTI and other stations are given a chance in the monopoly. How far will they go to maintain their profit margin?

        • exoidus says:

          You can’t keep the same level of profit margins as in a monopoly (actually a duopoly with ATV).

          Ofcourse you could argue that TVB will have an advantage due to being in the industry for such a long time so potential business partners will view it as a company with strong solidity and associate it with quality.

        • Fox says:

          Not really. CCTV, which CCTV. There are idol type series on CCTV.

          And will CTI productions conduct better acting and plot, we have to see.

        • Nicole says:

          Fox, I’m just talking in a general manner. Of course all stations will produce multiple types of series, but on the whole, CCTV is known for its serious dramas, and hunantv the teenybopper type.

        • elin says:

          i def agree. i think it should be allrght at the vry least

      • Gar says:

        Liu Kai Chi is a great solid veteran actor and same for Dominic Lam but can they single handedly draw in high ratings? They are on the older side and will definitely have the ‘see lai’s’ tuning in but will the younger crowd want to watch them?

        The storyline seems pretty good but it somehow reminds me of Gun Metal Grey even though it may differ in a few aspects.

    2. Fox says:

      Deno is with CTI now?

      • Nicole says:

        Ya, he even said that he had no pay raise for 12 years at TVB. LOL

        • Fox says:

          Oic. Hope he will have better future in CTI.

        • Nicole says:


          Quite sad. if you work at a company for 12 years with no pay raise, I think its time to leave

        • Fox says:

          In CTI I hope he wont have villain roles most the time. But he left an impression on me due to his roles as killers in The justice files, DIF.

        • Nicole says:

          But he has evil look. lol

        • Fox says:

          Nit really. The guy who has natural villain look is Ruco Chan in my opinion. Other names popped up to my mind are Deric On and Gallen Lo. Lawrence Ng perhaps.

        • Nicole says:

          His eyes quite shifty and beady, so I think he has evil look.

        • sandcherry says:

          If anyone here can read Chinese, here is an article that I copied from “Three Kingdoms RPG” Forum (TVB):

          “張松枝做到冇癮 離開無綫







        • sandcherry says:

          Deno Cheung (張松枝) looks younger in the above photo. Glad that he has chances to act some other roles (besides villains in TVB). His acting is very good. People just hated him in almost every single character in TVB drama series.

        • Fox says:

          To say that he only has villains on txb isnt correct. He has goody role. The one in 3k is an example.

          But bad that he dun have meaty roles.

        • Gar says:

          Wow TVB surely mistreats their employees! How can they justify not giving a pay raise to him when the standard of living goes up every year? Poor guy, I’m happy to see him leave as he now makes the money he so deserves.

        • Larry 3 says:

          Its not that surprising.

    3. vivien says:

      Leila is too cute to be a cop.

    4. Funn Lim says:

      Interesting Liu Kai Chi is the lead. Reminds me of a movie instead of a TV series. It is a risk but Liu Kai Chi is an excellent actor and give the opportunity, I will watch. But Leila Tong as the female lead will be a problem.

      Oh and Deno Cheung is there too? Hopefully not as a villain. Again I don’t see how he can be a lead there so I suppose he has his pay rise but his role exposure is about the same level of roles, except more roles to do.

      • vivien says:

        Leila is miscast to be the cop.

      • Nicole says:

        Liu Kai Chi is an excellent actor no doubt, but 90% of people who watch tv are see lai or OL. To watch Ruco or Liu Kai Chi? Raymond or Liu Kai Chi? Not hard for them to choose.
        Unless it’s the standard of HZGG or Dae Jang Geum, still hard to beat the popular siu sangs fa dans.

        • Fox says:

          Ruco vs Liu Kai Chi -> Liu Kai Chi has the priority to me :p.

          I dislike both of Dae Jang Guem (draggy) and HZGG (not my type of comedy). So putting them as standard I dun buy.

        • Nicole says:

          I brought up HZGG and Dae Jang Guem, because HZGG is one of the few shows that beat TVB ratings, and Dae Jang Geum is the highest ratings overseas production shown on TVB.

        • Funn Lim says:

          DJG is still in circulation and still very very popular. TVB does not have such a wide reaching series in recent times. It practically made everyone want to wear hanbok and kimchi.

          HZGG gave 2 young actresses a meteoric rise and again TVB does not have such a wide reaching series. Nicole you brought up 2 very high standards for TVB to follow. 20 years ago maybe but nowadays, unlikely. I like both series. DJG has its charm and HZGG is touching, but the sequels are rubbish. These 2 series in terms of production quality can beat recent TVB series any day. And I think if they’re rebroadcast they will beat the ratings of recent series if they’re shown during prime time. What about those dubbed series from China, recent ones? How are the ratings?

        • Nicole says:

          Funn, you mean for CTI to follow. I brought those two series up, especially HZGG, because it’s one of the only series broadcasted on ATV to beat TVB ratings. Are there any other shows that managed to?
          I do think ATV produced or bought quite a number of quality productions, yet their ratings are nowhere near that of TVB, due to viewers’ familiarity with TVB channel itself, familiarity or kinship with the leads, amount of promotion given to TVB series, etc. So even if CTI’s production is better than TVB, since TVB’s pretty much lagging, there are many people who will rather pick a familiar face like Raymond lam or Ruco Chan, over good acting or production. For CTI to beat TVB ratings, it needs a show with the quality of HZGG or DJG, which is nothing short of a miracle.

        • Fox says:

          HZGG wasn’t meant to be popular when it was first released. Its success was a surprise, especially to me, who thought that this series was average at max before it was aired on TV and became popular.

        • Funn Lim says:

          It was meant to be a success because it was Qiong Yau but nobody would have thought it would be so successful. And it is a good series.

      • Yeah says:

        What problem? Just your problem? Sounds like someone is bitter. Her acting is better than those Miss HKs TVB gives leads to daily and that includes your Linda Chung. Leila has more acting experience than she or others like her will ever have and Leila is more well liked overall. She is more than qualified to lead and I would think these ppl in the industry have better professional judgment on her acting and choosing their female leads than YOU.

        You make a stink about her being lead even though its stated that the storyline focuses more on the males. Hater much?

        • Jodie says:

          Too sensitive much?? Gawd, where do these fans come from.
          She only said one line that Leila being a lead is a problem, but doesn’t specify what problem. Maybe Funn just thinks Leila leading against Liu Kai Chi is weird??


        • vivien says:

          Linda’s acting is bad and Leila is better but neither are qualified to lead LOL. Leila look too cute to hold the gun!

        • Yeah says:

          To JODIE, RUDE MUCH? Suddenly Leila is now leading over Liu Kai Chi, where’d you get this? That seems out of place, there are male and female leads, why would you think they take from each other. Again, it is already stated its a male oriented drama. It’s people like you banding together to support each others distasteful comments on an actress you dont like, you think no one notices this bs? your own artists have their shortcomings, and you talk about Leila? Go focus on Linda Chung and the likes instead of ruining the atmosphere for people who actually know Leila has talent and skills earning each role she has.

        • vivien says:

          Agreed that Leila can act better than Myolie,TY,Linda, Kate, Fala but why a cop? This will make her unconvincing with the babyface

        • exoidus says:

          Yeah, Leila acting skills is way better than most of the current fadans e.g gwing face, medusa and fala.

        • Kidd says:

          You sounds more bitter than Funn. One line can get you all riled up.

        • Yeah says:

          What i hate is narcisssitic ppl like you and your friend running around making insensitive comments towards other artists, then appear baffled that I do the same to you. Get your ego checked, and think everyone will tolerate your bs. ill treat you and your artist the way you treat mine. Life’s fair.

        • fez says:

          that’s true though. Leila isn’t that bad. She’s been acting since she was a kid so she’s got a lot of experience under her belt. Much better than those pagaent first line actresses at tvb. She’s not worse than Fala and Linda. If anything, I think she’s more superior!

        • Jodie says:

          @Yeah When did I say anything about Leila leading OVER Liu Kai Chi? I said Leila’s leading against Liu Kai Chi. Someone twice her age. That’s weird.
          You are just way too sensitive, and start scolding people for absolutely no reason. If you continue to act that way, many people who actually like leila, like myself, will get turned off.

        • Yeah says:

          Let me point out this whole “clique” culture in here. You focus on just my comments cause i corrected your friend, rather than see where her comment can easily merit an opposing view. You people call me out for having one? Someone people can save the “riled” and “sensitive” descriptions for themselves.

        • Yeah says:

          Better that you don’t or pretend to like her, thanks.

        • Kidd says:

          “What i hate is narcisssitic ppl like you and your friend running around making insensitive comments towards other artists, then appear baffled that I do the same to you. Get your ego checked, and think everyone will tolerate your bs. ill treat you and your artist the way you treat mine. Life’s fair. “

          Your statement prove my point perfectly.

          For your information, this is not an ‘I Heart Leila’ site. People has a right to comment negatively or positively on artist provided it’s not overboard.

          Funn is just commenting on her feeling towards Leila, and you go on personal attack and try to ‘give her a taste of her own medicine’ by criticising Linda, and then calling people rude, narcissistic, clique mentality.

          If Jodie is rude, then, your reply towards Funn (and subsequent replies to other descenders) is also rude.

          “You focus on just my comments cause i corrected your friend, rather than see where her comment can easily merit an opposing view. “

          You does not need to say Funn is bitter and call her a hater to give an opposing view.

          ” You people call me out for having one? Someone people can save the “riled” and “sensitive” descriptions for themselves.”

          You epitomize ‘sensitive’ and ‘riled’.

        • Fox says:

          I like Leila and think she has good acting from.when she was a child, but you are making her like another untouchable idol. Necessary? Yes she can do better than Linda, Kate, Fala or any fadans Txb is having but it doesnt mean the whole world have to love her a.d praise her.

          Please dont make yourself childish fan.

        • Nicole says:

          I think all fans need to realise that Jaynestars is a general site for entertainment fans. It is not a leila fansite, nor a tavia/myolie/charmaine fansite. If you cannot stand negative comments made about your goddess, whoever she is, then go to your star’s fan forum and talk all you want about how much better she is compared to everyone.

          If someone’s comments here leave u frothing at the mouth, maybe you do need a rabies shot, but you should at least have the courtesy to respect others because this is a general entertaiment site. While they criticise your goddess, do note that your goddess is a public figure, and no public figure is spared from criticism. There’s no need to resort to personal insults on the commentor, because this is a gossip site!

        • elin says:

          i would think leila deserve a break.. she has the experience looks.. nothing should stop her. she has acted in leads be4.. antoher annie man aso anther one tht deserve a chance.

      • exoidus says:

        Interesting! Remember suddenly Liu Kai Chi disappeared from TVB and was only seen in movies. Remember him as support in the detective movies with Aaron, LOL.

        Great actor will def. watch this for him and Leila is a good actress as well compared to the current fadans at TVB.

        Deno Cheung? He is not bad actually wonder why he was never given any real oppurtunities at TVB. It must be hard not haven’t any strong backings at TVB.

        Ah Dominic another great actor he was superb in “a fistful of stances”. for some reason CTI series looks so much more interesting. These days TVB series all looks boring, just looking forward to “king maker”.

      • Kidd says:

        CTI offer more than twice the amount of his salary in TVB. The reason he gave for leaving TVB and trying out with CTI is

        – no pay rise for 12 years
        – roles given are all the same
        – force to take kelefe roles

        • exoidus says:

          LOL, it’s a no brainer for him to leave TVB la.

          But why was the guy never given any chance? Can’t remember seeing him besides being a big klf, LOL.

          Too bad he is not a 620 fav :(

        • vivien says:

          because he’s not KC :P

        • Nicole says:

          He didn’t give 620 any branded bags. He really need to learn from those young starlets, like Samantha Ko, Tracy Ip, who attended 620’s party this year.

        • exoidus says:

          LOL, how could he bribe 620 when he have klf salary at TVB. Considering he has other expenses as well.

          BREAKING NEWS: TVB klf takes a loan from “shark” to buy 620 a handbag, could not pay back and gets beaten up :)

        • Funn Lim says:

          NO PAY RISE FOR 12 YEARS?!?!?!??!?! WTH?!??!?!?

        • Nicole says:

          I think those young starlets pay isn’t too high.. unless they have outside jobs.. LOL

        • exoidus says:


          it’s suppose to be a secret, LOL

      • Funn Lim says:

        For the purpose to Yeah I shall make my opinion clearer because it seems once can’t have an opinion without being personally insulted;

        “But Leila Tong as the female lead will be a problem.”

        Leila Tong is a good actress but as a lead actress will be a problem simply because she can be the best actress in the world, she can’t hold my attention and I find her boring.

        So Yeah, yeah, go ahead and shoot.And I don’t understand how YOU is a better judge of a casting decision since aren’t you doing the same? You’re expressing your opinion as much as I am but why I have friends who may disagree with me but speak against you is because you made it personal and when insulting me, you went on to insult others on a personal basis.

        You’re the oversensitive hater, not me. You’re the one who made it a huge issue, and not me. And if you can’t stand my comments which is not directed at you personally, rather than insult others, why don’t you stop reading or at least have the courtesy to reply courteously without making personal attacks.

        And yes there are those in the industry who have better professional judgment than I but hey, I am the viewer and ratings make the most desired judgment.

        And you have to drag Linda Chung into this and what does Linda Chung got to do with all that? You just insulted Linda Chung’s fans as well. So what makes you more superior than I?

        • KL_723 says:

          **click Facebook LIKE button**

          No doubt, Leila is still NOT very versatile actress. Same genre as Selena Li.

      • Y2k says:

        Is Liu Kai chi lead in TVB water melon tale ,is this his only Tv serial lead until this serial ?

    5. minnieb says:

      I’m really looking forward to this series. Liu Kai Chi and Dominic are both great actors!

    6. ping0 says:

      Wow Old actors to shine! I like Liu Kai Chi, remember him in so many 80’s dramas, he went missing for awhile, and then I saw him appeared in Justice Pao in 95, he’s is a good actor, hopefully this is not a fail! Anyhow is Deno that guy that played Tavia husband in heart of greed? and bad guys and jerk all the time/.?

    7. Chakoria says:

      The minute I read, “Liu Kai Chi portrays the main protagonist, who becomes a vigilante after being wrongfully imprisoned for many years.” and I can remember is Felix Wong’s character in Gun Metal Grey. If it’s a similar plot, I don’t think I’ll be too excited…

      But on a happier note, veteran actors! :)

    8. AC says:

      I can see why old supporting actors would want to move to CTI since they’re given more opportunities for a lead role. But, I don’t think they’ll really be able to compete this way. I agree with a comment above that most people would prefer a Ruco/ Raymond/ any other siu sang series over this.

      • minnieb says:

        Keep watching the same actors on screen could be tiring too.

        Those who appreciates good acting will appreciate the series..especially if it’s nicely written

    9. Masaharu says:

      Dominic Lam won’t go wrong…but let’s see the script first :P

    10. sandcherry says:

      The cast do seem very appealing though I agree that they are good artistes.

    11. sandcherry says:

      I don’t think the above drama series will be appealing and attractive as CTI’s one of the very first drama series to compete with the monopoly TVB.

    12. vivien says:

      My younger brother think Yang Mi is an acting Goddess.

      • Nicole says:

        Her acting is good, but the script was trash. 90% of Yu Zheng production have good cast but trash stories and script.

        • vivien says:

          but must praise the costumes and locations.

        • Nicole says:

          imho, i rather watch tvb drama with their more formulatic plots and studio sets, than yu zheng dramas.
          Firstly the leads casted by Yu Zheng can be very unattractive, especially Mickey He and Yuan Shan Shan. He uses more popular stars to support them, so more people will get to know his two favourites. Like he made YSS Ren Ying Ying against Wallace Huo!!!
          2nd, his storyline is all over the place, will make you go crazy. LOL

        • Funn Lim says:

          Nicole, for Wallace Huo, I shall stomach Yuan Shan Shan but only just.

        • Fox says:

          Mickey He is praised as a good actor but the same thing dun happen to miss Shan Shan. That’s why.

        • Nicole says:

          Maybe his acting is good, but his looks are not leading man enough, and no charisma too bad.

        • Nicole says:

          @Funn I can’t stomach YSS for Wallace, but maybe I’ll stomach YSS for Qiao En, although it’s kinda weird she’s playing DFBB. She’s queen of Idol Dramas after all.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Joe Chen as DFBB is one casting decision that is even more baffling than YSS as RYY. Can’t stomach her at all because by casting that actress it can only mean upping the romance scale between DFBB and LHC.

        • Nicole says:

          Funn, it’s produced by YU ZHENG, what more can I say? LOL Everything he thinks of is only understandable by aliens. Recently I watched this part of show of his, about a Bounty Hunter, which had the most absurd storyline and ending. You think TVB is bad? Sorry, Yuzheng takes the cake.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Nicole, say no more! I am with you on this one. I only need to remember one word; Gong. That is enough! But what to do? The love of my life wants to commit career credibility suicide, I just have to support him and hopefully he survives. I mean ratings wise will be a winner and his worth increased a million fold (and I hope he doesn’t do movies because he might as well disappear from screen) but his credibility as an actor will decrease a thousand folds. But good news is YZ seems rather touchy touchy with Swordsman so I am assured at least as a wreck, it will be car wreck instead if train wreck!

        • Fox says:

          Mickey He’s career isn’t that bad, Nicole. He is kinda successful in spite of his not-too-handsome look. Lolz, but it’s a fact that I’d rather see him than the new guy of Yu mama that I dun rmb name. He is going to cast this guy as Yang Guo and can predict that miss Shan Shan will be Xiao Long Nui.

        • Nicole says:

          Funn, only from a train wreck to a car wreck? No way, those are like tvb productions. With Yu Zheng, you need to think on the scale of Armageddon compared to sinking titanic.

          Fox, I never said that Mickey He’s career is bad, but that’s after lots of overpromotion from Yu Zheng as the lead. Like Linda or Charmaine’s career path. LOL

        • Fox says:

          But at least he can act :).

        • Nicole says:

          Hmm, so you implying Charmaine and linda can’t? LOL

    13. Hannah says:

      Cop series tend to get high ratings. Although the cast is not as attractive as the fadans and siu sangs at TVB, but all of them are better actors and actresses. I’ll take Leila over the 5 fadans any day. Pity TVB didn’t promote her.

      • sandcherry says:

        TVB only promoted biological daughters (management-contract artistes) and Leila Tong was not.

        • Funn Lim says:

          I think they did promote her and given her 2nd leads and such roles. But she got married, had a child. Her priorities also is different. Reading the article above, she is balancing between career and motherhood.

        • Fox says:

          They promoted her but she denied to sign contract with them in years. In this case, why they have to promote her?

        • Hannah says:

          TVB didn’t promote her as much. Even Annie Man, non-contracted artist, was leading at TVB.

        • Fox says:

          Leila Tong has leading roles, for example in Twins of brother or The last breakthrough.

    14. RLF Lover says:

      So this is technically another *TVB* series but with a different TV station? Figures.

    15. Y2k says:

      Is CTI based in mainland China ,is this a mainland TV section or this tv section new name for ATV?

    16. Tegan says:

      The plot sounds familiar but the idea of Dominic Lam in a cop series is very appealing to me. :D

      And hopefully CTI series can bring a different aesthetic or visual style to the table, if nothing else.

    17. Ric says:

      As much as I want CTI to succeed, the series that they have announced so far are not that appealing to me. With the amount of money they have, I wish they would invest more in ancient dramas. If they want to fight TVB with modern series, they can’t win.

      • lychii04 says:

        Agreed. Although they seem to be experimenting a lot with their genres and casting decisions, taking pointers from successful styles overseas, they’re plots are still very TVB like and seems quite mismatched. But since they poached TVB scriptwriters, this ia inevitable.

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