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Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma Attend “Three Kingdoms RPG” Celebratory Dinner

By on September 11, 2012

Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma Attend “Three Kingdoms RPG” Celebratory Dinner thumbnail

Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國> is the third highest-rated this year to-date, averaging 30 points and peaking at 45 points during its broadcast in Hong Kong. Acknowledging the efforts of the cast and crew, TVB Executive Chairman, Norman Leung (梁乃鵬) organized a celebratory dinner on September 11.

Anchoring the drama, Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Raymond Lam (林峰), Tavia Yeung (楊怡), and Sharon Chan (陳敏之) enjoyed the fruits of their labor. With TVB announcing plans that the TVB Anniversary Award winners may be selected via live audience votes this year, Raymond and Kenneth were asked whether this may sway the votes in their favor.

Kenneth replied that he will face the awards competition without pressure. Asked whether he will work hard for awards, Kenneth said, “I am more hard working towards money!” Asked if he will issue a distress call as an election strategy for higher voter support, Kenneth said, “No, that’s disgusting!”

Arriving 45 minutes late to the celebratory dinner, Raymond Lam explained that he had to complete filming for a movie. Raymond said, “I filmed a water scene for the movie. When drawing the shower curtains, I poked my finger against the wall. It was so swollen and hurt so much I almost could not put on my pants. I my have to see an Orthopedics specialist.”

Raymond dressed playfully in a orange jacket and white cap. Raymond supported TVB’s new proposal to incorporate live audience votes in the TVB Anniversary awards.

Asked if his confidence in the awards increased due to the live voting system, Raymond said, “My confidence did increase slightly. The company is good is attracting the attention of its audience. With higher audience numbers, the ratings figures will rise.”

Sources: On.cc, On.cc, Oriental Daily

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  • Readers' Comments (50)

    1. sky says:

      RL trying to be a gangster? lol..

      • Linnh says:

        hahaha..Is his regular style, i must say that he love his caps :P

        • DC says:

          lol… you must be new.

        • DC says:

          Oops, @sky, not Linnh.

        • Gar says:

          He looks good sporting that style.

        • Gar says:

          Imagine if Ma Ming wore the same outfit…I think I would chuckle. Not to say that Ma Ming is not good looking but his style is just different from LF’s. Ma Ming has a more mature looking face compared to LF’s younger face.

        • Linnh says:

          hahaha….If one day those two switch their styles, LOL it would have been hilarious :P

        • Fox says:

          Nike is one of his sponsors, and he has free stuffs. Nike cap, Nike coat.

        • Josie says:


          Are u sure those are Nike products? I don’t see the “swoosh” anywhere. Anyway, he doesn’t look bad to me. Still much better than those fugly skirt pants. Those are like Joel chan- bad taste.

          Btw, poor baby, hurt his finger… If he needs help putting on his pants, I’m sure there are plenty of volunteers willing to help. :D

        • simplitee says:

          @Josie: Yes, the jacket he is wearing is indeed Nike but the logo is on the right side so it is covered by the way he is standing.

          Btw, i like what you said about having loads of volunteers to help him. Count me in! :D

        • Fox says:

          @josie and simplicitee: The jacket is from Nike’s new products, I’ve just seen it few days ago in Nike store. That’s why I know.

          For the volunteers, do you think you can fight against the group of big boobies who are walking days after days in front of Dynasty Court and hunting Husky dogs?

        • Veejay says:

          Can’t remember where but i remember seeing Wayne Lai wearing the same style as LF. those baggy pants and overlap shirt with long sleeve.

    2. shoshotah says:

      it’s an orange jacket not yellow. he is over 30 and still dress like that? come on! even guys in the U.S. don’t dress like that anymore except for hood rats and wannabe gangsters. he is not gangsta enough.

      • Gar says:

        I agree that he is over 30 but I don’t consider him dressing like a gangster. Is it the cap and orange jacket that gives you that perception? It’s just a baseball cap and a simple windbreaker which is very common here in the West to wear on the weekends or to a casual event especially in the fall when the weather is chillier. I don’t see the big deal and how that is being labelled as gangster. It’s not like he has a huge gold chain around his neck and dresses in baggy clothes. It’s just a simple outfit. A lot of my friends who are LF’s age tend to dress down on the weekends with baseball caps because they’re so sick and tired of wearing business attire during the week so they dress down and I don’t view them as wannabe gangsters. This is just my opinion.

      • Linnh says:

        Lol it is his style, i think if he change his style then it would be really weird :P

      • Kidd says:

        I like Raymond’s attire. :D

        I don’t see how that is gangster look. It’s a sunny bright orange windbreaker and a white cap. Looks pretty decent to me.

    3. Koop says:

      LF should really just stick to t-shirt not hoodie. Leave tht to the young people!

    4. Hannahh says:

      Sharon has gone more skinnier and made her look ugly la.

    5. sure-lee says:

      I like TY with long hair a lot more! Wish she will never cut it again…

    6. lesteve says:

      haha why do you say gangster? that style seems to be more commonly known with teenage americans. nothing wrong with it but to me looks a little immature (the dress sense) compared to the others hes next to.

      its like your mom or dad trying to dress like a teenager lol

      • Fox says:

        It isn’t a formal function at all. Just a party. Lolz, why don’t tell the 30+ women to not wearing short skirts or shorts?

    7. Kidd says:

      I nearly couldn’t recognise Sharon in the picture. She looks so different.

    8. Kidd says:

      It’s Kenneth who talk about money this time and not Tavia. Refreshing. :D

    9. jackie says:

      i think raymonds hat is funny looking too.


      his cast members must be thinking

      “….” “why is he dressed like that… ”

      just like us =)

    10. iampheng says:

      Whoa that is SHARON??? Dannnggggggg…..

      Despite Kenneth having a polar bear on his shirt…it is Ray who looks very juvenile.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Does Sharen look better or worse??

        I don’t get why LF wears that type of outfit. I guess that is just his style. I think Kenneth’s shirt is cute but he still looks more mature than Raymond does..

        • iampheng says:

          lol…uhmmm hahahahaha

          Okay, I believe that in other topics I have praised Sharon to be a stunning ancient and modern beauty.

          I still think so.

          Just not in this picture! I had to do a triple take. Her complexion makes her look a little bit like…an auntie. Not that auntie’s aren’t beautiful.. O_O

        • Gar says:

          Ma Ming will always appear older than LF due his mature face.

      • Linnh says:

        well he is 5 years older than LF too :P

    11. Christy says:

      its already over, why bother ? personally it wasnt that good.

      • Fox says:

        Celebration party with CEO is for every series higher than 30 now in Txb. But have to prepare for the time to suit all.

    12. Eros says:

      Raymond looks gorgeous with the orange colour outfit!

    13. Oppa says:

      It’s one thing to wear a hat to try and pull off a ‘gangster style’ as most people refer it to be…but seriously, at such a dinner event with tvb executives etc and being indoors too- seems inappropiate and impolite if you ask me lol.

      • Josie says:

        The man just finished shooting a shower scene and hurt his finger. Maybe he needed the cap to cover his messy hair. C’mon, give a playa a break. :)

      • Fox says:

        Lolz, the others wear jeans, pulls, the dinner isn’t that formal :P. When he receiving the moon cake from Mr. Leung, he did the most polite actions (stand up, receive by both hands) to thank him while the rest only received it without standing up, so are they impolite?

      • Gar says:

        This all comes down to the baseball cap he was wearing which gives many readers the impression of the gangster look. What if he were to remove it? Would that be better? It’s just an accessory and I agree with Josie that he was probably rushing to the dinner after filming so he just threw on the cap to conceal his hair.

    14. Jen says:

      Tavia looks really pretty with long hair.

    15. Grace says:

      Sharon is interesting, she always look a little different in every pic. She’s pretty here:)

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