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Ruco Chan’s Undying Ambition

By on July 27, 2011

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After 17 years of ups and downs in the entertainment industry, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) established his position through the recent release of TVB television series, The Other Truth <真相>. Once given up by the music industry and encountering difficulties at ATV, Ruco survived the difficult times through his undying spirit. There was no need to wait 18 years to be reborn as another hero. Opportunities were available for those who were well-prepared. Ruco finally awaited the opportunity to become popular.

Thirty-four-year-old Ruco Chan achieved popularity by portraying a lawyer who stepped the boundaries in The Other Truth. He continued to film series after series and was currently shooting ATF Counter Terrorism Unit <AFT反恐>, in which he was the male lead again. Allegedly, ATF Counter Terrorism Unit co-star, Ron Ng (吳卓羲), was dissatisfied with the situation and did not get along with Ruco. Whether the rumors were true or not, only popularity will attract negative rumors.

Reviewing Ruco’s news clipping file over the last 17 years, the file was very thin. For several years, the clippings were even blank. When his custom-tailored role in The Other Truth aired and gained notice, some people asked, “Why did Ruco Chan suddenly become popular?” In fact, this “suddenness” was the result of 17 years of preparation, which involved failure and pain. It was not an easy road to Ruco’s popularity.

Did Not Get Excited And Carried Away

“Recently, more friends were happy for me. Even my primary school friends and former teachers called me and teased me, ‘You got popular!’ Actually my mood is very relaxed and I did not get too excited or little carried away. Popular or not popular? In different stages of life, there are different ideas. Some people think that television series is just an assembly-line production. However, to me, this is an art. I have room for creativity in my roles. For my role in The Other Truth as a practical lawyer, I added more cheerfulness and a sitcom style of acting. During filming, I did not know how the ratings will fare and whether the audience will accept it. I did not dwell on whether I will get popular from the role. If I were interested in calculation, then I should become a market research analyst instead of an actor!”

Without Losing, How Will You Know How To Win?

Since Ruco endured the entertainment circle for many years, perhaps he felt that his moment had finally arrived? Ruco noted, “I think that the opportunity for accountability came. Prior to this chance, I missed a lot of opportunities in the past. Playing table tennis and joining the Hong Kong Table Tennis team, there should have been additional room for development. When my coach left, I also left the table tennis team. I joined TVB as an artist. When people started to recognize me, I chose to become a singer. I was floating on an empty title. Since I did not have any content and was empty inside, I was quickly abandoned. For a few years, I floated around and missed many opportunities. I did not want others to make the following judgment: ‘Since Ruco has no luck in this circle, he should just admit to losing!’ If I were to give up and leave the entertainment industry, then it would be similar to my experience as a table tennis player, in which I spent a few years time and the result was wasted. I found my direction to return to the entertainment and endured the days at ATV.

“Returning to TVB was not to compete with anyone. I need to only be accountable to myself. When I signed with TVB in 2008, there was no guarantee that I would become popular or receive opportunities. By putting in my best efforts, I was being accountable to myself.”

Despite leaving the sports world, Ruco retained the spirit of an athlete, allowing him to work tirelessly in the entertainment circle. “Some people say that I am aggressive. In a competition, an athlete will of course want to win. However, I can lose too. If you have never lost in a game before, how will you know how to win? When I was playing table tennis, I lost so many times, I grew scared. This experience trained my will and determination, thus allowing me a chance to win. Athletes recognize the heroic feats and strengths of others. This is how I get along with my friends in the entertainment industry. The fight is with your own demons. It is a competition with yourself!”

Catherine Tsang’s Support

When he returned to TVB in 2008, Ruco did not even know where to get copies of a script and required his colleagues’ assistance. It was at this time that TVB executive, Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), asked to see him.”Catherine only said a few words, but they served as a big encouragement to me. At least high-level management knew that I existed. Catherine said, ‘You’re back! You don’t wish to be a singer anymore? Let’s focus on improving your acting first!’ Catherine’s words gave me confidence. Returning to TVB, everyone was so friendly, especially seeing the hair stylists and make-up artist colleagues ten years later who commented that I have grown up. The previous directors have risen to producers. Producer Law Wing Yin (羅永賢) was the first producer to offer me a role upon my return.”

Upon Ruco’s return, he was often cast in villain roles, in which Ruco’s image gradually remained as a villain. “In ATV, I did not have a chance to play villains; I was surprised I would have this chance at TVB. Perhaps I was too immersed in my new villain roles; my eyes took on an evil glint on an everyday basis. Producer Amy Wong (王心慰) cast me as a villain in Burning Flame 3 <烈火雄心>. The Other Truth was our third collaboration. She is my talent scout. In fact, I also like to thank other producers who gave me many opportunities. I do not mind what roles I play. Earlier, I portrayed a minor character in Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒>, but I enjoyed playing different characters.”

Not An Opportunist

Some people commented that Ruco’s increasing negative rumors indicated that he was becoming popular. Rumors claim that he oiled his relationships with TVB executives and producers to increase his chances. “I am not an opportunist. If I were capable of using opportunities to my advantage, I would not have run around in a circle in the last ten years. Opportunities exist for people who are well-prepared. If I were not well-prepared, then the opportunity will slip away from my hand and unable to win it back. While quietly waiting for an opportunity, I have to continuously learn and undergo training. I have to also learn how to listen, to decrease the amount of my mistakes. Everything is cumulative. When the right opportunity arrives, I will know how to seize it.”

Inspired by Filming Movies

During his floating period, Ruco filmed a dozen movies. Ruco’s first film was Benny Chan’s (陳木勝) Big Bullet<衝鋒隊之怒火街頭>. The director personally conducted casting auditions and Ruco had three scenes in the film. “From the film world, I learned what acting meant. Frankly, I did not know anything in my early years at TVB. I left quickly to become a singer. At the time, I was honored to work with Sean Lau (劉青雲) and Jordan Chan (陳小春). Later, when I worked with Anthony Wong (黃秋生), he inspired me greatly with his infinite acting range. Sometimes it is unnecessary to act opposite him. You already benefit greatly from simply observing his performance.”

Ruco noted that each place offered different areas of learning. “At ATV, I put my learning opportunities to good use. TVB gave me the real opportunity. Both are indispensable without the other.” When asked if he never left TVB, perhaps he did not need to wait ten years to achieve popularity? Ruco smiled and said, “I can only say that without my past experiences, I would not be today’s Ruco Chan.”

Owing His Fans

Ruco has a loyal group of fans who have been following him for the past ten years. While he was at ATV, there were frequent forums discussions speculating whether he would become popular should he transfer to TVB. When he returned to TVB, fans discussed why he did not achieve popularity yet. Ruco’s fans were greatly concerned and felt injustice for him, hoping that he would achieve wider recognition. When The Other Truth aired, Ruco became popular. Each day, Ruco’s fans’ excitement grew as his TVB Popularity index rose sharply.

Ruco said, “I know fans treated me well. Before, I even felt that I owed them for their support. Currently, I can only do my best and provide accountability for their support.”

As for ensuing negative rumors, such as inability to get along with co-stars and fighting for year-end TVB Anniversary awards, Ruco said, “Only people who are noticed will have negative rumors. Male actors get along with each other on simpler and direct terms. There is no need to say a lot. After a heartfelt smile, we know that grudges were not held. As for fighting for awards, I currently have no pressure. However, if everyone continues the discussion, I don’t know if there will be an increased burden.”

17 Years In The Entertainment Circle

Ruco was a former table tennis player. When he was 13-years-old, Ruco trained at the Jubilee Sports Academy and joined the Hong Kong Table Tennis team, appearing in overseas competitions. Reflecting on his days as an athlete, Ruco noted, “I was obsessed with playing table tennis, forgetting to sleep and eat. Every day after school, I played table tennis until 10 PM before returning home. I maintained this schedule for five to six years. I cannot say that I played very well, but my techniques were the latest. During those years, my table tennis friends were as close as ‘war buddies.’ We laughed and cried together; we lost and won games with each other. I still keep in touch with my former team mates; we still care for each other….”

From Athlete to Singer

On the spur of the moment, Ruco left the Hong Kong Table Tennis team. After graduating from high school, he applied for the TVB acting training class and was accepted. His fellow acting classmates included Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and Carlo Ng (吳家樂). Within two years of graduating from the acting class, Ruco’s achieved greater recognition. At that time, there was a chance to audition at PolyGram and he joined as a singer. Since he was an earmarked new singer, Ruco had his bright period at the time.  Ruco’s old songs were available on YouTube.com. One of his songs Natural Born Ways <天性如此> featured Cathy Tsui (徐子淇), who became today’s “billionaire-daughter-in-law!”

As a singer, Ruco recorded four songs. Unfortunately, prior to the release of a personal music album, Ruco was given up by the company. Universal acquired PolyGram and his music contract was not renewed. He floated for a few years, filming movies and even became a renovation worker, earning $300 HKD per day. Due to injuries, his work was suspended. He made a standing commitment to return to the entertainment circle by joining ATV to start fresh.  Six years passed quickly and Ruco came back to the same circle, returning to TVB. Often playing villain roles, he was finally cast as lead in The Other Truth. From his TVB acting training days to-date, 17 years have passed in the blink of an eye!

Painful Days

In Ruco’s road as an artist, his broken dreams as a singer was the first blow. Perhaps a heavier blow was his early years at ATV. Ruco described his first two years at ATV as “rough, uncomfortable, and filled with regret.”

Ruco recalled, “I joined ATV in 2001. At the time, I thought there would be greater chances and learning opportunities. I never thought that such a large organization would change bosses twice within two years. The situation was a bit chaotic.  In my first two years, my work arrangements were the same as recent graduates from the ATV acting class. Despite my past experience at TVB, in the music and film industries, I continued to play cameo roles, film music videos, and was scolded unreasonably by directors. The most painful experience was that each time ATV purchased an overseas series, they would arrange the actors to wear extremely outlandish costumes and did not consider the actors’ feelings. At the time, I regretted my decision. I never felt so uncomfortable and painful.”

Revealing His Butt In An ATV Travelogue

Ruco was unwilling to recall his first two years at ATV. However, he acknowledged that this time period was the experience that honed his character the most, allowing him to ‘baptize’ himself. “Reaching this point, I endured enough! Finally, I endured past it. At the time, I felt that I had lost myself. Through this, I was able to learn more.

“Artists are very passive. Whether an opportunity arrives or not is dependent on whether they are appreciated. You can not compare with other artists and ponder why other people have more opportunities than yourself. At this time, I can only put in my entire efforts. Veteran actors encouraged me. You can not retain your self as an artist; this is the only way to immerse in a role. Gradually, others became aware of my existence and things became negotiable. As a travel program host introducing Taiwan’s hot springs, I felt it was okay to reveal my butt.  Filming Kids <笨小孩>, I put in my best efforts to portray a mentally challenged individual. Gradually, there were results.”

After spending six years at ATV, Ruco felt his colleagues’ warmth. Later, production staff and seniors advised, “Ruco, it is time to leave!” So Ruco left ATV and came back to TVB, forging a different territory ahead.

Source: Ming Pao

Jayne: I enjoyed Ruco’s interview with Ming Pao immensely. This man has lived and learned from his past “failures.” I refer to them as “failures” because he was not at the point he wanted to be, as he wanted to achieve higher.

I greatly admire the inner athlete in Ruco; he possesses a fire and spirit of never giving up and enduring past difficult stages in his life. Since he played ping pong intensely when he was 13 for several years, this man knows that one loss does not equate to continual future losses. As long as he possesses the mental spirit to learn, improve his technique, and not give up in face of obstacles, victory will eventually be in sight! A very inspiring interview!

If you read Ruco’s interview closely, numerous metaphors abound where his attitude in life is shaped by his teenage experience as a table tennis athlete, where he learned about fortitude, endurance, hard work, and staying positive amidst life’s tribulations.

In the interview, Ruco referred to Producer Amy Wong as his “talent scout (伯乐),” referencing Han Yu’s (韓愈) famous writing, “世有伯乐,然后有千里马。千里马常有,而伯乐不常有。” (Only with the existence of one who recognizes talent, will talent ‘exist.’ Talent is prevalent, but one who recognizes talent is not.” I like Ruco’s reference very much! In a simple response, he conveyed his humility that there were many talented artists, yet without Amy Wong’s greater ability in recognizing his talent, his talent would not be affirmed. He conveyed his respect and gratitude for Amy while appearing humble. Again, there is that athlete-coach comparison if you think about the metaphor. Without a coach recognizing the proper athletic talent, then those athletic skills would not be put to good use.

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  • Readers' Comments (150)

    1. sehseh says:

      “Recently, more friends were happy for me. Even my primary school friends and former teachers called me and teased me, ‘You got popular!’

      Raymond Wong said the same thing when trailer for [東山飄雨西關晴] featured him. His friends and family are like calling him on the phone to congratulate him, and he find it amusing because he doesn’t have lines in the clip.

      • AC says:

        I can see why they keep comparing Ruco to Raymond Wong. I think Ruco will win the Most Improved award this year like how Raymond won last year.

        • sehseh says:

          I think only Ruco and Jazz Lam are serious contender for Most Improved Award this year.

          But it’s still August, got 3 more months (that’s like another 4-5 series) so we might have some surprises there.

          I really like Raymond Wong and I hope he can polish his acting skill, especially his eyes expression lacking ‘fire’. Maybe he could learn this from Ruco.

          Raymond look like the active, rash type while Ruco is more cool and intelligent looking. (Which is why they get typecasted in similar roles when they start in TVB)

        • Vivien says:

          Raymond Wong is surprisingly older than Ruco but I think Ruco is a better actor.

          I still prefer Ruco and Raymond Wong’s acting over typical TVB top brothers such as gentleman Moses or handsome Kevin that we keep seeing series after series.

        • sehseh says:

          At the end of the day, if TVB never improves on their story and scripts, Raymond and Ruco WILL become one of those typical actor series after series. Now they are relatively fresh, but no doubt after two years or so… you might not want to see them so often again.

        • AC says:


          I actually really want Jazz Lam to win because I think he did a great job in his roles this year and I did see actual improvement.

          I like Ruco but I think he’s going to get the Most Improved award just because he doesn’t have the status to get the Best Actor award and I think Kevin might get the Favorite Character award based on the series so far.

    2. Funn Lim says:

      34? So young? But looks rather older. Undying sounds like zombified. I kinda chuckled at that. He still looks like a well mannered professional job serial killer.

      • Kidd says:

        He looks like 34.

        • Funn Lim says:

          No he doesn’t. He looks about 37 or 38. he has this mature look. 34 these days are quite young looking especially in the big city.

        • Kidd says:

          Like what you said about Nadia, he looks his age. Other actors don’t look their age.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Nnadia certainly looks her age but not that bad. Ruco looks older than 34. Of course there are 34 who looks worse than him but basically he has this mature look. Maybe take off the glasses.

        • Vivien says:

          He looks 38.

        • Kidd says:

          I still think he looks his age. In ‘The Other Truth’, he looks mid 30s to me.

        • Mika says:

          He looks like in the thirties but near the forties

        • iampheng says:

          I agree with kidd, I think he looks his age. Most Asian people I know just look young. Perhaps he looks older because of the way he carries himself.

          I’m watching, “The Other Truth,” the man has a quiet confidence about him. In real life, I don’t see this often…only in the much much older haha

        • Chriselle says:


          I like your term “quiet confidence” to describe Ruco. :D

      • Chriselle says:


        “He still looks like a well mannered professional job serial killer.”

        In today’s episode (episode 22) of TOT, Ruco had a confrontation scene with Kenneth in a room, and his smile and eyes reminded me of your description of him.

        But I still refuse to call him a serial killer because he really has nice features and nice skin.

        Hmm ~ wonder if his villain roles at TVB are over yet. If not, maybe he can play a serial killer one day and we’ll see. :)

        Anyone know what role Ruco will play in the upcoming series with Ron?

        • Funn Lim says:

          I saw previews of that scene. And I was thinking Ruco looks more like the accountant criminal than Kenneth. They should switch roles!

        • Veejay says:

          Nice skin? Sorry but when you called Ruco nice skin kinda made me think you’ve a bad skin, no offense haha. I always have this perception on people who nicely praise others for their nice skin eventually have a rather bad skin themselves. I mean when I praise you’ve a nice hair for eg. I will feel my hair have less attractive looking compare to her hence I complimented her. I didnt pay attention to his skin so I can’t comment about it but I agree with you that his facial features are quite decent looking above teh normal standard but not up to handsome level yet.

        • Chriselle says:


          Don’t know if it’s due to the wonderful effects of make-up, but I don’t know why you would question his skin.

          “Sorry but when you called Ruco nice skin kinda made me think you’ve a bad skin, no offense haha.”

          What kind of logic is this? So when I compliment someone of their good looks, that makes me ugly? And when you commented that Ruco had decent facial features, it makes you have indecent features?

          Wow. It’s kinda sad that we can’t just give a nice compliment and not be called the opposite of what we said. :(

        • Veejay says:


          That’s why I said “no offense” first before I start commenting further. I knew you will take this hard. It was actually my own Perception on people if you read my post carefully. I didnt mean to say you’ve bad skin but the perception made me think you have one since you complimented Ruco. You dont have to take it hard, I was not insulting you or trying to instigate fight with you. It was just my bad habit for thinking people who complimented others are normally people who envy others secretly or have flaws themselves. There is absolutely no Logic to my perception. Sorry if my statement insulted you, it wasn’t meant this way.

        • Veejay says:


          Another weird perception from me is that I find it rare for people to compliment Ruco’s skin, I mean normally people praise Ruco for having a handsome or ugly facial features. The word “skin” just captivate my attention thus made me think “why are you focusing on his skin rather than his facial feature?” is it maybe he has nicer skin than you?. Anyways, I don’t mean to say you’ve bad skin, it was merely a perception built in my mind only.

        • Kidd says:

          I didnt mean to say you’ve bad skin but the perception made me think you have one since you complimented Ruco.

          You just said it.

          Honestly, can this sentence “the perception made me think you have one” be interpreted any other way than ‘you have bad skin’.

          Yes, you said you perception is not logical, but, the fact remain that you think she has bad skin. Why now deny so and say ‘I didnt mean to say you’ve bad skin’.

        • exoidus says:


          yeah me too but for some people there is no right or wrong. the truth can be twisted…

        • sure-lee says:

          That confrontation scene between Kenneth and Keith…..I really gotta say, Keith looked like that bad guy! Holy, did you guys see his facial expressions? He beat Kenneth! LOL, but I still don’t think Kenneth suits Keith’s role.

        • Kidd says:

          Just watch episode 22 and the confrontation scene in the prison.

          I do not think Kenneth and Ruco should switch role. I agree that Ruco look more villainous in that scene. But, I like the effect of someone looking so innocent speaking such evil at the same time. Kenneth still has the innocent look plastered on his face when he threaten Keith in the confrontation. I find it more brilliant than evil looking people spewing evil.

        • Jayne says:

          “Kenneth still has the innocent look plastered on his face when he threaten Keith in the confrontation. I find it more brilliant than evil looking people spewing evil.”

          So do you think it was intentional to have Kenneth look somewhat innocent while revealing his evil nature? Or do you think that no matter how hard Kenneth tried, he could not come across as a calculating criminal? I think the confrontation scene was too short, along with Kenneth and Ruco’s final scene together in the last episode.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Jayne

          I really can’t answer you because I’m not sure myself. But, that hairstyle Kenneth has in prison helps in his innocent look as well.

      • AC says:

        Yeah, I thought he was older too! I was thinking late 30s- I wouldn’t have thought that he’s younger than Kenneth Ma.

        • Vivien says:

          I thought he was late 30’s too and close to his 40’s. I also always have this feeling that he’s a generation before Kenneth but it turns out he’s younger than Kenneth!

        • Kidd says:

          I was surprised when Kenneth said he’s 38. So, to me, Kenneth looks younger than is age.

          Kenneth also give the impression that he belongs to the younger because he started getting promoted around the same time as Bosco (actually even later).

        • Funn Lim says:

          He looks youthful as do some lucky ones do!

        • HeTieShou says:

          Which Kenneth are you guys referring to? If it is Kenneth Ma, isn’t he born in 1974? If so, then he should be only 35 and will be 36 next year. I don’t think he is 38 yet… Unless the sites have his birth year wrong…

        • Chriselle says:

          When I read that Kenneth was 38, I had to google his profile to confirm despite my slow Internet. Wikipedia says 37, but he looks better and younger than Raymond Lam these days. IMO, I think Raymond Wong even looks oler than Kenneth because of his tired looks. Kenneth looks great in TOT and nothing like he’s almost reaching his 40’s. :o

          I’ve always knew Kenneth was older than the other 4 siu sangs, LF, Ron, Bosco, and Sammul by a few years, but time has been passing by quite fast and I lost count of his age.

        • Kidd says:

          @ HTS

          It’s from the horse’s mouth. He himself said he’s 38 in the ‘Fan Hau Gam’ interview.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I just realized that I had made a mistake. He is 37 and will be 38 next year. For some odd reason I kept on thinking that next year is year of the tiger when it will be a dragon. I guess he is counting the time in the womb too. If so, then is 38. You don’t need to rub it my face because I made a mistake…

        • exoidus says:


          no need to apologize according to the chinese tradition of counting he can be considered 38. had a discussion about this matter. so it’s just a point of view.

        • Kidd says:

          @ HTS

          ” You don’t need to rub it my face because I made a mistake…”

          You are being over sensitive again. You said he’s 34. I said Kenneth himself said he’s 38. That’s called rubbing to your face?

          Sheesh. Did you react this way to anyone who correct your mistake (without malice) or just me because you are still in the ‘Kidd is always picking on me’ mode?

        • iampheng says:

          I think Kenneth looks young for 38. When he was 30 or so, he did not look young for “30 or so” haha. The folks who bloom later tend to hold on to their looks longer with proper management. :)

        • HeTieShou says:

          Well, you did not need to say “It’s from the horse’s mouth”. I did not feel that it was necessary to say that… But everything is sorted out now so it doesn’t matter. Also, I don’t mind being corrected but it just depends on how the other person does it. But anyways, it’s not a big deal..

        • HeTieShou says:

          Thanks for reminding me… I am more westernized so I don’t count the Chinese/asian way of counting so I tend to not count the time in the womb.

        • Kidd says:

          I need a fair answer here.

          I’m I rubbing on HTS’s face when I said

          It’s from the horse’s mouth. He himself said he’s 38 in the ‘Fan Hau Gam’ interview.

        • Kidd says:

          @ HTS

          “Well, you did not need to say “It’s from the horse’s mouth”. I did not feel that it was necessary to say that…

          What is wrong with ‘it’s from the horse’s mouth’? Why did you feel I rub it to you face with this sentence? It just mean I heard it from Kenneth’s mouth.

          You are a english teacher, you should know what that phrase mean. How is that phrase offensive?

          Also, I don’t mind being corrected but it just depends on how the other person does it.

          Or who said it?

          But anyways, it’s not a big deal..”

          Yes, it’s a big deal because you are accusing me of something I didn’t do and I want to know what makes you feel so.

          I can see some of my other comments in the past were harsh and can make you feel like I’m picking on you. But, I reread again and again this recent reply of mine and I can’t see how I’m ‘rubbing it in your face’.

          I want to get to the bottom of this.

        • Funn Lim says:

          38? Really? I also thought he was born in 1974 which makes him 36, which was why I was surprised. I always thought he was a young looking 38, then saw 36 and now back to 38. So what age is he??

        • Larry 3 says:

          @Funn Lim: He’s 37 years old. February 13th, 1974 Date of birth. Next year he will be 38.

        • Veejay says:

          Kenneth has this baby face in him therefore he doesn’t looks his age. Ruco looks mature, but he doesn’t looks that old like late 30s for me lol. Ruco looks 35 or 36

      • Jayne says:

        I think Ruco’s quiet confidence comes from his athlete days. He’s comfortable in his skin and the way he moves.

        As for his age, I think Ruco looks his age. Since has been in the industry for so long, he gives people the impression that he is old. Also his personality seems mature. I like that he takes responsibility of his own actions and actively carved his road to get to where he man, rather than playing victim. It is this sense of responsibility that marks him as a mature man. I suspect his past obstacles also taught him a lot about endurance, staying focused, money and fame.

        Also the extreme circumstances and changing work environment gave Ruco a broader sense of how the world works and how to get along with different people well.

    3. shadowrain604 says:

      Hrm, kind of wish he smiled more in his photos. He always seems so serious :P

    4. Snow says:

      he seems to be very grounded from this interview and i quite like him in the other truth!

    5. TK says:

      Its hard to associate Ruco in a different role other than a villain. I think he has that mature calculating face that makes him look like the ultimate villain.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Nice physique though.

        Hopefully his acting can match that sort of ultimate villain.

      • Chriselle says:

        I can see why people associate Ruco’s looks to that of a villain.

        Personally, I prefer seeing him in more ‘grey’ characters like in TOT, where he crosses many boundaries to help his clients win a court case, than ultimate villain roles.

        Perhaps if TVB gave him more relationship scenes that shows a warmer and softer side of him, more people will open up to him. TOT was pretty much case-driven and there were very few scenes left for relationships development. I wish there was more emotional scenes for Ruco and Tavia to showcase his soft side.

        • josie says:

          Ruco looks good in a 3 piece suit but I can’t get past his scary smile.

          I’m glad the series focuses more on the cases than relationships since I can’t fathom that all the guys love tavia. Though Raymond and Ruco fighting over the cheese cake (tavia) was funny. Even Kenneth initially wanted a piece of her.

        • Veejay says:


          “I’m glad the series focuses more on the cases than relationships since I can’t fathom that all the guys love tavia. Though Raymond and Ruco fighting over the cheese cake (tavia) was funny. Even Kenneth initially wanted a piece of her.”

          This only happen in the series haha. Lok Yi is probably the only one who trying to pursue her in real

        • Chriselle says:

          “I’m glad the series focuses more on the cases than relationships since I can’t fathom that all the guys love tavia. ”

          I don’t feel like she has the charm to charm all the guys either. Mavis is a boring character despite a professional lawyer. She lacks some of Keith’s wisdom.

          “Though Raymond and Ruco fighting over the cheese cake (tavia) was funny.”

          That was one of my favorite scenes! :D

          “Even Kenneth initially wanted a piece of her.”

          Nope, he didn’t. He believes in love at first sight and only wanted Natalie. Kenneth claims that it’s tradition for his company to give a batch of flowers to their clients afterwards, if they’re a woman.

        • exoidus says:

          he has shown his soft side during some cases and when his sifu got alzheimer. this is to me much better than him showing it when pursuing tavia.

          agree, sure tavia looks great in the series with her new nose, but how come all the guys want her? aren’t there any other pretty girls in the law circle? it would have been great if some girls from another law firm in the same building were chasing him LOL

        • josie says:

          @chriselle: I don’t believe what Kenneth said to Natalie at all. Let’s analyze it TOT style.

          1. He says he believes in love at first sight but he met tavia and Natalie at the same time. Did u see who he was focusing on?
          2. He invited tavia horseback riding first and then tavia invited Natalie.
          3. Sending flowers to new female clients- that’s BS! Isn’t a fruit basket more professional? Or at least a potted plant, certainly not pink roses.

          In conclusion your honor, Kenneth is a smooth operator. Natalie never stood a chance.

        • Kidd says:

          Besides Ruco and Kevin, her ex-husband is still in love with her, right?

          I wonder why it’s always the female who play the straight lace uptight lawyer. In GJ, it’s Myolie, in TOT, it’s Tavia. I would like to see a lawyer series where the eccentric lawyer is the female lawyer.

          Btw, I like to watch Wallace more than Keith. He funny. He actually reminds me of Law Ba more than Keith. The way he look so relax and not serious, but, in actual fact, he’s a good lawyer who is well prepared in cases.

        • Chriselle says:


          I think you may be right with some of your points, but did you watch episode 22? Kenneth looked quite heartbroken when Natalie slapped him and then turned around and left. I don’t think he needed to pretend to be shocked afterwards since no one saw his face.

          I have to say I was completely fooled by Kenneth’s exterior. No one informed me that he will be playing a villain. :( I still have my fingers crossed that he’s a good person after all. On a side note, I like Kenneth’s evilness in here more than Grace Under Fire. Maybe I’m too tired of watching period dramas.


          You mean Ruco and Raymond? :)

          The ex-husband still wants Tavia back, but after episode 10-11 or so, he will leave. I guess you’re not there yet.

          Raymond had a very serious face in many of his series, which I don’t quite like. If he didn’t always look so tired, I would like to see him in more fun characters that aren’t so righteous and rigid.

        • lol says:

          @Chriselle – The ending will make you like and feel sad for Kenneth a lot more. His acting is excellent to make so many of us love his villain character and feel sad for him instead of hating him. I think you like Kenneth more in here than GUF because he improved vastly and tremendously from the tranwreck so so acting in GUF. He must’ve worked hard.

        • Chriselle says:


          I just saw the ending. It was a bit surprising. I never doubted his love for Natalie, but he just loves himself more. Human nature.

        • Vivien says:

          I like Kenneth and Natalie’s love plot more than Tavia’s plot. I agree, it’s so sad that Kenneth’s love for Natalie is actually real but he love himself more. It’s sad that he got killed too.

        • Chriselle says:

          I think he’s death was a way for him to redeem himself. So the audience would have more sympathy for him instead of hating him for murderous intentions.

        • josie says:

          I laughed when Alex wrote in his goodbye letter that he hoped to meet ceci in heaven. Sorry bud, I don’t think that’s where you’re going!

    6. jim says:

      good job for ruco, he really work hard to get his success.

    7. exoidus says:

      Wow, great interview i can see that his philosophy in life and acting share some of the mentality mention in “the art of war”!

      i think he has the ability to play any characthers unlike some pretenders that can only play a certain aspect of characters.

      • Vivien says:

        Some of the current ‘top brothers’ can’t even play any character convincingly without being OTT or pretentious. Can only depend on pretentious gentleman image offscreen.

      • Veejay says:


        Actually I didn’t finish reading the interview but may I ask your definition for “unlike some pretenders that can only play a certain aspect of characters” was dedicated to which actor/actress? LOL.

        • exoidus says:

          i think you have an idea of which i meant for. if not try to think for yourself and im sure you will figure it out rather easily hehe. these pretenders can only fool the real observers for so long…

        • Veejay says:

          You know some fans doesn’t mind even their dark secrets are exposed, they will find ways to protect and make him looks like nothing has happen. Maybe that’s just to comfort the fans themselves?

    8. Vivien says:

      Ruco has a good life philosophy and know his direction! He will be a top brother in TVB in no time. I prefer him more than the current upcoming big brother Moses or Kevin. Boring seeing the same faces.

      • Veejay says:


        Honestly, TVB took me by suprise when they decided to promote Ruco recently and even pushed him to become one for the lead actor…I didnt see that coming for sure. Some said Ruco polishes the shoes of the top executives while some said due to his hardworks and he’s promoted because TVB is losing their 1st line actors until Ruco has be promoted.

        • Vivien says:

          From this interview he doesn’t sound like he’s a shoe polishing man. He went through a lot of hardwork and is a great actor so it must be through his hardwork that he get promoted. TVB better keep on promoting him.

        • exoidus says:

          yeah he doesn’t sound anything like that unless he learn “the art of shoe polishing” in more recent years he would’ve done it long ago as he mentioned.

          it’s hard to define shoe polishing also. it’s being nice considered shoe polishing?

          well for some people at tvb they don’t need to polish shoes because of their family background…

        • Vivien says:

          Some people pretend to be nice and gentleman with good words and sheepy smiles to polish shoe. Only after their real true face being revealed that we know they’re just pretentious.

        • Veejay says:


          Family background and connection with the TVB high ranking officers…Can you imagine without these? What role will he get playing?

        • Vivien says:

          Of course those who had their shoes polished by these people will do everything in their power to protect this person and the scapegoat will be those who didn’t polish her shoes.

        • Vivien says:

          ROFl I clarify that I’m NOT talking about the person that exoidus is talking about.

        • sehseh says:

          It’s called networking, not shoe shinning.

          Talent is not enough to succeed in entertainment world. You must have social connection with people who will give chances for you to showcase your talent. Someone who will vouch for you, mentor you, introduce you.

          It’s the same in the real, working world.

        • exoidus says:

          networking is done among peers while shoe polishing is aimed towards superiors

        • sehseh says:

          Networking is just not among peers. It can be people of higher position or lower than you. And not confined within your company only.

        • exoidus says:

          true but there is no need to shoe polish anyone that is your equal unless you want to deceive them…

        • sehseh says:

          Huh? You are not making sense.

        • Funn Lim says:

          What others see as shoe polishing some may just see as seizing an opportunity. Entertainment world is cruel. Not everyone can find a base immediately, they need a chance. Many young girls do couch casting call as they call those who sleep with producers, directors, guys sleeping with casting director. Like in Korea, young female artistes pushed to entertain others to get a role, etc. So a bit of flattery doesn’t hurt. I don’t think TVB is THAT terrible but a handbag for a certain producer’s birthday or a personal gift wouldn’t hurt.

    9. sehseh says:

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong about visiting the producers office and saying ‘hi’. It’s not shoe-shining, it’s networking and making your presence known.

      In fact, TVB real 1st Brother Gallen Lo practiced this and taught it to Kenneth Ma too. He will often visit producers office, say hi and let them know that his schedule is available for filming, or ask if they have any projects coming up. It’s important to remind producers of your existence and show how passionate you are in work, instead of waiting for the scripts to be handed to you.

      • exoidus says:

        yeah that works if you have already gained some fame. imagine a klf walking into the producers office and they will kick you out hard hehe…

        so in order to gain some fame first you have to resort to connections and shoe polishing. ofcourse in order to gain acceptance among the audience is another matter…

        • sehseh says:

          Uh, Gallen practiced this when he first started before he became famous. He continued to do so even after he is famous.

          The producers office are not lock or high security area. Producers actually like seeing new faces they can cast in their series. I think Tim Gor said so in an interview.

        • exoidus says:

          ofcourse it depends on the personality of the producers, but if every klf suddenly starting to visit the producers office then they will have no time left.

          seeing a new face doesn’t mean they can start visit him without notice.

        • Vivien says:

          If you’re a lousy actor and you only go upward by polishing shoes you will never get the audience’s fate.

        • Vivien says:

          Some MHK only know to polish exec shoes but can only be accepted in ONE type of roles in her career.

        • Funn Lim says:

          exoidus, how do you suppose a new actor with no connections, no famous parents or powerful producer parents ever succeed in acting/singing world? Talent will secure your future BUT what about the first step,that step called discovery? It starts with a gung ho producer taking a chance on you. And gung ho producer don’t just suddenly come up to you and say you’re cast or watched your performance and go this is the one. You attend auditions. And some even sent tapes, etc to attract attention. So saying hi to producers, visiting them, those are legitimate means. It shows you’re eager, hungry, ambitious, gung ho and the producer may like that sort of attitude; someone who takes initiative. How is that shoe polishing?

        • exoidus says:

          open audition is different and i don’t think tvb have that kind of procedure. lead roles are offered directly to actors without any “auction”

          that’s why the same producers use the same people over and over. would be much better with open audition however it will still be favorism among the producers.

          i don’t think i said visiting producers = shoe polishing. only that you have to be someone already before you may attempt to do so cause imagine a ordinary worker in a large corporation and suddenly walks in to the ceo’s office LOL

        • Chriselle says:

          Haha, I happened to watch Gallen on Be My Guest last night and, if I recall correctly, he did mention about visiting the producers’ office to make himself known. :)

      • Funn Lim says:

        Very smart of Gallen and I don’t think this is shoe polishing; it would be shoe polishing if he goes into the office with a huge fruit basket

        • Kidd says:

          Agree. Dropping by and let the producer know he’s available is not shoe polishing.

        • Jayne says:

          I think shoe polishing has a negative connoctation where the subordinate person is perceived to lack true talent or skills, thus has to rely on being favored by the boss to move ahead. It applies primarily to doing things (non-performance related) to be in the boss’ favor.

          Networking implies having good social relations with boss, colleagues, subordinates in same company and outside (as Sehseh noted) so that you represent yourself in a positive light. It involves cooler conversations, going out for drinks with people from work and people in your industry. Networking does not necessarily mean that you don’t have to work hard or lack skills. It just entails having good relations with people so that while preparing and improving yourself, you have others who can help you to do your job better and advance ahead. Seldom are there jobs where you truly work alone and don’t need other people to assist you to do your job better. It’s working smart and working well with colleagues.

    10. Joanne says:

      When I first saw his performance in “Love in Miracle”, he totally blew me off as Chong Ling. I thought wow this guy can act, handsome, sing…he got the whole package…At that time, I wonder why he’s with ATV and not TVB. After some online surfing for this bio, I realised he was with TVB before. So, I was very happy when I heard he’s coming back to TVB and TVB is finally giving him a chance to show his ability. With TVB lacking good actors, I got five words for him. “LEI NGAI CUK TAO LAh”.

      • Chriselle says:


        Glad to know that someone still remembers him from Love in a Miracle! That was the first time I saw him and I remember how much I told my family until I annoyed them, lol. :D It was kinda sad that he didn’t have any series after that. He wasn’t in either version of Central Affairs, which was ATV’s top series at the time. He could easily have done better than some of the unfamiliar faces in there.

    11. Joanne says:

      Btw, I want to Ruco act in TVB series until Im sick of seeing him ^o^. Bosco and Ron can focus on their singing career now..n dun come back acting plz!~

      • Vivien says:

        Ron can stay. He’s one of the few handsome TVB artist left.

      • Chriselle says:

        Is Ron singing nowadays too? :o

        Bosco’s acting is better than singing. Heard many say that he sucks at singing. I don’t believe I ever heard a compliment regarding his singing.

    12. Vivien says:

      There are news before that some China company and other HK company want to sign Bosco. He should go and leave TVB for better and underpromoted actors such as Ruco. While he’s leaving he can take along Kevin and Moses.

    13. Sally says:

      Ruco is a fresh face to see after TVB runs out of siu sang. However, I still like Kevin and Moses. Kevin is the only pretty face left as I don’t consider Ron’s zombie face as good looking. Ron sulks in both comedy and drama role. If he has a good vocal, he can try his luck in singing like Ray but he sulks in that too. At least Bosco excel in comedic role.

      It is encouraging to see TVB starts promoting other actors beside Ray. Hope to see more new faces emerging soon.

    14. Kas says:

      I feel happy for Ruco too! Even though I don’t love him, but I like to watch him over the new Siu Sun (Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Chris Lai, Ma Kowk Ming etc).

      But between Raymond Wong and Ruco, I’ll take Raymond Wong for professional roles and Ruco for the bad guys hehehe

    15. le says:

      Rucco and Raymon Wong are both from ATV, and they didn’t have leading roles during their time there. I’m glad they got popular at TVB, cause their actings and faces are so freshing after seeing so much of Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Steven Ma.

      • Chriselle says:

        After a while, we might be tired of their new faces too.

      • Kidd says:

        This is one thing I’m really annoyed with ATV. In the early to mid 90’s, they still promote their own artists. But, in the late 90’s onward, they just bring in people from outside and relegated their own artists to supporting roles. I was pretty upset about that.

        But, Ruco was given a role in a series during his stinct in ATV. But, that series was cut short due to unfavourable rating. It’s airing time was changed from daily to weekly and ATV keep on changing it’s slot causing even worse rating. ATV later cut the series shot and ended it quickly.

        Honestly, changing airing time is the worse step ATV can make. Changing time slot will lost the original viewers. There has been a couple of US series that I’ve stop following after it changed timeslot because I always forgot to watch it at the new time.

        Anyway, for those interested, the series is ‘Hong Kong Ghostbusters'(靈舍不同). Don’t be mislead by the english title. The series is not about Ghostbusting and there’s no Ghostbuster team in the series.

        • Kidd says:

          Left out one important word. The sentence should be

          “But, Ruco was given a lead role in a series during his stinct in ATV”

      • sport3888 says:

        that’s where you’re wrong. Raymond Wong was the main lead in Venture Against Time, a grand production with many veterans about him time traveling to the future with his car and then again to the premodern times. Raymond Wong also had lead roles in some of his movies. Ruco had 2nd lead role in Love in a Miracle, main villain in My Date With a Vampire3, and a lead role in HongKong Ghostbusters with Ella Choi (ex-singer)

        • Kidd says:

          I don’t know if Raymond’s role in VAT can be considered main lead. There were 3 leads in the series. Ben Wong, Raymond Wong and Chin Han.

          In fact, when I was watching the series, I always thought Chin Han was the first lead, followed by Ben Wong and Raymond was 3rd.

    16. jayzemine says:

      I originally was watching TOT for Tavia and Raymond, but Ruco definitely blew me off my seat with episode one. I am definitely a new fan of his. Thus, have since been surfing his info and am so glad for this article. I find him to be very humble and discipline but I hope that will not change now that he has attained fame. I look forward to more of his roles beside being a villain and klf. He does have the “real” package (good voice, natural beauty, and the height). Althought I am not tired of staring at Ron, Raymond, Bosco, and Kevin’s face, I am glad that there are more selections now, with real talent. Add oil Ruco!

    17. Josie says:

      Raymond lam never went thru a low low point thats y he doesnt know what he has now is very lucky…and should appreciate… 3 concerts in 3 years..give me a break. He should be appreciative and not ruin it with high profile chick macking!! Hope his concert doesnt sell. Ruco all the way!!

      • Veejay says:

        3 concerts in 3 consequence years??? WoW

        Only Ray Lam can held a concert numerous times…

        HOnestly why do you think he needs to bother about hooking with random chick at random place? This guy knew he has strong backup that will solve his probs and make sure he’s running in a smooth road. I think this is what they called “good networking”?

      • josie says:

        Macking on chicks doesn’t mean that he doesn’t appreciate his success. Artists deserve a love life too, ya know. Besides, all work and no play would make ray a very dull boy.

    18. pandamao says:

      I appreciate his genuine recognition to his career with ATV. Very few actors share the same appreciation, i.e. Nick Cheung. I remember in one of Nick Cheung’s interview, he complained about how his hard work was not appreciated by the audience due to the lack of viewership. Although his statement was completely truthful, I dislike how people always remember the bad things in life.

      Jayne, the interview was great but your translation was better. It captured Ruco’s personality really well.

      It was My date with Vampire 3 that captured my attention but the spark died somewhat over the years. The Other Truth was the perfect role for him!

      He took the limelight away from Tavia and Raymond. The only other person that came close to him in the series was Louis Yuen.

      • Jayne says:

        Glad you enjoyed Ruco’s article!

        Some artist interviews are filled with empty talk and if the artist has nothing too deep to share, the reporter will fill in the article with lots of references about his past shows or ask him useless
        questions as to how he spends his spare time.

        Ming Pao Magazine interviews are usually very insightful because they manage to focus on deeper issues and convey a more intimate perspective on their interview subjects. I really like the references to Ruco as an inner athlete, which is still so much a part of who he is today.

    19. iampheng says:

      I’ve always liked Ruco, don’t know why. Even in his villain roles there was something charming about him. Even if his villain roles are jerks, he was still charming to me. Ruco is handsome, but something about his physical appearance is also too wild/edgy/quirky to be considered mainstream. Perhaps, that is his charm for me.

      Hey pandamao, in MDWAV3, I totally thought Ruco was too hot for his dead girlfriend!

      You go, Ruco! I really like his name, it’s suitable IMHO.

      • sport3888 says:

        lol I had the same feeling when watch MDWAV3! I was like couldn’t they have found a better cameo for his dead gf? so plain looking.

    20. dai si jie says:

      In the midst of watching The Other Truth and Ruco is a pleasant surprise. Didn’t know he was in the industry for this long already. He is one of the most refreshing TVB leading man in years. Finally, someone else other than the usual faces of Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma etc. with a natural and talented way of acting that really holds his own with other more ‘established’ TVB artists.

    21. Joeanne Low says:

      Am in the last 2 episodes of TOT, and agree with @Jazyemine! Ruco blew me off completely, in all honesty, I didn’t have high hopes for TOT, especially it aired right after Ghetto Justice, & Kevin is brilliant in it! Ruco took me by surprise, I only started paying attention to him after the first few episodes, and he’s really good, better than Raymond Wong I personally think! It’s a breath of fresh air for TVB to play around with the male leads now, but I don’t mind a lot more of Kevin!!! :)

      • Veejay says:

        I think in term of acting, Ruco has better acting skill than Raymond Wong. Ray Wong is good in potraying really mr. goody’s roles, don’t think he cant act any villain or crazed maniac at all since he gives audience a good boy image.

        • Kidd says:

          To know whether Raymond Wong can act as a villain or not, you can check out ATV’s ‘Central Affairs’. I didn’t watch the series, but, I know he’s the main villain it.

        • Vivien says:

          In this series alone Ruco overshadows Raymond Wong. Kenneth Ma also overshadows Raymond Wong although he’s just a guest. Kenneth Ma stole the show with his emotional tears in episode 23 and receive huge applause from those who watched.

          There’s still 2 ep to go for Raymond Wong to seek applause. Ruco and Kenneth received theirs already.

        • Yee says:

          He was a villian in “The Mysteries of Love”, but you really don’t see his face most of the time, just his voice. But I don’t think he was that good as a villian…when he was like trying to kill Raymond Lam…in the car…I dunno it was weird…

    22. Kidd says:

      So, it’s because he has gave up on table tennis that he learn the lesson to not give up again this time. Great lesson.

      Catherine said, ‘You’re back! You don’t wish to be a singer anymore? Let’s focus on improving your acting first!’

      This means that Catherine knew he exist way back when he has not left TVB yet and she still remembers him. She must have seen his potential at that time, but, he chose to leave.

    23. ita says:

      i’m watching ruco chan at ben xiao hai. Convincing acting as mentally challenged guy. Quite realistic, btw only watch up to episode 3 so can’t say for the rest of the episodes.

    24. Summer says:

      “Perhaps I was too immersed in my new villain roles; my eyes took on an evil glint on an everyday basis.”

      Is it because his previous villain roles that I also find his stares and his eyes a bit scary sometimes. Although he had minor roles and villain roles before but they are still memorable. I personally think he is a good actor and I enjoy reading this article. I hope he can get the most improved actor but I also like Jazz Lam.

    25. apple says:

      Ruco all the best to you, Keep up the good work!

    26. P says:

      i wouldn’t mind rucco taking over moses. the only news regarding moses now is about him dating aimee chan

    27. SDS says:

      Finally TVB makes a worthy series involving lawyers and legal cases (not necessarily the law though), and it didn’t all go to hell after the 60% mark. Bravo. The jury segment was a refreshing feature. Good to see TVB is starting to go outside their box.

      And why on earth is Kenneth playing so many villains lately? Grace Under Fire, this and also the new series LTS… However he does seem to be improving. Or maybe his character in GUF was just too annoying for my tastes.

      And see! there is something fishy going on with Tavia’s nose! I pointed it out before… I think… hmmmmm

      • lol says:

        Kenneth improved vastly in TT. In the finale he even managed to overshadow the three main cast.

        • lol says:

          He is my favourite character in the series. He shows guilt and true love to Natalie at the end. It was heartbreaking. He also had excellent crying skills when Natalie died.

        • exoidus says:

          yes agree his acting skills have improved alot but i wouldn’t say he overshadowed the others. people might get that impressed merely because his scenes were more emotional which gives potential for a artist to show their skills.

        • lol says:

          He did overshadow the main cast in the finale and did an excellent job in his emotional scenes since he really got me sad. Ruco got his emotional part in earlier episodes and did an excellent job too.

          Tavia and Raymond Wong are overshadowed.

        • exoidus says:

          if you are talking about acting wise then no kenneth did not overshadowed the others.

          however in the last episode kenneth made the largest impact on the viewers that i agree.

          kenneth is probably one of the better siu sangs nowadays so so many lacking real acting abilities and relies solely on their looks.

        • lol says:

          Kenneth’s acting is the most profound part in the ending. Kenneth was splendid in his emotional scenes and his scenes are heartbreaking. I feel really bad for him although he’s supposed to be a bad guy. This is what acting should be about and not just being a handsome prince charming onscreen like some young actors are doing. Kevin recently turn for the better by taking the magnificent character Law Ba.

          For the most other part the ending is lame. Kristal and Louis Yuen annoyed me with their screentime.

        • lol says:

          @exoidus – Agree Kenneth has improved a LOT in TOT particularly his crying scenes and emotional scenes. Very heartbreaking to see him loving Natalie for real. It’s a pleasant surprise because his acting is so so in GUF. He really worked hard in TOT and made his bad character likeable.

        • exoidus says:

          agree i felt a little bad for him even though he is the bad guy. again where were the guards bribed off or asleep?

          so sick of tvb promoting actors that can’t act. they entered in the same time period as kenneth while he has improved by working on his skills the others have been busy playing with plastic barbies made in china LOL…

        • lol says:

          Kenneth is very hardworking. From a so so actor in GUF to this excellent acting in TOT shows how he worked hard to improve his acting. Although he’s the bad guy but I believe that it was his excellent crying skills and acting that made him likeable and forgiveable.

        • Funn Lim says:

          preview,. I still feel he should switch roles with Ruco. Anyway he must be more PR savvy; use the opportunity to market himself.

      • lol says:

        What going on with Tavia’s nose isn’t fishy but is a definite yes. Currently the most striking thing about isn’t her acting but is her growing nose. Her acting on the other hand is stagnant and as many posters said is boring.

    28. Kidd says:

      One think I don’t like about TOT. Why some of the cases, the verdict are not shown in the courtroom but instead mentioned by the characters afterwards. It lowers the satisfaction very much. For example, the Benz Hui’s case. I really want to see the judge announced verdict and show the happiness of everyone. But, no. The verdict was just mention as a passing comment afterwards.

    29. lol says:

      I support TVB to keep promoting Ruco. He’s excellent in TT.

    30. Kidd says:

      Watching episode 9 now. I think the writing got good and not good. I like that they include the workings of the jury in the case, but, on the other hand, they didn’t show the court scene much. I like to see the lawyers question and cross examine the witnesses but it was never show. I guess the focus of the series is not court case but just tell use something about truth.

      • exoidus says:

        i personally loved the rape case with alot of focus of the jury members much like the movie “runaway jury”. just shows that court decisions are affected luck as the facts…

        • Kidd says:

          After I watch more, I have to agree with you. I like how the court proceeding is revealed through the juries’ discussion. I didn’t predict the scriptwriter will use this way to tell the story.

    31. raz says:

      amy wong definitely does good shows with good talent but her voice-overs are horrible. she should make the actors redo the scene if she cannot use the audio instead of having them dub over their voice with horrible sound and obviously doesn’t even sound like from the same place.

      so he wanted to reveal his butt. from the headline it sounded like the opposite.

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