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“The Confidant” Receives Red Carpet Treatment

By on November 5, 2012

“The Confidant” Receives Red Carpet Treatment thumbnail

On November 4, the cast of biographical-fiction drama, The Confidant <大太監>, gathered together at the Sky100, an indoor observatory deck on the International Commerce Centre, the tallest building in Hong Kong.

Last Thursday, The Confidant held its red carpet premiere at The Grand Cinema in Kowloon, in which the cast, the crew, the press, and over one hundred fans were invited for an exclusive first glimpse at the first two episodes of the drama. The Confidant is the first TVB drama to receive the red carpet treatment.

TVB also rolled out the red carpet for the Sky100 promotion on Sunday. “Empress Dowager “Cixi” Michelle Yim (米雪), “Li Lianying” Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), and “Empress Dowager Ci’an” Maggie Shiu (邵美琪) appeared dressed in their costumes while walking the red carpet together. Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) and his younger counterpart, 10-year-old Pako Au (區珀豪), followed along dressed as Emperor Tongzhi.

Other main cast members, including Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), Raymond Cho (曹永廉), Power Chan (陳國邦), Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強), Tsui Wing (徐榮), and producer Marco Law (羅永賢) were also in attendance.

Michelle Yim to Guest Star in “Triumph in the Skies 2”

Michelle revealed that after she completes all of her promotional activities for The Confidant, she will fly to London and Paris to film a few episodes for the upcoming grand production, Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>. However, Michelle did not reveal details regarding her guest role in the drama.

The TVB Anniversary Awards are drawing nearer, and Michelle was asked if she would support her longtime collaborator and good friend, Damian Lau (劉松仁), who is currently starring in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>. Michelle smiled, “I have been watching his drama, and he is excellent in it! Both Wayne and Damian are great actors, but of course, I will support The Confidant first!”

Michelle also laughed over the rumors regarding Damian’s recent alleged extramarital affair with a woman in her thirties. “I know Damian well. The rumors are not true. He is a good man.”

Maggie Shiu: “Couples Should Have Separate Finances”

Maggie Shiu’s ex-boyfriend, Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健), openly spoke about his relationships in the TVB talk show, Telling Maria <最佳男主角>. At the promotional event for The Confidant, Maggie refused to comment on questions regarding Ekin. When reporters mentioned that Ekin and girlfriend Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) had to undergo pre-marriage therapy because they had disagreements on their financial arrangements, Maggie simply said, “I have nothing to comment on other people’s matters.”

Asked if Maggie believed that a couple should have their own separate bank accounts, Maggie expressed, “They should. Women should be able to protect themselves…. Actually, this is not and should not even be a gender issue. We should all protect ourselves, and [financial matters] should be kept straight-forward and clear.”

The Confidant is set to premiere two episodes on November 5, 2012 on TVB Jade and HD Jade!

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (92)

    1. miriamfanz says:

      Very excited for this drama!!! I hope it can be Best Drama. Some lucky fans got to see it beforehand? I wish I was one of them.

      For people interested, The Confidant can be somewhat connected to last year’s anniversary series, Curse of the Royal Harem. http://casualtvb.blogspot.ca/2012/11/the-confidant-and-curse-of-royal-harem.html

      • Puff says:

        But the confidant is so so much better than the COTRH! Just watched the first 2 episodes, and I’m hooked already!!!

        Nancy wu’s singing is not bad either.

        • Lolly says:

          Yes, I’m surprise that Nancy is a competent singer. Certainly much much better than Charmaine.

        • Kidd says:

          Nancy Wu has participated in the New Talent Singing contest before. Iirc, Deep Ng won that year.

        • Lolly says:

          Thanks Kidd. Didn’t know. Then I wonder why TVB is not promoting Nancy more – she can act, dance and sing!

        • sandcherry says:

          Sad, isn’t it? Nancy is a talented young artiste and should deserve promotions from TVB. Shame!

    2. Jo says:

      Just watched the first 2 episodes of TC. Fast paced and didn’t dissapoint! *two thumbs up*

    3. Sara says:

      My Cantonese is very poor so I always watch with eng sub, but The Confidant is the first series I cannot wait and have to watch it directly ;D Well, I just understand a little bit, but it’s okay. This series is too good, so I couldn’t wait anymore :D <3

    4. hcfoo says:

      The show is fine but I dont like this type of storyline. Too much of bully scenes :P

    5. Lolly says:

      Not bad… But the lip synching Peking opera scene by Wayne Lai was a bit disappointing. The heavy duty scenes are not out yet I think, but the supporting cast is making this much more interesting than SSSS. Good to see Power Chan again, his performance is strong so far.

    6. Cali says:

      I’m glad I get to see WL in this. His acting is getting better and better. Can’t wait to see more. SSSS is so boring, when will it be over. 40 espisodes its too much. Boring!!! Thank God The Confidant is good.

      • Veejay says:

        Agree, the Confidant is so far so good, even if it has just showed 2 episodes. Wayne, Michelle, Power, Raymond, Edwin, Selina and Nancy performances are all good.

    7. Lol says:

      I’m really liking this series so far…but I’ve a feeling I will need a lot Kleenex next to me :-(

    8. Alexis says:

      SSSS and TC are both different type of series. You cant really compare them. I think they are both great in their own ways. Damien or Wayne for best actor award!

      • Cali says:

        Yes, I can. SSSS is boring. It’s all about having affairs. Nothing excited about it. I’m glad wife # 2 & 3 is gonna cheat. Men can do it and so can women. Haha. So glad TC is on.

        • Jo says:

          Exactly. Same issue different characters. Snooze worthy.

        • TVBaddict says:

          Agreed. The whole storyline is about this old man having 4 wives and still acting all superior. The cast is great but the storyline is downright humiliating.

        • Ray says:

          Haiyo, these were the lives of women before the changes la… this is somewhat history of mankind. The 1 hubby 1 wife law started in 1971. Learned from Damien Lau about this piece of history. Without SSSS, I am ignorant about it.

    9. Yuyu says:

      Is anyone writing the reviews for TC? I hope so.

      • Primrose says:

        Yes yes, reviews of TC please! Funn, are you there? :)

        • Veejay says:

          I think Funn is on holidays..the last convo I had with her, she told me she’s going to visit a famous dead person’s tomb with all his soldiers and horses and his “concubines” hehe.

      • Soggi says:

        No Funn pls. Anyway she is more a SSSS supporter, can’t count on her on unbiased review.

    10. Ric says:

      Been waiting for this series since it was shown two years ago in the sales presentation. I have to say I was worried I would be disappointed after being disappointed by SSSS but TC definitely lived up to the hype of having a red carpet premiere. Glad to see Wayne having a chance to show his acting talent. I thought his acting in the King Maker was average but his performance in the first two episodes of TC was great. Also really enjoyed Power and Nancy’s performances. If the rest of the show is as good as the first two episodes, I think it will easily become the highest rated series of the year.

    11. Hannahh says:

      Can’t wait to see it tonight.

    12. Nicole says:


    13. Magic says:

      The Confidant is great so far! While my Cantonese is extremely poor, I had to watch it. I’m liking everyone so far especially Wayne, Michelle, Maggie, Nancy, Selena and Raymond (both). Disliking Power’s character (although his acting is great, as usual). The storyline is fast paced, as well.

      Looks like this series is going to have high ratings. :)

    14. Nicole says:

      First 2 episodes rating is 33 average and 36 high! It’s really a great series! Much better than the other one that most pple gave up on :P

      • Nicole says:

        It’s already called TVB’s best series since War and Beauty.

        • sandcherry says:

          It makes sense. Probably that is why the airing of “War and Beauty 2″ has been postponed to 2013. There will be too much competitions among the two, and both of them were filmed with the same Ching Dynasty background.

        • Veejay says:


          Not only they will have same backgrounds, both WAB and TC might confuse audiences too with similar costume etc.

    15. Applelim says:

      Just seen the first two episodes. Very promising. Should be more interesting as series goes on

    16. SY says:

      So far the drama is good. The casts deliver their performance to the dot. Power Chan is good. So is Wayne. The guys are good. Very believable. SSSS is not worth my time to watch. All the women and 1 old man!! haha. Looks like men vs women casts in TC and SSSS. My vote goes to TC!! I hope Wayne can win again this year!

      • sandcherry says:

        I think the viewership rating of SSSS will surely go down after the airing of the “The Confidant”. First, the pace of SSSS is a bit slow and too much focus was made on the love affairs between Damian Lau and Tavia Yeung … back and forth so many times. It slowed down the pace of the developments a lot. Moreover, all the artistes in “The Confidant” are artistes with solid acting (except maybe Aimee Chan, but she was not on screen yet). With the Ching Dynasty history background, people definitely would find “The Confidant” more entertaining. Furthermore, there is no way to compare Tavia Yeung’s acting with Michelle Yim’s (not the same level).

        Tavia Yeung is an okay actress while Michelle Yim is a good veteran.

        • SY says:

          Sandcherry -Aimee appeared in the 3rd episode already. Briefly. Couldn’t tell her acting yet in TC. Agree with you on SSSS. I have stopped watching since the 1st few episodes. Tavia is annoying and her role in SSSS is really desperate. Couldn’t stand her.

    17. Joanne says:

      I’ve been waiting to watch “The Confidant” for a long time..but erm so far after 3 episodes I’m not so thrill about it….something is lacking. At one scene, the scenery outside is sunny & bright and the next scene it’s blueish inside the house. =(

      • Tvb-follower says:

        The story line is good in TC. However, their costume and selected palace area is not good enough if we compare to ScarletHeart. That’s disappoint me.

    18. kkkim says:

      The Confidant’s theme song is the best I’ve heard from TVB recently.

    19. H says:


      I’ve been looking forward to this for so long!

    20. TN1 says:

      Don’t 太監 has a higher n shrill voice n moves in a more feminine way? All I saw in epi 1, 2, &3 are ordinary males except for Edwin Siu n Elliot Ngok, their portrayal of 太監 were magnificient.

      太監 can sing sweetly n just listening to Wayne singing lol n he even has a shadow of a moustache lol, where’s the make-up mann!

      I saw “Chai Kau” from Rosy Business in epi 3 x0!

      • Piggy says:

        Out of the five eunuchs, Raymond C and Raymond W doesn’t give me the eunuch feel. Yeah, they feel like ordinary males. Wayne is half and half. Edwin and Power are the most convincing as eunuchs in my opinion. :D

      • Nicole says:

        It depends on the age at which they are castrated. It’s only those that get castrated before puberty who retain their high voice. That’s why Italian choir boys were castrated in the past. If they are castrated after puberty, there won’t be much difference from normal men in terms of voice and maybe other factors.

        • TN1 says:

          Nothing to do with Italian choir boys, this is about 大太監, one of the greatest 太監 n it happened in the Qing Dynasty where all boys before the age of puberty ie. 11yrs old had the castration done. Their main purpose to serve as slaves in the Imperial Palace! Therefore, expecting great 太監 performance from this show!

        • Nicole says:

          Where did you get the idea that all eunuchs are boys castrated before puberty? History books says otherwise – some were castrated as boys and trained as eunuchs from young, and there are others who as grown men, offer themselves for castration. So there will be some that are more feminine, and others that already have their puberty period, and thus more manly. So just take it as those that are more feminine, like Edwin and Elliot are the ones who were castrated since young? Like if Raymond Wong was castrated since young, I don’t think he will develop all those feelings with Aimee’s princess character?

        • Nicole says:

          “Every fifth year, each princely son was required to furnish the Manchu palace with eight young eunuchs … Since this system did not nearly supply the numbers of eunuchs required by the palace, grown men could. voluntarily have themselves castrated….”

        • TN1 says:


          I supposed u read Mary M. Anderson, Hidden Power: The Palace Eunuchs of Imperial China, why not finished the whole paragraph lol

          After reading this article, wat should we consider on the performance for all the 太監 in 大太監


          Majorities of eunuch come from very poor family n were ‘sold’ into the palace to become eunuch when they were very young n if wat u said about Raymond Wong developing such feelings, might be an evidence of a not so clean job.

          Will grown men go thru such a painful n humiliating process! Incapable of siring sons, had no one to perform the obligatory sacrificial rites for his own soul after death.

        • TN1 says:


          Wayne shouldn’t change Chinese History!

        • exoidus says:

          I thought grown up could become eunuchs as well?

          Why they do it?

          Bc it will provide them food/shelter which is better than starving to death. Moreover the salary is most likely much better than a ordinary job which will help their big family (many siblings) to survive.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Grown ups rarely become eunuchs. Most are children because like palace maids, most entered the palace at a very young age, and you see some eunuchs are picked to be grown up mates of the princes, etc. So they start at very young age.

          But I do think there are adults who joined the service or rather teenagers. I don’t see why palace would recruit mature adults.

        • Funn Lim says:

          TN1, I wouldn’t call them slaves. They are paid labour but with an extreme condition in their contract. In return they have employment for life and if backed the right horse, become a powerful influential figure. But I doubt any of them dare even think of falling for their masters or mistresses. Maybe give sexual favours but love? The masters don’t even see them as a person. They are rarely noticed.

        • Nicole says:

          There’s no need to quote the whole paragraph, as we are only curious about how eunuchs are recruited. Or why don’t I just copy and paste the whole book? And that’s not the first book that I read about eunuchs, but I quoted from it bc it’s in english. the first one I read was the last eunuch’s biography in chinese.
          However, if you want to insist your way on ALL eunuchs being castrated at a young age, despite the books saying naught, then go ahead. Geez.

          @Funn I think when people say “grown up” in the imperial times, it means about 15-16? since people get married around that age and they also die young?

        • Funn Lim says:

          Qing Dynasty is not too far away in history, people don’t really die that young anymore back then, unless head is chopped off. If no sickness, no chopping off heads, probably live a long full live.

          Perhaps teenagers is considered adults back then, like 13 to 18. But any older is doubtful.

        • TN1 says:

          OG! Alright, stay cool I’ll keep my distance! I don’t read Chinese neither understand the language, I’m cutting n pasting as well xp

          @Funn Lim
          Yea, of coz but do all of them get paid accordingly as senior slaves will always lord over juniors.

          My main concern is The Confidant, 李连英 n his fellow 太監. I read somewhere 李连英 was 6 yrs old when he became an eunuch n had a limp as well so at least there should be some feminine charateristics shown. I gather if TC is TVB own version of 大太監, 李连英 thus it won’t be worth watching! I don’t wan to watch manly eunuch x))

        • Addy says:

          @Nicole – I don’t know about Raymond Wong’s character, but the rest of the eunuchs were castrated at a young age, around 10 years or younger.

          I have been watching this drama thoroughly, and besides Raymond Wong, I didn’t get the vibe that everyone else was “manly.”

        • Veejay says:


          Heard comments from a local DJ about TC this morning, they said TC is basically a TVB version and only few facts that was use from the history. So it’s really up to your own preference whether to continue watching some non-fact stories of Wayne’s character or not LOL.. I will watch it cuz it have great cast and Wayne can really act!

        • TN1 says:

          @ Veejay
          Thx for d info! No wonder, was pretty confused on d inconsistent speech n mannerism among d so-called eunuchs lol
          TVB shouldn’t use such a dominant title, it’s deceiving.

          I don’t know should I, I have a feeling I’ll be watching “Chai Kau” all over again. Selina Li acted like she had a heavy load in her mouth n in those days, how possible can a 奴才 proposed himself for death or whatever from Empress Dowager Cixi in order to pardon concubine Selina. Doesn’t make sense!

        • Veejay says:

          I think TVB made Dowager Ci’xi abit too “nice” there. During those days, ppl wouldn’t dare to look up at her face if they were no order to do so.. and Selina even offended her by accussing her etc, if it was the real Dowager Ci’xi, selina would have been granted to death by drinking poison wine long time ago.

        • Addy says:

          Eye candy. Totally.

        • TN1 says:

          A Muslim enunch x0

        • Funn Lim says:

          Ahhh Laksamana Cheng Ho! He may have been a eunuch physically but his master treats him as anything BUT a servant or a eunuch. Therefore different mentality. It is not about being sissy or manly but rather to me eunuchs are more subservient. Subservient doesn’t mean sissy but rather you know.. subservient.

      • Addy says:

        Lol the eunuch on the official wiki page looks pretty manly…

    21. Veejay says:

      maybe it is me or did anyone notice that Wayne and Edwin have so much of freedom until they can walk around freely and even making fun of each other in the forbidden city? I thought they would have so much things to do for their “master” aka one of those concubines?

      • Lol says:

        Because they have a nice master, plus their quarter is more further out.

      • Addy says:

        They serve in a very isolated part of the palace, and it seems to me that their master stays indoors all the time anyways. I was actually more bothered at how loud they were when they were eating dinner.

    22. Agnes says:

      TC much better than SSSS.

    23. exoidus says:

      This one is not bad and keeps me wanting for more especially after the latest episode.

      Most artists did a very good job expect Aimee. In the short time she appeared she managed to annoy me with her nonexistent acting. Thought for a moment she was Christine, but her cantonese has improved.

      Selena’s chr. must be stupid or maybe blinded by hatred. Previously the head eunuch showed her no respect and suddenly he is on her side? No wonder she will die soon, LOL.

      • cky says:

        @exodious : do u think dat selena look like Linda Chung? Selena’s the old version of linda

      • sandcherry says:

        Here is the character description of Selena Li’s character (copied from TVB’s webpage):-


        Therefore, her baby was not the heir of the throne.

        • sandcherry says:

          婉太繽 deserved to be punished by 慈禧. She was lucky that she was not executed as it was a serious crime for a 太繽 to have a baby of someone else (not the Emperor) in a palace.

        • Veejay says:


          Can you translate it to English? who did Selena had illicit affair with?

        • sandcherry says:

          Since the Emperor 咸豐 had too many 妃嬪, 婉太繽 was neglected. She was too lonely and eventually she had an affair with a guy named “Yuk Chun” (not explained in the character description) and got pregnant. “Yuk Chun” dumped her after he learned of her pregnancy. 婉太繽 got no choice but declared her baby was the son of Emperor 咸豐. 慈禧 found out about this secret and took away her son and had him killed. 婉太繽 was put in 冷宮 thereafter; she was not allowed to return to her home town as her punishment.

        • Veejay says:

          Thanks alot! sandcherry :)

        • exoidus says:

          Thanks for the info Sandcherry :)

          Can’t be sure if she was forced to eat the “dead cat” though. History as we know it is “written” by the victors!

      • Magic says:

        I like Selena. She was better than usual in here.

    24. exoidus says:

      CTI promotional clip:


      Cmon Ricky you can do better, haha…

    25. Hannahh says:

      Watching up to eps4 now and i love it. I’m not a fan of historical drama but TC is awesome and I love the casts apart from Aimee.

    26. gooddrama says:

      Aimee is cute in this drama, I like her natural expressions. She livens up the series for me. Looking forward to watching more!! Great series so far and great themesong.

    27. Ray says:

      Watched 5 episodes. Did not disappoint and some scenes are quite touching. Hmm… Cixi is portrayed like a good person eh… Like the story about the Father and Son with a donkey… so true…just like the situation working in a company where politics are abound…

    28. uoip says:

      I actually like this show! Wish tvb make this kind of quality

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