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Ruco Chan is TVB’s New Action Hero

By on February 21, 2013

Ruco Chan is TVB’s New Action Hero thumbnail

In Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) will be involved in several action stunts including jumping from buildings and fighting; This does not worry Ruco but in fact excites him as he looks forward to fighting scenes. If public reception is good, Ruco does not mind pursuing an action hero route at TVB.

Collaborating for the first time, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Ruco were seen on location filming at To Kwa Wan. In the television drama, Ruco plays a dismissed policeman who submerge into the triad syndicate so that he can exact revenge for his younger brother. In one scene, Ruco was involved in a fight with the triad boss. The fighting was very intense with the two actors exchanging blows and shouting angrily at each other. At one time, they snatched each other’s guns and the fight was only broken when Linda and a group of policemen intervened.

Enjoys Action Scenes

Ruco shared that he loves to act in fighting scenes. He does not mind filming more action dramas. “If the viewers like it, I don’t mind. Afterall, Hong Kong dramas and movies are mostly made up of action genres. If I don’t get to try these roles now, it will be more difficult for me to tackle such roles when I’m older.” Citing Chow Yun Fat  (周潤發) as his role model, Ruco admires Fat Gor’s grasp of roles and how easily he falls into character.

Ruco’s other project, Ruse of Engagement <叛徒>, in which he plays a paramilitary officer also involves thrilling action scenes, concluded filming 2 years ago but no release date has been determined yet. He hopes that it will be released this year.

Serious At Work

For an actor who is rising up in stardom, Ruco is surprisingly a clean slate when it comes to romantic rumors. He laughed, “This is something I need to reflect on or maybe I’m just not charming enough!” Or perhaps it is because when Ruco is working with female colleagues, he will be mindful of his actions and knows where to draw the line professionally. He added, “I know what kind of girl I like. I’m a traditional man so I like women who loves sports and likes to stay at home to prepare meals.”

Praises for Ruco

Brother’s Keeper costar, Linda  Chung, likened Ruco to a superhero. Linda said, “He is tireless – not only is he good in remembering his lines, he is fast and agile in his action stunts. On top of that, his physique is so fit, and his hair is all neat and tidy, just like a superhero!”

Admitting that she likes to have conversations with Ruco, Linda revealed, “Ruco likes to talk about philosophy and psychology theories. He’s an introspective man and talking to him makes me reflect more.” According to Linda, Ruco is one of TVB’s Diamond Bachelors, after Moses Chan (陳豪) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明).

Source: Apple Daily via ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (21)

    1. Daisy says:

      Linda likes guys who are fast, fit ang agile in their stunt moves. See a lot of trait similarities between Philip and Ruco. Between the two, Ruco is a much better pick

    2. onearth says:

      I hope he gets more popular from now on. I have always like him even w/his unlimited and not too popular roles in ATV. Hope TVB will boost his popularity to the highest. He deserves it.

    3. Jayne says:

      Ruco has a very natural presence on screen. It must be his body language and mannerisms as he is entirely in character in “Reality Check”.

      He’s holding the drama together so far, with good acting from Evergreen Mak and Louise Lee.

      I think modern action dramas would suit Ruco very well, since he has a fit physique and very masculine presence. He can do the cop roles with his eyes closed. Mafia boss role would be more challenging.

      • ita says:

        I think mafia boss role probably would be easier for him than cops. He looks like one.

        Going to watch Reality Check soon, always love his drama. So happy for him that finally he get recognized. For years I was wondering why he was only as supporting roles or villain.

      • Hannah says:

        Ruco doesn’t quite have the ancient look, IMO. I like him in modern more.

    4. Lol says:

      I’m really enjoying Reality Check, the series has a lot of heart & the cast has great chemistry.

    5. ita says:

      Aiya, where got girls like to stay home and prepare meal only. Housewife jobs most high paid but most boring I would say.

    6. AL says:

      I like Ruco much more than Kenneth! Hope TVB can promote him…not sure if he is under TVB management!

      • tvbholic says:

        yes he is under TVB management, just signed an 8 year contract 2 years back.. his manager is Kenneth Wong

    7. Norika says:

      @Karen, nicely written! I like to read your translation its brilliant.

      and Ruco! He is so HOT!! Reality Check is very good so far

    8. Bubblez says:

      Ruco all the way :)
      Ever since that TOT drama aired.. he became one of my favourite actors. He can act good and evil which is really good. A good actor should be able to make their viewers hate their characters if they’re portraying an evil character.. well at least that’s what I think of successful actors who are portraying evil roles (:
      I am also anticipating Ruses of Engagement since Yoyo Mung and Louise Lee is in it, I think.

    9. ebbie says:

      Ruco is very natural on screen, that’s why he’s great!

      • lol says:

        i agree i find ruco to be very natural like steven ma both r very natural actors unlike wayne after waqyne became a tv king i dont know but to me he seems very stiff on screen or wooden

    10. Hannah says:

      No, Linda. Moses is no longer a Diamond Bachelor. -_-

    11. Carole says:

      Agree with you all that Ruco’s acting is very natural.Hope TVB will give him more roles.

    12. H says:

      Ruco is so much better than Moses Chan and Kenneth Ma.

    13. Charbydis says:

      I think Ruco is a much better investment for TVB because he can be easily molded into different roles whereas established leads like Moses and Ray have already settled into their own style. Ruco is a fresh face to lead in a series and has natural acting. I prefer him rather than Jason Chan. x_x

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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