Xiao Zhan Delivers Emotionally Intense Performance in “Ace Troops”

Chinese actor Xiao Zhan (肖戰) has always been known for his handsome looks, but he continues to prove himself as a capable actor in military drama Ace Troops <王牌部隊>. In one crying scene, the intensity of his emotions shocked viewers.

Aired 0n December 26, 2021, Ace Troops stars Johnny Huang Jingyu (黃景瑜), Elane Zhong Chuxi (鍾楚曦), and Xiao Zhan as military officers who witness the capacity of humans surviving extreme hardship in face of war. Although Huang Jingyu and Xiao Zhan’s characters are initially at odds because of their different family backgrounds, one being a miner’s son and another from a well-regarded military family respectively, they develop a close fraternity after fighting on the same battlefields and helping others during natural disasters. While China is at an important crossroads in time, experiencing the rapid rise of technology advancement within all aspects of society including the Chinese military, the strength of the human spirit does not change. 

Since its broadcast, Xiao Zhan’s emotional scenes impressed viewers and demonstrated his growth as an actor. When Xiao Zhan’s captain sacrifices his life to save him from a landmine, he bursts uncontrollably into tears. This scene was very difficult to film, since Xiao Zhan had to adjust his mood and emotions in a short period of time. In the behind-the-scenes footage, the actor could be seen sitting quietly alone as he immersed himself into character before delivering his impactful performance.

Video clips and screencaps of Xiao Zhan’s crying scenes circulated online, and they became a popular search topic online.   

“Ace Troops” Trailer

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Watching this drama and I totally agree he is a great actor in delivering his emotions. He is a celebrity very close to perfection in terms of everything

  2. Normally I don’t like military dramas, but I’m watching it for Xiao Zhan. He is really an amazing actor. He is not holding back his emotions. I was a big mess in his emotional scenes. Please make more dramas Xiao Zhan. Jiayou!!!

  3. Xiao Zhan filmed this drama while relentless 227 attacks against him were still going strong. He probably poured out his raw emotions in these crying scenes during the midst of the darkest time in his life. He was also owned the role as patient #5 in the stage play Dream Like a Dream from drawing on the difficult time in his life.

    1. You said what I was thinking also. He is a great actor and that incident happened last year also added more emotion to him. It’s kind of like a balloon you filled it to too full and it will burst. I hope things will get better & better for Xiao Zhan because he so deserves it.

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