“Season of Love” Synopsis

TVB’s upcoming romantic drama serial, Season of Love <戀愛季節>, will premiere on February 11, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Produced by Kwan Wing Chung (關永忠), Season of Love stars an ensemble of popular TVB actors, and will feature four different story lines.

With Ben Wong (黃智賢) as the drama’s narrator, Season of Love will touch upon four different romantic relationships that echo the cycles of the four seasons. Like our seasons, love can have times that range from cold to hot, dry to wet, and from dark to light.

Episodes 1 – 4: Spring

By chance, Lam Chun Fan (Toby Leung 梁靖琪) becomes a chauffeur for famous celebrity, Season (Him Law 羅仲謙). Believing Season to be a flirty playboy like what gossip magazines claim, Chun Fan’s initial reaction to Season is not positive. However, after months of spending time with him, she slowly begins to understand Season’s true underlying nature – a young man who is sincere, but lonely. Season and Chun Fan start an underground relationship, but it is then when Chun Fan discovers that everything that has occurred between them was actually planned by Season’s manager (Jess Sum 沈卓盈).

Episodes 5 – 10: Summer

Golden television producer, Summer Ha (Kate Tsui 徐子珊) suffers a big blow in her career after her latest female-oriented variety program garners negative critical reactions from the public. To bring herself back to prominence, she is forced to star in a reality television dating game show, in which she is offered the opportunity to choose a husband among several male pursuers. On the show, she meets her ex-boyfriend Ng Jun Gai (Ron Ng 吳卓羲), who had gone missing after he left Summer many years ago. Summer is tempted to use this opportunity to exact vengeance, but she is slowly falling back into love.

Episodes 11 – 15: Fall

It is fate that put hair stylist Ho Chau Sang (Nancy Wu 胡定欣) and barrister Fung Sau Man (Vincent Wong 王浩信) to work in the same building. It is also fate that put an end to Chau Sang and Sau Man’s brief encounter because of a small accident. The loss leads Chau Sang to blindly accept the marriage proposal of Fong Ka Wai (Oscar Leung 梁烈唯). The couple do not get along after their marriage. Chau Sang even suspects Ka Wai to have an extramarital affair. On a whim, Chau Sang returns to the place where she first met Sau Man, and her second life begins. But is this second life as great as her first?

Episodes 16 – 20: Winter

Requested by his client Yiu Tung Nei (Myolie Wu 胡杏兒), private investigator Chu Cho On (Kenneth Ma 朱祖安) researches the origins of an old receipt. During his investigations, Cho On realizes that Tung Nei often has uncontrollable, broken memory recollections of her past with a man. After a thorough investigation, Cho On discovers that Tung Nei had suffered from serious psychological damages, and her lost memory could have been the lost memories of a lost relationship. As Cho On helps Tung Nei piece together her past, he himself begins to find a surprise of his own.

“Season of Love” Trailer

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Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. All 4 stories have interesting premise. I am looking forward to this, in part because they’re short so if terrible we can at least move on to the next story after 4 episodes. Of the 4 I think Myolie’s one interests me the most, about a damaged person etc except I am not looking forward to her acting. But I am eager to see Vincent but I have a feeling each ending will be sort of politically correct.

    Why not be even more daring? A married woman with children meets first love again and decides to leave her good husband for the idea of a passionate first love? Because all 4 stories above sounds rather white washed-ish.

    Hopefully not as meandering and pretentious as 4 In Love or whatever the title is.

    1. Funn:

      If Nancy’s story had her as a young mother who dumped her good husband for her passionate first love, the audience would find her despicable. The C lai’s would yell at her for selfishly caring more about her love life than her young children. Nobody wants to watch that kind of story.

  2. It’s another one of those valentine days special series this one is longer than the previous years and coincidently Kate has starred in all of them. I quite like the cast not huge on romance but there are some fresh pairings here. Ron and Kate have chemistry so it’s nice to see them again. I wasn’t too fond of Him and Toby’s pairing in Wax And Wane maybe it’ll be better in this one.

    A reunion of Nancy and Vincent after GMG where their romance was shirt lived with the addition of Oscar. And I believe many fans have been waiting waiting for a Myolie and Kenneth pairing for a while.

    1. I think the last time was either the series where Myolie was overweight or an ancient times one if I recall…

      1. That’s Lost in the chamber of love but they didn’t pair up there this is their first series as a couple. They’ve collaborated in series just never as a couple. I remember he took advantage of her in Survivor’s Law lol. They were also in Triumph in the Skies and Drams of Colours

      2. Dreams* seems like they did pair up in To Grow With Love but I didn’t watch that series so this pairing will be fresh to me

  3. Yes, all my favourite pairings put together, esp Nancy & Vincent. Should be interesting!

  4. Sounds cliche, super cliche. Typical TVB. Anyway, I’ll anticipate and watch it, since it can’t by worse than the 2 recent mediocre-crap dramas TVB just rolled out (Inland Troubles/The Day of Days). Ok, maybe Inland Troubles is funny, lol, but nonetheless it’s boring and too predictable. Let’s see if this is any better. Can’t wait for it. Friendly Fire did surprisingly good, as well as Missing You. Let’s hope this one redeems them.

  5. I love the storyline of Kate and Ron. It’s like The bachelorette

  6. Spring and Summer sounds like fun story lines which matches the seasons while Fall and Winter sounds more complex. I’m actually quite interested to see the Summer one as well

  7. They are honestly all “been there done that” plots of romance novels. But I think I’d be a sucker for Summer, Autumn and Winter plots.

  8. That means Nancy gets to be leading lady for 5 whole episodes!! YAY

  9. storyline sounds cute and sweet. can’t wait for this series especially winter with the mysterious twist. ma ming is very hot in the preview.

    sounds like a better series for this year after the ridiculous friendly fire which was saved by the supporting actors especially sharon, sammy and benz.

  10. Can’t wait for the drama..just not really looking forward for Toby. Her acting suck..and not very pretty. Him law is to handsome for her.

  11. Reminds me of 4 in Love. the first pairing seems a little odd while the second, Ron and Kate have been couples for waaaaaay too many times.

  12. I’m really looking forward to this drama, especially since the pace should be a little faster since each story should be 5 episodes.

    I’m most excited to see Myolie and Kenneth!

  13. Ma Ming definitely looks handsome in this drama preview than his actual look in the drama later. In the drama he is having the funny looking curly hair in the front.

    1. maybe she’s trying to get attention by looking more attactive, esp after knowing her ex moved on already

  14. Cast sounds interesting but with so many stories going on, i hope it doesnt turn out like 4 in love, good cast but so confusing.

  15. i can’t wait for this drama to start like most of the people in this drama Myolie wu, vincent wong, kenneth Ma, Him Law and oscar leung.

    1. oscar in this series too? then i won’t be watching it, not that i watch any

  16. Lol. Funny how all the female leads have their names named after the seasons in Cantonese. And summer ha? Isn’t that the name of Kevin Cheng’s character in only you?

  17. Anymore current updates on Myolie Wu please besides Season of Love?

  18. Sound good and refreshing, I quite enjoy this style of drama. Can’t wait xD!

  19. Sounds refreshing and I like the idea that each storyline is short. I am most looking forward to summer, fall and winter.

  20. Excited to see Myo on screen again!
    The trailer is nice and simple. I like MM’s voice lol

  21. Why does TVB divide it into 4 different parts? Gezzzzz…. not sure if i’m going to watch it. Moreover, I don’t like the cast except Kenneth Ma.

  22. I’m so dying to see this!

    So basically Vincent’s character dies??? If so, what’s up with his characters always dying?! I’m really hoping Vincent and Nancy will actually end up together in this one. I don’t think they will though. I’m looking forward to watching Kenneth and Myolie as a couple in this. Ron and Kate’s storyline seems interesting

  23. Reminds me of Korean style dramas – four seasons…melodrama. I only finished the first one only and even that, I thought was super draggy. Tvb isn’t really good with the romantic genre. But who knows?

  24. Kate Tsui’s character is named “Summer Ha”?! Wasn’t Kevin Cheng named “Summer Ha” in ONLY YOU as well? Lol!

  25. Melodrama? A refreshing one from TVB. Hope it will turn out good though. The cast looks promising. Looking forward to Nancy and Vincent pairing (GMG was so sad) and Myolie & Kenneth (Kenneth’s dream has finally come true lol)

  26. Myolie looks so much better with long hair… really softens her facial structure.

  27. Very happy that Nancy & Vincent gets star in one of the stories.

  28. I didn’t like TOBY pairing with HIM – the storyline was ok. maybe it’s because of Toby. She looks sooooooooooooooooooo OLD in SoL. Her face is so ‘wrinkled’ … as if not enough sleep and suffered water retention.

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