Edison Chen Makes Comeback in Sandra Ng’s “Golden Chickensss”

Edison Chen (陳冠希) will be making an important cameo appearance in Sandra Ng’s (吳君如) upcoming comedy film Golden Chickensss <金雞SSS>. Edison will make his first appearance in a local Hong Kong film since his guest appearance in the 2009 film, Coweb <戰·無雙>.

In Golden Chickensss, Edison will portray the owner of an oral sex shop, forcing prostitutes to give oral sex services. Edison will make a daring appearance topless in his underwear briefs. Edison’s role brings to mind that he was once part of Hong Kong’s biggest sex scandals.

Golden Chickensss is the third installment of the Sandra Ng-produced Golden Chicken film franchise, a sex comedy that chronicles the life of a has-been prostitute-turned-pimp Kam (Sandra Ng). The first two films were major box office hits, pushing Sandra to become one of the highest-paid actresses in Hong Kong. While the first two films were directed by Samson Chiu (趙良駿), Sandra invited Matt Chow (鄒凱光), who also worked on the first film, to direct the third.

“Because of the film’s contents, this movie will only be played in Hong Kong,” Sandra said at a press interview. “[Husband] Peter Chan (陳可辛) didn’t think the movie would cover the costs of production so he refused to produce the film with me,” Sandra added with a laugh.

Andy Lau Returns as Chief Executive

Without the mainland Chinese market to support its box office, Golden Chickensss will have to rely on receipts from elsewhere. As the film franchise is famous for including the cameo appearance of many A-list Hong Kong actors, Golden Chickensss will also invite similar top-tier actors to return, including Andy Lau (劉德華), Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝), and Chapman To (杜汶澤).

“I really swiped all my friendship cards!” Sandra exclaimed.

Andy Lau will reprise his role as Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, a role that most Hong Kongers came to associate Andy with. In Golden Chickensss, which can be roughly seen as the prequel to the first two installments, Andy will portray as Sandra’s ex-lover, who is campaigning for his position and is under much stress. To relieve his pressure, Sandra gives him a foot massage.

“Andy made such a classic appearance in the first two films. He has to be even more impressive this time!” said Sandy. “Andy is really a great friend. He is always asking me for my thoughts about his performance, and he is such a great spirit. There are no words great enough to express my gratitude for his appearance.”

Andy then said, “I’ve been with Golden Chicken for the past ten years! I have a vital role in the series. Kam is also a role with much spirit, and her spirit is one of the reasons why the film is still going.”

Donnie Yen (甄子丹), Louis Koo (古天樂), Nick Cheung (張家輝), Dayo Wong (黃子華), Shawn Yue (余文樂), Eason Chan (陳奕迅), Ronald Cheng (鄭中基), Anthony Wong (黃秋生), and Wyman Wong (黃偉文), among others, will also be making cameo appearances in the film. Wyman Wong added that he had to learn Japanese-accented Cantonese role his role.

Golden Chickensss will open in Hong Kong on January 30, facing stiff competition from The Monkey King <西游記之大鬧天宮> and From Vegas to Macau <賭城風雲>, both starring Chow Yun Fat (周潤發).

“Golden Chickensss” Trailer

[vsw id=”JRV8VSyz08E” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]

Sources: Hunantv.com; ihktv.com 

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What exactly is his talent? Screwing girls? He doesn’t have the looks anymore. And he certainly can’t sing or dance.

    1. It takes two to tangle. What he did was lack of respect for women. His dad is gay. He’s telling the world that he isn’t gay and pretty proud of his sex life. He studied oversea, speak English fluently. The girls like that kind of things. Can’t blame everything on him because a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case their were many pictures. The girls did have a great time and strike a post for some especially the one with Celia Cheung in it.

      1. Ya but at least the women have all moved on with their lives and found something more meaningful. Im’ not saying the women were “wrong” but I’m criticizing the lack of talent Edison has. Back then he depended on his “looks” now what exactly does he have? GOD Knows he has no acting abilities.

      2. Neither Edison or any of the women were “wrong”… All were victims.

        What consenting adults choose to do in the privacy of their bedroom is their own business really. The real crime was the theft and dissemination of the photos.

      3. The thieves were definitely wrong but they must thanks them for this life long lessons. It isn’t easy to move on for the women but some did. Celia Cheung married Nick Tse have two boys. I don’t know if Gilian Chung did.

      4. A lifelong lesson?? What, don’t get your computer fixed in case some jerk decides to go through your files and post your private pictures on the net? NO, Edison and all the women in the photos should not be thanking anyone for a lifelong lesson. They should be suing the pants off the dude who profited from invading people’s privacy. What they did behind closed doors was their business. I find it kind of hypocritical that before the scandal, Edison was the next best thing, but after the scandal he had to leave HK. This has never had anything to do with his talent or lack thereof, but instead has more to do with HK people judging what he does in his private life. Instead of showing some sympathy for one who has had his privacy invaded and plastered through the internet, people started calling him a pervert and criticizing his lack of talent/looks. The whole incident actually says more about the public than it does Edison.

      5. No it is not about the public. Are we so PC and dissentisize that such pictures warrant nothing more than just a comment of oh it is his private life? The public’s reaction was right even if hypocritical. Yes the women was willing even if one could argue at least one woman looked reluctant. Yes the computer guy is obviously wrong and yes it was an invasion of privacy. But if there was no uproar over everybody in the scandal then something is wrong. What he did was not illegal but it does not mean it was ok on e made public. The pictures he took was of poor taste. He was a sex addict. He was morally corrupt. He was a douchebag. He was also suppose to be our youth’s example. It is such lax attitude about what we do behind the bedroom once leaked should not matter that gives rise to uploading of private videos to Internet where if celebrity can do it and get famous then so can we because of lack of censure from the general public. In Asia it is different. It is for Edison who wants to be in public eye earning public money and fame to comvince the public he deserves a second chance when his integrity is morally corrupt. Much like politicians.. Fame and success is of course about talent but it should also be about how one conducts himself in private. Sounds hypocritical but the public wants to believe in an illusion. There is a difference knowing he sleeps with the pretty celebrities and actually seeing the evidence of them. The photos were private but it was also disgusting and of poor taste and obviously for him to boast who he got to do ehatever he wanted with them. It was ego boosting whether his conquests ever knew he kept them or not. In the end it is less about his private times and more about his character or lack of it. The women were judged too and again it is like the shattering of a bubble. Again I agree what you do in private is your business but be careful of. The consequences if you do not wish to be harshly judged. Yes there is a lesson to everybody. Perhaps don’t be so trigger happy with your camera if you do not want the pictures of you being in compromising positions to be leaked. Once leaked it is forever. Being classy is way better than being crass. Everyone’s a hypocrite the question is will anyone ever find out,

      6. Edison is a public figure and so are the girls. They lack the childhood discipline. Take a good look at these people’s background.

      7. In the entertainment industry, image/character is everything because the public will support (or not support) an artist based on image/character. The public can only judge based on what information they have. And, the public is free to change their opinion after receiving more information about Edison Chen (or any other artist). Why not?

        BTW, the public is not “hypocritical” if the public does not go around behaving like cheap pervert Edison Chen. Boycott this cheap pervert Edison Chen’s work.

    2. Just seeing EDC’s pic makes me think of Cecilia’s nude sex pics from a few years back and how she had his dong in her mouth…..Oh, and also she did some really great spreading to reveal her dark bush too………..

      Other than that, there’s really no need or purpose for EDC to show up in the entertainment industry…..I think this role is mocking him more than giving him a chance to re-ignite his sad career.

  2. looks quite funny, look forward to see nick cheung and ivana wong.

  3. Not his fault that his private photos were maliciously leaked to the forums and press. Give him (and the girls involved) a break. Some of my high school classmates who partied like him and slept ard in uni turned out to be pretty decent husbands and dads. Its just a phase.

      1. Well said!! Should not cast him any movies..he is a pervert & cheap!

    1. I am not a fan of Edison but the whole thing about the photos is not all his fault. True that he should have saved those photos elsewhere before bringing his computer in for repairs. But that guy should not have went through his private stuff and then distribute the photos all over the place. All go those girls were wiling too so it is not like he forced any of them. Also, seriously which guy is not interested in girls(besides the gay guys) and do not look forward to having sex? If not then there is something wrong with that guy(s).

  4. I don’t see why all the negative comments labeling him as a pervert, there’s nothing wrong with loving sex and it’s certainly not an unusual thing to take intimate pictures with your partner. He never forced them he is not the one who released the pictures, blame the jerk who broke the law and released those pictures for everyone to see, the real bad guy is him not Edison. Besides an artiste’s personal life should never reflect on his work its really hypocritical to judge someone’s lifestyle that you don’t live or agree with.

  5. Edison does have a good sex life and its private which director and producer doesn’t like having a good sex life

  6. @TVBFanatic, MT, Kiwi and Bobby,

    Totally agree with what you all said. In this particular case, Edison is not to blame. He and those omen were all victims. The real cheap cheap pervert is the tech who exposed the photos to the public.

    It amazes how the Hong Kong and Asian public sat on their high morals and perfect lives and judged Edison with their concept of what a perfect and pure Chinese is. Such hypocrites. A lot of these people do a lot worse things than Edison, them and their friends and relatives. The difference is, Edison is in the public’s eyes and they are not.

    There are also other revered idols who’se lifestyles would make Edison look like an angel, but of course they are untouchable so the public have no knowledge of their ugly actions. Edison is not a bad singer, actor or dancer. It is stupid, mean and childish to say otherwise just because of personal hate for the man. how come he was considered the next great thing until the scandal?. I have said it before, Asians need to take their behinds out of the 12th century. I am shocked they did not stone Edison and these women to death for their unforgivable sins.

    1. Agreed with all you had to say. Asian as a whole (pretend) to act like they don’t enjoy sex or condone anyone enjoying it. Sex should be natural and beautiful. Why is Edison the only one condemned for so long? The girls were willing participants why are they so easily forgiven and not him. I don’t know if any normal healthy man won’t succumb to beautiful women like he did. Come on now?

  7. I hope he is successful in his comeback. I watched the trailer, there were some hilarious parts! I loved Nick Cheung’s acting in the trailer (:

    I never knew that Edison was born in Canada :/

  8. Yes he was born in Vancouver, where lots of chinese live. Ah Sa was born in Canada too, and also Karena Lam.

    I hope this can be a starting point for Edison to get his act together. He has done some stupid, disgusting things that deserve the wrath of the people, but the exposure of the photos was not his fault, or that of the innocent women.

    Nich Cheung is golden in what he does, be it thriller, drama or comedy. I too will watch this one.

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