Jackie Chan is Still Box Office Champ; “CZ12” Opens to 43 RMB

Premiering on December 20, Jackie Chan’s (成龍) CZ12 <十二生肖>  overwhelmed The Guillotines <血滴子>. With 43 million RMB, CZ12 smashed the first day record for movies debuting in December. The Guillotines, which was released on the same day, only pulled off a dismal 7.65 million RMB . However the biggest surprise so far has to be mainland comedy, Lost in Thailand <人再囧途之泰囧>, which held its ground against the opening of CZ12 and will be passing the 500 million RMB mark this weekend.

When Back to 1942 <一九四二> and The Last Supper <王的盛宴> were first released late last month, many people predicted that the box office battle for early December will be fierce fight between the two. It turns out that Ang Lee’s (李安) Life in Pi trumped both films. The Last Supper ended up the biggest loser and faded early on in the game.

Twenty days later, the same scenario is being repeated. The low-budget comedy, Lost in Thailand, is throwing a monkey wrench into the box office score, and is giving the heavily promoted CZ12 and The Guillotines a run for their money. The poor premiere ticket sales for The Guillotines will lead to lowered number of theater showings. Based on the first day box office, there will be no holiday celebration from The Guillotines.

CZ12 Breaks Record Held by  “Lost in Thailand”

CZ12’s first day box office of 43 million RMB broke the record held by Lost in Thailand for movies debuting in December. Up until December 21, Lost in Thailand has already raked in 492 million RMB, eclipsing the critically acclaimed Back to 1942 (363 million RMB), and only slightly behind Life of Pi’s 560 million RMB.

Based on a quick count on December 20, the number of showings for Lost in Thailand was close to 34 percent, CZ12 had 31 percent, and The Guillotines was below 18 percent. However all that may change by the end of today when another heavily promoted movie, Chow Yun Fat’s (周潤發) The Last Tycoon <大上海>, formally enters the challenge for the title of box office king for this holiday season.

Source: Sohu.com

This article is written by Lance for JayneStars.com.

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    Co actor- (Yao Xintong-coco) she is very noisy in this movie and act as though she was being rape. Talk all in Mandarin not like the old ones which is in Cantonese. Better introduced this Yao Xintong to Wong Jing so maybe she can produce porn instead.
    Before that please make sure that she undergo breast transplant, very flat. I am sad for her ;(

    1. Your advice sucks. Go to a porn flic if big breasts are only important to you.

  2. Box office champ BS!

    It made only US$34 million in its opening week, second to the US$58 million earned by “Lost in Thailand” who already is in its second week of showing and alreayd has broke the US$100 million mark as it fast on the tail of “Painted Skin 2”.

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