Simon Yam Chased Donnie Yen for Two Years for “Iceman 3D”

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Hong Kong actors Donnie Yen (甄子丹) and Simon Yam (任達華) recently held a promotional event for their upcoming martial arts action flick, Iceman 3D <冰封:重生之門>, during which they shared about the movie’s two-year-long filming process. Iceman 3D, which follows the story of a Ming Dynasty hero frozen in time and brought back to life in the modern era, will be released in two parts, with the first opening in theaters on April 25.

Due to Donnie’s pedantic attitude toward the movie’s action scenes and the Hong Kong government’s tardiness in approving filming permits, Iceman 3D ended up taking more than two years to wrap up filming. However, at the promotional event, Donnie shared that he had no complaints and that he had treated the two-year-long process as an exercise regime. In contrast, Simon, the majority of whose scenes fall in the second half of the film, jokingly grumbled that he had “spent two years chasing after Donnie,” longer than he had ever spent pursuing a real-life love interest.

Also present at the event was up-and-coming stuntman-turned-actor Yu Kang (喻亢), who has been Donnie’s disciple for eleven years. Because Donnie feels it is important to promote newcomers who show potential, he introduced Yu Kang to Iceman 3D’s director, Law Wing Cheong (羅永昌), who agreed that he fit the role. Yu Kang will reportedly play another Ming Dynasty character who is frozen and revived in modern times.

While at the event, Donnie was asked about the rumors that he had agreed to film Ip Man 3 <葉問 3> for 30 million HKD. He responded that this topic would be discussed in the future.

“Iceman 3D” International Trailer

Source: Oriental Daily

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