Stephen Chow Unfazed by Negative Rumors; Continues Casting Search for “Mermaid”

Stephen Chow (周星馳) became the brunt of criticism when film investor Tiffany Chan (陳嵐) slammed Stephen’s questionable ethics. Unfazed by the negative reports and rumors, Stephen is busy with pre-production work for his upcoming film Mermaid <美人魚>. He has been flying back and forth from Hong Kong to China to look over the casting process.

A few nights ago, Stephen was seen eating dinner with two stocky men at a restaurant in Soho, Central. Perhaps aware of the negative rumors surrounding him, Stephen looked extremely cautious on his way to his taxi. When he spotted the paparazzi, he immediately looked away. The two stocky men picked up their phones, seeming to be calling for help. However, Stephen’s assistant later clarified that the two men were his scriptwriters.

Since Tiffany Chan’s outburst, other artistes have stepped up to defend Stephen, including Andy Lau (劉德華) and former girlfriend Karen Mok (莫文蔚).

Xu Jiao (徐嬌), who debuted in Stephen’s 2008 film CJ7 <長江七號>, said, “Director Chow is my mentor and has offered me patronage. Although it’s been a while since we’ve last seen each other, our occasional conversations always make me feel that he still cares about me.” Xu Jiao added that her management contract with Stephen’s company is almost coming to an end, but she plans to renew it. “I believe this is the best way to show my support.”

Stephen Chow Trains New “Sing Girls”

Stephen Chow MermaidStephen has kept the production of his latest film Mermaid under tight wraps. Not much is known about the film yet, but it has been reported that the movie will begin filming at the end of the month and will shoot in Shenzhen.

In July, a public talent search was held to look for potential candidates to star as the film’s female lead. Thirteen rookie actresses from Hong Kong and China were selected from the auditions to undergo training for the film and compete for the role. Stephen praised the candidates and said the women had individual talents.

The potential “Sing girls” of the film expressed their support for Stephen. Japanese model Linah Matsuoka (松岡李那), who has already met Stephen personally, said, “I was so happy to see him. I hope I can be as charismatic.”

Rookie actress Sun Jianing (孫嘉靈) from Beijing said, “I admire him so much!” Hong Kong singer Rainky Wai (蔚雨芯) said, “I believe that every senior would want to advise juniors. A strict teacher produces outstanding pupils. I will always listen to advice from seniors.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. I will watch his movie. A lot of people like him, in US, my high school friends come and asked me a lot about him (they thought I was a Chinese because of my Asian look) after they watched Kung Fu Hustle

  2. Ooh, I can’t wait! I love mermaids ever since I was a kid but since Stephen is doing the film, it’s gonna be a fantasy-comedy. I wonder what it would be like.

  3. looks like tiffany chan is a gossiper, a queen of problem. after reading her say about nic tse and defended cecilia cheung; i dont think is her place to criticize and involve in other people’s marital problems.
    so bluntly bad mouthed about others, i wonder if people gossiped about her as well. i guess she is a “producer” wife after all.

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