Wong Jing’s “Triumph in the Skies” Parody Begins Shooting January 2014

Riding on the success of the TVB television drama Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, Wong Jing (王晶) is currently preparing for his new comedy film Tong Pak Fu Triumphs in the Skies <唐伯虎衝上雲霄>, a parody film that stars Chapman To (杜汶澤) as a Hong Kong pilot who travels back in time and becomes ancient Chinese scholar Tong Pak Fu, one of the Four Masters of the Ming Dynasty. Dada Chan (陳靜), who recently made headlines with her three-month disappearance, will also be starring in the film.
Chapman To 5Chapman To recently attended a costume fitting for his role and photo of him wearing a pilot’s uniform was uploaded online. He refused to decline more specific details about the film, reasoning that Wong Jing wants to keep the production of the movie in tight wraps.
Chapman did, however, add that Dada will be included in the cast and expressed that his role will be surrounded with beautiful women. Asked if he will keep fit to portray a handsome pilot like Chilam Cheung’s (張智霖) Captain Cool, Chapman said, “I am not really on a diet right now, but I will keep up with my exercise routines after shooting Naked Ambition 2 <豪情2>, so my body will not rebound. Wong Jing specified that weight doesn’t matter – just be funny.”
Tong Pak Fu Triumphs in the Skies will begin shooting in January 2014, a few months ahead of TVB’s own movie adaptation of Triumph in the Skies, which will begin shooting in April 2014.
Source: ihktv.com
This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What? A parody? I think Wong Jing is only trying to ride on TITS2 polularity.

  2. If what we have heard so far about the real TITS: The Movie are true (Myolie and Fala not returning, Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng only have very small roles in the movie, the air hostess are all Mainlanders), then screw that movie. Let’s watch Wong Jing does what he does best: Make parodies.

  3. As much as i dislike wong jing, i think this movie is going to be quite funny. If only Francis Ng had a role to play in it too…

  4. Chapman To is never handsome or good looking to me, but he seems to look good in the above photo in pilot uniform!

  5. ARE YOU SERIOUS? It wasn’t bad enough that TVB is trying to milk the franchise dry, and now this parody!?!
    Sigh, on a side note, chapman looks suave in a pilot uniform.

  6. Did he actually did a pardon of Infernal Affairs years ago? Chapman was also in there along with Shawn who was in the original series and Eric…that movie was a epic fail as well this it don’t make good movies anymore, they’re all soft porn.

  7. Wong Jing, you got to love him after all these years…LOL!!

    At least we will see some tits on TITS

  8. Oh brother. Missed the 80’s and 90’s when Wong Jing was making watchable comedies, particularly his collaboration with Sing Yeh.

    1. No news yet. The filming started in August so I won’t count on it until at least June.

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