G.E.M. Loses to Han Lei in “I Am a Singer 2”

The Hunan TV singing competition I Am a Singer 2 <我是歌手> finished is its final round of competitions on April 4, 2014. G.E.M. (鄧紫棋) – the first Hong Kong singer to qualify for the final round – lost the I Am a Singer title to 46-year-old Han Lei (韓磊) and came in second place. Han Lei won 28.31 percent of the audience votes, while G.E.M. tagged along to a close second, at 24.95 percent.

The final competition included two different segments of performances – the duet round, which included guest performers; and the solo round. Seven finalists made it to the cut. In the duet round, Malaysian singer Shilah Amzah (茜拉), who performed “When You Believe” with Huang Qishan (黃綺珊), snagged third place, while Gary Chaw (曹格) and Zhang Jie (張傑) took fourth and fifth place, respectively. Finalists Bibi Zhou (周筆暢) and Phil Chang (張宇) were eliminated. Han Lei (韓磊) remained on top.

There were rumors that G.E.M. wanted to invite Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) to be her duet partner for the final round, but with their recent breakup, G.E.M. decided to invite Khalil Fong (方大同) as her partner instead. The two Hong Kong-based singers performed Wang Feng’s (汪峰) original, “In Springtime” <春天裡>.

In the final solo round, G.E.M. performed a medley of three songs – Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, “We are the Champions”, and Cui Jian’s (崔健) 1986 classic, “Nothing to My Name” <一無所有>, the unofficial anthem of the Tiananmen Square protests. The media reported that G.E.M. may have been hinting at her recent breakup with the performance, but when asked why she chose to sing “Nothing to My Name”, G.E.M. said simply, “Read the lyrics!”

Although G.E.M. failed to win the title as Vocal King in the end, many of her fans quickly took to Weibo to express their support for the young singer-songwriter. In an online poll on Weibo, G.E.M. took nearly 800,000 out of 2.4 million netizens voted G.E.M. as the number one Vocal King.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Win or lose it doesn’t matter, in our heart, you are the best! Your singing is amazing! And now your are getting popular in CHINA market…Well done GEM! Love you always…

  2. Actually the 3rd place muslim girl sings better than GEM most of the time except she chose wrong duet partner and wrong songs for the final.

    1. I actually luke Shila more than anybody else. She sings better than GEM.

  3. Twice I listened to Shila singing and not liking her choice of songs. Well it could be only me as I know she is a hot fav too.

    1. She was good in Forever Love, Rolling in the Deep and I like her singing of The Longest Movie better than Jay Chou. I agree that most of her other songs are pretty bad choices.

      Khalil looked like a blind man on stage.

      1. you can’t go wrong w/ rolling in the deep. it’s a very difficult song.

  4. Shila can sing well, but only limited choices of songs in chinese version. Agreed all her english songs are great, but sometimes her outfit may needs to improve a little more, especially, the head’s scarf (tudung) is always dropping and she needs to adjust it…a bit messy.

    Of cors, I like GEM the most, her choice of songs are more…I’m looking forward GEM to hold a concert in Kuala Lumpur.

    1. Agreed with u. The eventual winner already decided by the biased audience. Though i am a Malaysian, i hv to concede that GEM was the rightful winner & the deserving one with her consistency & great performances…..thumbs up too, to Shila & Gary!

      1. GEM didnt win. Han Lei did. so why ‘rightful winner’

      2. @Wesley….I meant GEM shud be the rightful winner…:’)

        i m totslly fascinated with GEM ….go..go…girl!

  5. GEM is a great singer. She lost not because she can’t sing but the winner is a mainland chinese. Who is this Han Lei? Haven’t even about him! The songs that he sang, I haven’t even heard before, only the mainland chinese will appreciate. Just like last year, the winner was also from mainland chinese. Anyway, the other singers are just there to hype-up the show. The organiser already have already decided on the winner right from the beginning.

    1. The competition is based on audience voting isn’t it, and considering the audiences are from mainland I already expected that Han Lei will win. GEM is a hot favourite to win but she’s a HKger in the first place.

      1. Let’s face it if the voting was by HKger GEM will be first the Malaysian will be second and Han Lei may not even be third. Audience everywhere is biased.

    2. I’m not a mainlander, but have heard Han Lei’s drama theme songs for years before knowing his name. He’s Mongolian and has very impressive vocals.

      1. ditto
        I especially loved his themesong for Kang Xi Wang Chao – “to borrow 500 more years from Heaven”-now that’s one powerful, impressive singing.

  6. It sounds fair ……….. Mainland Chinese singer got 1st place; Hong Kong singer got 2nd place; and Malaysian singer got 3rd place. VERY FAIR to participating cities and countries ………..

    1. Sounds more like a TV Station political tactic to get and please audiences both from outside and inside China.

      1. At least this kind of results pleased people in China, Hong Kong and Malaysia ….. better than just Mainland Chinese.

    2. Well GEM and Shila are lucky and good enough to win over Zhang Jie who was another mainland singer knowing that they are facing the mainland audience.

  7. No doubt Shila can sing but she’s only good when she sing English songs. I do prefer GEM compared to the others cos I can feel that she’s sincere and down to earth kinda of person.

  8. I’m a Malaysian I was surprised and captivated by Shila Rolling in the deep. But I have to honestly says that G.E.M is a much better singer than Shila. Shila kind of short off in her vocal stamina in a very obvious way as compared to G.E.M. G.E.M vocal is also more solid and steady. G.E.M Fallin’ was great. Anyhow, I hope to see more Malaysian participating and having their talent recognized. Hope to see Gin Lee in it too.

  9. If this competition is being held out of China, the results would be different. G.E.M, Shila and Zhang Jie are good performers…they keep on entertain us with different songs, dance and performances.However, none of the singers in the duet rounds picked the right partner. None of them even have a bit of chemistry like the Power Station(動力火車).
    A good singer must be versatile.
    No doubt Han Lei has a good voice but he sings almost the same kind of song each week. Moreover he only moves from left to right on the stage and raises his hand when he is hitting some difficult tune. Moreover his choice of songs are quite dull mostly.
    Anyway, thats China…..and I am sure a lot us would agree with the whole competition is a fixed event from the beginning. No matter who they invite as guests, no matter what the judges’ ages are, all results can be fixed.
    Anyway, I am not angry at all although I do have my own favorites here since it is just an entertainment show.

  10. Shila definitely has a stronger vocals than GEM but lack the flexibility. Thus she’s only limited to certain range of songs. However GEM’s talent shines in that she can sing all kinds of songs. So I am not surprised that GEM won a higher place than Shila though both are really good.

  11. a lot of butthurt cuz mainland artist won the competition. bibi zhou got eliminated even though she is very popular in china. its not a popularity contest and its based voting by the audience. gem won her online voting award so her fans should be happy. han lei is old skool singer so most of u werent even born when he started out. plus the oversea chinese only listens mostly to pop whereas in china, folk, pop, opera, rock, and a lot more music genres are popular. ur biased cuz u guys dont care about any singers from china anyway so stop complaining. even gem was gracious during her speech.

    1. I am not biased and I am not complaining. There is a difference between a popular singer, a good singer and an allround entertainer.
      How much do you know about the ‘behind tales’ in singing and modelling competition??? I am in this field and I am confident to say that I know more than you!!

  12. love G.E.M. …it is very proud to be in second place…of course, the winner will be from China…it is a contest in China…G.E.M is young, pretty, sing so well, piano so well, and dance too…really outstanding

    1. Agreed completely…GEM is beautiful & is a highly versatile singer….I will surely attend her concert here in Malaysia if she comes…

  13. Love her songs, her performance, her personality. My Goddess, I will die for her.

  14. Whoa!!! Considering that Han Lei (46-yo) is more than twice the age of G.E.M. (22-yo), 2nd place is really quite impressive. I’m sure G.E.M. can win 1st place soon.

  15. G.E.M was robbed. Han Lei broke lots of rules — extra person singing with him, extra rehearsal time and would not leave the stage for others, blatant favoritism by the station! G.E.M fans complained that they were not chosen to be in finale so they can vote for her. G.E.M continued to show her talents and range by singing in different genres throughout the competition, played the piano etc. (saw her in concert playing the guitar and drums)

    Of course a young HK girl cannot win over an older mainlander! Han Lei chose many traditional old folk songs to grab more votes. It was rigged!

    Plus, she was offered a one year contract with the station and she turned them down! That sealed her fate! G.E.M was so sweet and gracious in her interviews after taking second place! What can she say! She still needs to sell tickets for all her upcoming concerts in China. You go girl!

  16. felt so bad for her when she lost. such a good singer.

  17. Should we even be surprised that the Mainland Chinese rigged the results? Not the first and won’t be the last.

  18. Amazing songwriter and singer. Truly gifted.

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