Ada Choi and Moses Chan at “War and Beauty 2” Prayer Ceremony

TVB held the prayer ceremony for producer Jonathan Chik’s (戚其義) drama, War and Beauty 2 <金枝慾孽 2>. Cast members, Ada Choi (蔡少芬), Christine Ng (伍詠薇), Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯),  Moses Chan (陳豪), Kenny Wong (黃德斌), Alice Chan (陳煒), Christine Kuo (苟芸慧),and newcomer, Yuang Chueng <章宇昂> attended the event.

Moses Chan Professes Intentions Towards Aimee Chan

Moses arrived 40 minutes late to the prayer ceremony, whereby everyone waited for his appearance to start the event. He apologized profusely in forgetting that the prayer ceremony was held yesterday, offering to treat cast and crew members to coffee and snacks. Moses dropped 20 pounds in his weight recently, which made his face appear more chiseled.

Since Moses’ girlfriend, Aimee Chan ( 陳茵媺), was currently filming The Confidant 大太监 (previously known as The Great Eunuch) in Hengdian, China, he was asked whether he offered her any advice to stay away from social dinner gatherings. Moses noted that attending dinners was a normal social gesture.

Earlier, Moses announced that his coffee shop in Malaysia had already closed, whereby the shop did not last even one year since its grand opening. Moses had partnered with a friend to open the coffee shop, but ended the venture due to differences in management decisions. However, Moses did not give up his coffee dream and hoped to open another coffee shop in Hong Kong, in which he hoped Aimee will be the female shop owner at that point. Extremely happy in his relationship with Aimee, Moses promised to give Aimee a title two years later, hinting at marriage.

Ada Choi Has No Time To Rest

War and Beauty 2 marked the first drama that Ada Choi agreed to film since becoming a mother. Her 10-month-old daughter, Zoe, just started walking. Despite the excitement of the daily developments for a baby at this stage, Ada spent very little time with Zoe since filming War and Beauty 2. Filming consecutively for the last four nights, Ada admitted that she was mentally very tired.

Due to the story taking place in the Qing Dynasty palace, the dialogue was even more difficult to remember. Since filming, Ada has received “flying papers” or last minute changes to the script.  Ada said, “The scripting changes were ready last night, which made me nervous. After arriving home, I had to start memorizing the script immediately. My daughter came over to hug my legs, but I had to read the script and did not have time to play with her.” Ada indicated that she was used to producer Jonathan Chik and scriptwriter Zhou Xuming (周旭明) making last minute script changes, thus will have to stretch her adaptive and memory skills in order to follow appropriately.

Christine Ng Unaccustomed to Working Before the Camera

Resuming acting after taking a one-year hiatus to manage her beauty business, Christine Ng admitted there was an adjustment period in working before the camera again. She joked, “My last name is ‘Ng’ thus everyone cannot blame me for having NGs (outtakes)!” Christine had an agreement with other cast members that if mistakes were made, no one would be sour-faced and become upset. The filming atmosphere has been pleasant to-date.

Source: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily, Oriental Daily

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Jayne: Looking forward to new sparks in War and Beauty 2 among the cast members. This may allegedly be Jonathan Chik’s last production at TVB.

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  1. Rather bored with the same old bunch.

    “Earlier, Moses announced that his coffee shop in Malaysia had already closed, whereby the shop did not last even one year since its grand opening. ”

    I am shocked about this though. Moses, I already told you, it won’t work!!

    1. Funn,
      It’s hard for Moses to manage a business remotely. How many times can he fly to Malaysia to oversee the operation of the coffee shop, especially when he is busy filming a drama. He noted that he had communication problems with his partner.

      Also, Selena Li had revealed that she had pulled out her shares from her makeup school, citing again conflicts with her business partner.

    2. If Moses truly wants to own a coffee shop, he should pick up a franchise such as Starbucks. He probably has enough money to become a franchisee in Hong Kong. It would be easier to run, since you are paying top dollar to receive the operating knowledge. Less mistakes to make so to say.

      1. i think his dream is to open his own coffee shop (more meaningful) not just to make money though a franchise. a starbucks franchise would be opening a business to make money and using his name to attract customers…but he can’t create his own style of coffee or bakery if he opens a starbucks. he will have to follow the francise.

      2. josie is right. I think Moses loves coffee so much that besides having it as his venue to make money, it is his dream to create his own blend of coffee, and make his coffee shop unique under his name.

    3. I was shocked when I heard the news from my aunt. The shop only last for 3 months.

      But, Moses is also not a very good businessman. He himself is free advertisement for his shop and he refuse to use it. People have to guess and do detective work themselves to find out where is it coffee shop.

      1. Kidd,
        3 months is very short time for any retail shop. Perhaps Moses knew things were not working out with his partner, thus decided to close it.

        You had mentioned that the coffee shop was situated in a mall? IMO, that is a bad location. Wouldn’t location near a corporate area be better to tackle morning and afternoon coffee breaks?

      2. 3 months and it is closed, I have to say that is smart. He didn’t lose much, he could of lost a lot more if he stayed longer given that he is so faraway and so out of touch with the business. Mall hours, you already lost half of the customer who drinks right when they get up. To inconvenience to get coffee in the mall, parking and walking. Bad idea Moses, I suggest doing wedding pictures with Aimee to wedding companies for money.

    4. It is very hard to focus on so many things at once…But I guess some just can’t let one or the other go…

  2. i m frm msia..till now i dont know where is his shop. close already? thats shame as i really wanna try it out after watching his coffee travel show..

  3. I think Bosco Wong has opened a big restaurant in Malaysia recently. How is he doing? Any success? Is he in partnership with other people, or does it own it all by himself?

    1. Sandcherry,
      Bosco opened a franchise called “Overtime” in Ipoh, Malaysia. It is a bar/restaurant. It is reportedly 8,000 square feet and one of the largest dining establishments in Malaysia. He has several partners in the venture.

      Kidd had dined there and gave it a thumbs up. 🙂 Kidd’s review of Bosco’s restaurant can be found in the comments section of this article (just scroll down towards the bottom and look for Kidd’s name):

      1. I went there again last Sunday. 5 people eat there and we ordered 4 dishes and a beer. Prince run up to RM114. So, can’t always go. The beer is the most expensive but since it’s buy-1-free-1, still worth it. It’s less crowded now, but, still have customers. When we reached there, I found the restaurant very quiet. Only 2 tables, counting ours. But, as we dined more people came. My mom was right. She said it was still early when we came. At Sunday, people wake up later, start everything later. I still love the atmosphere there. Very relaxing since the space is very open. Wind blown in from outside and the fans make it cool but not cold.

      2. Overtime is a franchise chain of restaurant. Can find it in several part of KL. It’s a youngster hanging out joint. Good environment

    2. sandcherry,

      Bosco actually involved in two restaurant business.

      He opened “Overtime” restaurant with several partners as the Ipoh store owner.

      He also joined “17 Saloon” restaurant group as one of the shareholder.

  4. I haven’t even visit his shop in KL..even up till now, I don’t know where it is. Moses’ shop itself did not have enough of promotions and etc. Bad strategy in promoting one business. Plus having shop in busy area like KL is expensive, maybe the cost of profit is not enough to cover the high rental fees.

  5. Moses looked very haggard and old in his recent photos. It is a shame that his coffee business collapse in Malaysia. I’m from Malaysia too, i’ve heard of Bosco’s restaurant but not Moses’ coffee shop. Anyone here knows the name? and which shopping mall it was located?

    I think Moses didnt do much publicity for his coffee shop because he wanted his coffee to be known for its taste, rather than him. Hopefully he doesnt give up and open another one soon!

    1. Well Moses has a very bony structured face so it is not a surprise that he is not aging well.

  6. Moses is kinda boring after he started dating Aimee. No one talks about him anymore.

    1. Haha…. I thought the same.
      But I guess it’s also due to the the series he did lately… all a big disappointment.

    2. Maybe Moses’ attraction is gone after having Aimee Chan as his new girlfriend. He is no longer a “diamond bachelor”.

      1. Moses lost his attractiveness the minute he threw bernice under the bus. Chivalry is dead.

      2. I find it sad that many HK actors are afraid to admit their status…

      3. western celebrities are more open to admitting their relationships than HK actors are. i don’t understand how they manage to hide an underground relationship that long. see andy lau.. 20-30 years relationship – despite the media reporting the rumors all these years, they never really managed to ‘expose’ them officially. It was Andy Lau who was the decider to officiate that relationship.

    3. Yeah, they’re not a very well-liked couple. Unlike Bosco and Myolie… I’m not really sure why though. Maybe because Aimee can’t act… Maybe too much public display of affection… I don’t know. I’m not a fan of this couple but I can’t pin-point why.

      1. I think ur spot-on NP.

        Also, because Moses made dating Aimee a high-profile thing than when he was with Bernice and left Bernice in the dark all those years. And all those interviews Bernice did about Moses not speaking out for her etc made ppl sympathize her.

        I think ppl liked the Moses-Bernice coupling more than the Moses-Aimee. Although Bernice isn’t really a good actress either.

    4. I wonder if it is because of what he supposedly did to Bernice so people don’t really like him as much anymore??

  7. Personally I think Aimee Chan is a better person. She is simpler than Bernice Liu, though her acting is still considered “green”.

    Though Bernice seemed to tell people the truth, I do have some reservations about the % of truth. Bernice is an ambitious woman.

    1. No matter how ambitious bernice was, she didn’t deserve to be treated that way.

      And I respect an “ambitious” girl more than an “obedient” girl.

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