Aimee Chan Unaffected by Criticism Against Best Actress Nomination

The official 45th TVB Anniversary Awards nominations have been denounced by netizens as being unfair and baseless. Aimee Chan’s (陳茵媺) nomination in the Best Actress award category for The Last Steep Ascent <天梯> was especially criticized as undeserving. Costar, Maggie Cheung (張可頤), however was nowhere to be found on the nomination list.

At the celebratory dinner for The Last Steep Ascent, Aimee responded over the nomination controversy, “This is the company’s decision, and I only hope that I can make good progress each year. Being nominated this year is already an improvement. I will not bother questioning it.”

Aimee’s boyfriend, Moses Chan (陳豪), added, “It is most important for a person to look forward. Winning an award or not is only a game.”

Moses’ own race for TV King was also shrouded in controversy. A recent tabloid report accused Moses of bartering a 2-year management contract extension for the TV King award. An insider revealed, “Moses normally will not fight. He feels that if the company thinks you are worth it, then you will get [the award]. However, since Moses started dating Aimee, he has been more ambitious. He now feels that he should fight for it so he will not regret later. Although his contract will not expire until 2014, Moses offered to sign for another 2 years. He will not raise his own price. These are his terms to barter for the TV King award.”

Moses laughed off rumors that he traded a contract for an award, “I didn’t sign a contract. Ha ha ha. If so, let me know early, so I can pick a good looking outfit and I can be happy earlier!” Joking aside, Moses concluded, “Winning awards or not, I will face the situation casually. The most important thing is to enjoy the process; I am already happy to participate!”

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  1. Aimee…Sorry, Im not a fan of her from day 2 and…

    1. Haha they keep coming out in the media to show their love for each other. Kinda annoying and funny at the same time.

    2. Pinky- were you being sarcastic? Even the blind would know that Moses and Aimee are dating.

  2. there is no point to attack her. she didnt do anything wrong, she just did her job, and they nominated her. she won’t win so whats the point of hating on her?

    i think she is improving with her acting esp in The Last Steep Ascent.

    1. I agree…although I don’t think Aimee should have made it on the BA list, it’s not like she had a choice to whether be listed or not. If so, who wouldn’t like to be listed as a potential BA?? But the bottom line is that it isn’t something she could control, it was TVB’s choice. Attacking her is unfair and unreasonable imo.

    2. Her acting was really bad in The Last Steep Ascent especially her crying scenes. Couldn’t catch her mumblings. I do dislike her acting but unfortunately she seems to be in every other TVB drama. Darned.I’m wearing the fast forward button already.

  3. Personally I think Aimee Chan has improved a lot in her acting. It was not her fault that she got nominated. It was entirely TVB’s problem to select the wrong nominees. The artistes had no control to say or do anything.

      1. I don’t think any artiste should interfere with the company’s decisions. It is, in fact, an honour to get nominated. No one will be that foolish to decline the nomination.

      2. Agree with sandcherry- it would be pretty stupid to decline. The chances of getting nominated is already every so slim. However, if saying that, it would come with a price and that is the critcism she is experiencing now. And I dont think it’s just as simple as accepting or declining a nomination…

      3. Personally I like Aimee and her acting, but unfortunately she does not seem to have many fans here. I am not saying Aimee deserves Best Actress or Best Support Actress. She still has lots of room for improvement. I just think she has improved a lot in her acting over the years, and has potentials in her acting career provided her Cantonese is improved more.

        No matter how she acted, she would still get a lot of criticism. Poor Aimee!

  4. I am all for Aimee. There is a markedly improvement in her acting in The Steep Ascent and I’m glad she shows some self-worth by not being bothered with all those negative reports about her acting. That’s the spirit, dear girl.

  5. The thing is – TVB doesn’t know they are doing her in by nominating Aimee over the more deserving actresses. No doubt Aimee’s acting has improved but is she better than Maggie Shiu and Elanie Yiu, both of who were not nominated? The audience is crying foul and the backlash is on her.

  6. Although Aimee is gradually improving, she is undeserving of this nomination. Maggie (either one) should have been on here instead.

    1. i think that aimee should be nominated for ‘most improved’ as this would fit more with the roles she plays in, also she isn’t even 1st lead yet

      1. She’s already won a ‘Most Improved’ so winning it again wouldn’t be fair to someone like Mandy.

      2. Oh I know why’s it’s been changing… My e-mail address had an extra ‘l’ at the end of
        hotmail. -.-

  7. She derseve it if she a good actress, but she is not even close. TVB stop promoting her. She’s annoying in every series cuz she can’t act.

  8. Selena Li is much much much better than Aimee. At least she can act. She was good in Wish & Switch and had more scene than Aimee. We are not haters, we just think u don’t deserve to be nominated for the best actress.

    1. I find Aimee’s accent reeeeeeally annoying! That’s why I prefer Selena

      1. i find that aimee thends to like to act ‘cute’ in all her dramas
        maybe she will be better acting in comedies

  9. Her best performance is prolly in Forensic Heroes 3, other than that – crap. In the Last Steep Ascent, I totally lost any feeling of sadness with her character. She’s so…ugh. Her nomination for Best Actress is bad, and she should feel really bad.

    1. That’s true. I thought she would improve after F.H.3. She did horrible in S.T.A. All she does is cry, yet she over reacted. In T.C. she tries to act cute, but no, more like annoying. Maybe she’s too old be acting cute in series???? You should be thankful that TVB is trying to promote you.

      1. Lol, being cute is a gift, you can’t produce what you don’t have xD

  10. Obviously Aimee is TVB fav actress now. Unbelievable nominated as best actress…. I took TY a long way to be best actress nominee

  11. maybe its time for her to marry moses, venture into bis if acting is not her game

    1. Hopefully, she does marry Moses soon. Like right now. Hahaha I don’t think she will stop acting, cuz TVB is promoting her to the fullest. Aimee should take us viewer comments in consideration. We are not lying about it, u do suckk in acting. Tell ur bf to teach u acting, yet he’s not all that great either.!

  12. In modern series she is ok. But in ancient drama she just painful to watch, I skip most of her part. It’s so wrong to cast her along Raymond. The acting just not on same level.

    1. Haha…so true! And to think, she will be paired with Raymond again in at least 2 more series next year (one that has already finished filming and another that has yet to be filmed)….oh and doesn’t Aimee have the most series coming out next year too? Obviously TVB loves her…

      Of course Aimee isn’t going to win BA, but the fact that she was nominated over other more deserving and truly ‘lead’ actresses is what most of us are ticked over. Not only that, she was also nominated in the BSA category as well for a different series (a series in which her role is so miniscule so far, it’s ridiculous to even call her ‘supporting’)….I doubt that she will win BSA either, but given that this IS TVB that we’re talking about, you never know – she might end up pulling an ‘upset’ and actually grab the BSA award, especially seeing how much TVB adores her and wants to push her to leading actress already….

      1. I guess after that TVB putted her on the nomination list for BA, then it was a hint for us that they already see her as a Fadans?

  13. Aimee go fast marry Moses so she could act as mother to Eliza or JJ Jia ha..ha..This is upgrading her BA lol.

  14. I think people started hating Aimee ever since she started her relationship with Moses Chan. Was Bernice Liu that good? Are you sure that Moses dumped Bernice and not vice versa?

    Moses was a good gentleman and did not want to say too much about Bernice when they broke up so that Bernice could still have a good reputation.

    1. I think she’s hated ever since the relationship due to the fact that she can’t act, yet being overly favored and crazily promoted due to the high girlfriend profile status to Moses. If she had quality acting skill, I doubt she will get a lot of hating like today because that commands some respect, at least.

      1. Personally I think she is one of the newbies who can act, but I also agree with you that she got favoured because of her relationship with Moses Chan. However, Bernice got almost the same favour when she started her relationship with Moses some years ago.

        TVB puts more focus on newbies (she is not the only one) these days, so Aimee is favoured more by TVB than Bernice on old days.

      2. Yeah, I agree that TVB is giving strong emphasis on newbies nowadays. And they are all so raw and poor in acting, yet they get lead roles! That’s what irks me cuz I believe you need time to polish your skill, but no…TVB propelled them like nobody’s business and pity those who have been around longer with better talent, yet unappreciated 🙁

      3. Agree with you that TVB should not promote newbies like that. But TVB always liked to do whatever they wanted……. like crowning Myolie Wu last year in her poorly acted drama series “Curse of the Royal Harem”, and giving her “Most Favourite” in another series, “Ghetto Justice”.

    2. If he was a real gentleman, then why didn’t he step out and stop the rumour that Bernice was dating two men at the same time by clarifying that they already broke up in 2008? when she was in the scandal of been gold digger and dating two men at the same time? She sure was waiting for him to clarify it, since it would have look better if he did it than her, if she stepped out then the media would say she only try to cover for her cheating towards Moses, and if he did it then it would sounds more right. But no he decided to play the pity card.

      I sure don’t really know everything, but from this then he really don’t sounds like a gentleman in my ears.

      1. As you said, we don’t know if everything was true or not. We can all think whatever man Moses was and whatever woman Bernice was.

      2. When there is a breakup in relationships, usually the girl will speak up first. Guys don’t usually say it unless the girls announce/admit the breakup. It shows that guys respect their partners. Bernice should have announced the breakup in 2008. If she didn’t, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

        1) TVB’s pressure to hide their breakup relationship
        2) Bernice Liu wanted to maintain her popularity through Moses Chan and continued to accept shows, partnering with Moses.

        No one knew the truth, except Bernice, Moses, or TVB.

        Anyway, it was not Aimee’s fault in the above breakup. It was Moses’ fault.

      3. If Aimee Chan had a breast implant, TVB should have found out and eliminated her totally. Surprised that TVB did not find out about this. Or perhaps TVB accepted breast implants?! I agree that Aimee could have done breast implants, but too many artistes had some kinds of plastic surgeries, such as Tavia Yeung (nose, etc.), Myolie Wu (face, eyes), Fala Chen (face, etc.), Selena Li (eyes, face) Angelababy (face, etc.), Kate Tsui (eyes, face). If we could accept all these artistes with extra work done to “impress” people, we should accept Aimee Chan as well. We should judge them on their acting as almost no artiste is perfect in the first place these days.

      4. I don’t hate Aimee. I know 100% that Aimee is not the one who is wrong in the moses and Bernice relationship. I know it was Moses, that’s why I haven’t wrote anything about Aimee. The one I actually blame here is TVB, is TVB who put her on the list, which is wrong, because she still have some way to go before I would say she deserves a seat in BA. Plus I kinda gets annoying about all the lovely dovey moments of Aimee and Moses. It was ok on the beggining but then it started to be alittlebit to much. Sometime it feels like she used it to get the fame. I actually liked her in better before when everything was quiet, she did her job with not to much media and all the hype.

      5. It is TVB’s problem. They promoted Aimee Chan badly in a wrong way and people get offended. I understand. However, I can see that Aimee has worked very hard to improve her acting, and she has improved tremendously, especially in “Master of Play” and “The Last Steep Ascent”. She even did well in an ancient drama series “The Confidant”. She was able to impress us that she was a sweet and cute princess. Just think about it, she cannot read Chinese and has to rely on her father to translate every single word to Cantonese, and then memorize the dialogues. She started her acting career in 2006/2007, and it took her 5+ years to acquire her current status and acting, while some other newbie got hers in 1+ years.

        She is ambitious of course. Every artiste has to be ambitious to achieve his/her goal. Otherwise, she will stay as a 3rd or 4th line support actress for ever and ever.

      6. I think TVB wasn’t that strict about being “natural” back in 2006? But even if they found out, if they “favour” that contestant, they probably wouldn’t do anything about it. I believe Aimee was considered one of the prettiest contestants that year, besides Suki Chui. She was a hot favourite, of course they wouldn’t eliminate her, TVB is about favoritism.

        There are rumours that Aimee took out the implants after, since her breasts seem smaller now. Her breasts were huge in 2006, and looked so fake. But don’t you agree that she is not deserving of winning MHK??

      7. I usually only watched the last 10 minutes of any Beauty Pageant shows including Miss Chinese Toronto/Vancouver and Miss Hong Kong, so I would not be able to make comments.

        In that case, I think TVB should check on all contestants, especially the final 10, to see if they had any breast implants, cosmetic or plastic surgeries done before they announced their final decision. It would be fairer to all contestants!

    3. Okay, I don’t hate Aimee Chan, but I do dislike her. And this started since the time she competed in Miss Hong Kong, NOT since she started dating Moses.

      I’m from Toronto, so I watched her compete in Miss Chinese Toronto, I thought she was okay back then, quite cute actually. But since she lost in MCT, and went for MHK, she got breast implants, which she doesn’t admit to, and started to act really fake IMO. I think she was totally not deserving winning MHK, her Chinese is quite horrible (watch her swimsuit segment in MCI 2007 here: (at 51:30).

      So all this already gave a bad impression of Aimee Chan. But it’s also true that since she started dating Moses, she became even more hated because she got promoted by TVB so much, which she doesn’t deserve yet at her level of acting.

      But yes, I must say she did improve A BIT, but I still find her accent annoying. I guess she is hardworking, because she is AMBITIOUS. But I still can’t find a reason to like her yet.

    4. I don’t hate her. I just dislike her acting cos SHE CAN’T ACT.

      1. Hear, hear. Some of us are clear-minded enough to judge Aimee for her (lack of) acting and not what she gets up to in her personal life. (And on that topic, Aimee shouldn’t even be attacked; if there’s anyone who deserves it, it’d be Moses.)

  15. A default option for her inclusion I supposed is excusable but her acting n dancing(TVBAGS) still amateurish. Not qualified yet to hold a leading role yea n more efforts needed indeed!

  16. Haters going to hate. Aimee understands that.

    Aimee didn’t put herself on the list, but netizens still attack her.

    Whatever… another day in the life of a Hong Kong celebrity.

    1. Is the majority really attacking her for “putting herself on the list” or:
      – attacking TVB for being so sucky;
      – and attacking Aimee’s acting. With or without the nominations, her acting is still going to be criticised.

      1. She has no control over the list. Besides, many will still hate her even if she improved because of the Moses/Bernice affair. That much is evident.

  17. I don’t mind seeing her in modern drama. She looks good in suit. Plus she will never go wrong with her accent.

    1. aimee looks good in with long hair,
      i think she is better than christine

      christine gives a very fake feeling when she speaks

      1. Christine gives a very fake feeling when she speaks
        I agree. I like Christine’s pretty appearance and not her acting. I particularly didn’t like her in her interviews. She seemed to be quite mean and fake.

  18. I am not even sure how she even gets nominated for BSA. Her role in LSA or TC probably did not even total more than 1 hr . It was more like a guest appearance. Even Rebecca Zhu and Eliza Sam have 100x more screen time than her in their series. It seems like they put Aimee in a series for just 10 min and then she gets recognized with some type of nomination. That is a joke! Her acting is still not there yet and still needs lots of improvement. Yes, I admit her cantonese is better in The Confidante but I wondered does she really know and understand what she is reciting. It seems like she is just reading the lines and have no idea what they mean. LOL

    1. “It seems like they put Aimee in a series for just 10 min and then she gets recognized with some type of nomination.”

      That is so true. Remember they nominated her last year for her guest appearance as the celebrity who got raped in The Other Truth? Ridiculous! Now she has a nomination for BA in LSA, ridiculous again! Her role cannot compare to the significance of Maggie’s Cheung’s role!

      If TVB promotes her like this, of course she will get bashed and complaints. There are many other actresses more deserving to get the nomination.

    2. “It seems like she is just reading the lines and have no idea what they mean. LOL”

      She obviously has no idea what she is talking about. The lines in TC are extra advanced Chinese. She’s not even good in slang/conversational Cantonese (watch her swimsuit segment in MCI 2007 here: (at 51:30)). Her level of Chinese is probably worse than elementary school students.

      When she speaks in TC, you can tell that there are no emotions, she’s just reciting the lines from memory.

  19. Hah. I still can’t believe Moses broke up with Bernice for her. No offense but she just really can’t act..
    And to be nominated for best actress is just a joke. I don’t think any of her roles this year was even a leading role? (Please correct me if I’m wrong)

    1. You are right. All Aimee Chan’s roles in 2012 were support roles. TVB made her the 1st role in “The Last Steep Ascent” to step on Maggie Cheung’s 1st lead role becasue Maggie is now filming for CTI (TVB’s future major competitor and also CTI paid Maggie 5 times money to recruit her).

      1. CTI made a smart move. But too bad we won’t be able to watch Maggie’s drama for awhile now via TVB

    1. If they keep promoting and recognizing these untalented actresses like this, they will soon lose all their talented veteran actors/actresses and be left with these untalented eye candy, they will then defiintely lose business, I still think TVB needs to step up, even though I enjoy TC, I cant help but think during that era, the dynasty looks so vacant and run down, if this was one of their finale and grand production, the budget was not there, the place looks so desolated and dont even seem to despict the granduer of the king and dowager period, it looks kind of cheap to me

      1. The point is, many people are actually pretty tired of watching costume dramas/dynasty periods, including me. It’s true that it’s great for us to learn some things about our ancestral history, but all of these are entirely fictional (heck, all dramas are). The point is, younger generation viewers don’t care as much about these anymore. Still don’t understand why TVB keep making them.

      2. The point is, younger generation viewers don’t care as much about these anymore.
        Those younger generation viewers don’t care, other generation viewers do care about the actual history and historical facts.

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