Ali Lee and Boyfriend, Danny Chan, Live Together

With Ali Lee‘s (李佳芯) rising popularity, it has been harder to keep her romance with ViuTV host Danny Chan (陳炳銓) low profile. Caught shopping for groceries and kitchenware together recently, the couple seems to be trying co-habitation in preparation for marriage.

With Ali ditching her villainous, homewrecker stereotype in the last couple of years, Ali’s profile shot up after Law Dis-Order <律政強人>. Surprising viewers once again in Legal Mavericks <踩過界>, Ali’s fans continue to be on the rise.

With Ali’s beautiful looks, many began wondering how Ali fell for Danny, who is rather plain looking in contrast. In fact, some netizens even dubbed the two as a modern-day “Beauty and the Beast” couple.

Talking about Ali in a recent interview, Danny revealed that their relationship is extremely simple and that they just let things develop naturally. Praising Ali for not being materialistic, it was Danny’s sincerity that moved her.

With the couple’s relationship progressing well, they are living together with the consideration of marriage in the future. An insider revealed, “Ali is very serious about this relationship. Since she is 34 years old, she is not very young anymore. Dating would eventually lead to marriage. However, she and Danny understand that they still need to work hard for a few more years and will get married once they’re more financially stable.”

Source: East Week

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  1. Her fans make me laugh. What is wrong with Danny?. Nothing is wrong with him. People are too fickle and shallow nowadays. Ali could fall for a man who is good looking, (by the fickle fans standards), but whose character and morals are worse than those of a guttersnake. Looks do not define a real relationship. Grow up fanbots and see life through real lenses, not the lenses of delusion and stupidity.

  2. Honestly seeing his picture I thought she can do better. But for once this is not some news of a celebrity with a rich guy from prominent family. Anyway he could be a tender loving BF who has a great sense of humour. Oh come on admit it! We will always first assume pretty celebrities end up with handsome men but these days some do marry plain and remain so. What’s extraordinary is just their choice of profession. TRacy Chu got herself a plain guy. Ruco got himself a plain girl.

    1. @funnlim what do you mean by plain?. For your information, men are wearing just as much makeup as the women, especially the ones in the public eye. I am sure @happybi, @coralie, @hannah and maybe 99 percent of the members here are more physically attractive than these celebrities. Have you ever seen these celebs, or any celeb, man or woman, without their makeup? Are they that pretty then?. If we are honest, then the answer is hell no. Without their makeup, these people, or the vast majority of them can scare a baboon. It sickens me that in the year 2017 that we are still stuck on this horse crap of social station, looks, money excetera. This man is not ugly, and he is worthy of Ali, or any other so called beautiful woman. The people who think otherwise are the ones who are pissing ugly.

      Andy Lau’s wife is not that attractive anymore. Should he leave her for a woman who is not plain?. Mike He’s wife is as plain as you can get. Should he divorce her because he can do better and find a gorgeous woman?

      1. @bubbletea
        On what basis do you think 99% of the people on here are more attractive than the celebrities. 50% is pushing it but 99%??? Have you remembered to take your medication today?

      2. @jimmyszeto yes of course I took my my medication. We both took our meds at the same time remember?????!!!!!!. lol, lol. Want to ask me anything else??. Peace out and have a good night.

      3. @bubbletea Maybe 50% but not sure about the 99%. But I do agree with you that a lot of celebrities only looks good with tons of makeup. Without it, they will not even stand out or recognizable.

        Good for Ali! Wishing her the best.

      4. @happybi do not sell yourself short. These people are no better looking than you are anyone here. In fact, some of you are better looking than them. Take away the body spray, the pancake makeup, the hair pieces and hair extensions and they are mostly unrecognizable. The but ugly ones, like a certain new “mother” even get extensive plastic surgery. to become beautiful. Are any of you work in healthcare. I have seen beautiful nurses, care aides, and doctors who are so much more beautiful than these women. They do not wear makeup when on shift, so their true beauty shines through. Even Taiwan’s so called prettiest man is nowhere as good looking as he is when caught in unguarded moments. He has such bad skin as well and has gotten a few nips and tucks on his face. Yes they are no better looking than most people. I have said enough, time to go and take my medication.

  3. His English name reminds me of the singer who had died long time ago? Danny Chan Bak Keung? I thought he looked a bit like Hacken Lee from the picture above? Well yes he’s not a good looking man but at least he’s not those old man after the younger one and as long they’re happy that’s all. If she’s after those older man then she’s definitely a gold digger?

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