Ali Lee’s Boyfriend to Cheat After Marriage?

While TV Queen Ali Lee (李佳芯) is spending more time at home after being dropped from four TVB dramas, her boyfriend, ViuTV host Danny Chan (陳炳銓), continues to work hard. He made a guest appearance on ViuTV’s variety show Your Face Your Fate III <點相III先機算> along with Thor Lok (駱振偉) and Chu Pak Hong (朱栢康) for a palm reading session. Well-known metaphysician Master Ho Wan (皓云師傅) caused quite a commotion on the show when he read Danny’s palm and suggested that Danny may potentially cheat after marriage.

Master Ho Wan explained that Danny’s marriage line on his palm points downwards with several fine lines beside it. When this is found on a man, this means that he may neglect his wife after marriage and take his affair with his mistress very seriously.

All of the ViuTV artistes on the show began laughing and jokingly teasing Danny immediately after Master Ho Wan revealed the meaning. As the master was analyzing Danny’s palm, Thor attempted to help Danny out by saying, “Speak with caution, master!”

Danny smiled awkwardly as everyone laughed. Master Ho Wan couldn’t help but join in on the teasing. He cheekily said, “This lighting is too strong, I can’t see properly. I think I can see it in one angle, and then I can’t see it in another, but it’s probably not it!”

Jokes aside, Ali and Danny are often described as an incompatible pair because of their difference in looks. Labeled as the real-life version of “Beauty and the Beast,” the couple has not received the blessings of netizens. Despite what others think, Ali feels comfortable with Danny and always saw his potential. A man of many talents, Danny possesses skills in hosting, producing, acting, drama teaching, and stage art directing.

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    1. @jimmyszeto lol….Did you think Andy Hui was gonna cheat based on his pictures? hahha. I thought he was a faithful dog when I look at his mugshots. haha lol…

      1. @coralie lol…haha I know what you guys mean. This guy above is uglier but you know not every knockout marries/dates another hottie. Remember this korean pop star Lee Hyori? I think at one point they were also dubbed as the korean beauty and the beast. haha lol..So it’s a fact that not hotties marries equally hot partners. In fact, some below below average women actually might be with handsome guys. haha lol… you never know.

  1. Ali is too pretty to be cheated on. If he does cheat that’ll be a low blow for him. Ali can find someone else easily I think lol.

    1. @oligodendrocytes It is often the most beautiful women that men cheat on. She can move on, but given the fact that she stayed with him for more than 5 years, the one hurting more is gonna be her in the beginning and she won’t move on so quickly. Also, pretty doesn’t mean you are a good partner.

      1. @jesspepperwang So true! Seriously, sometimes it has nothing to do w/looks. I once knew a very pretty girl who was cheated on from her ugly EX BF as well. haha ….. It’s no guarantee whether they are pretty or ugly.

      1. @luye
        Yeh but in this case the looks and career success gap is huge between Ali and the beast. It’s weird that if the beast was a fat rich guy then there would be less criticism.

  2. Don’t know who this dude is, but he’s definitely punching above his weight class with Ali. If he does cheat on her, it’ll probably be because of people telling him she’s too good for him and he easily caves to any sort of attention another female throws at him lol.

  3. I just wish Ali the best! They have been super low profile and I think she prefers that so good luck to them!

  4. Speaking of beauty and the beast there’s few more. Gigi Lai Patrick Ma, Christine Kuo, Chingmy Yau and her husband. Danny reminds me of Hacken Lee from the picture above both of them have a dark skin.

  5. Looking at this guy, if he has an opportunity to cheat, he probably should. It already looks incredibly unlikely he’d get a girl like Ali, so if lightning strikes twice, that’s just fate.

    1. @tatsumakijim
      Yeh it’s all fake tears. One minute eating cake and hiding face denying a relationship. Next crying because of getting caught. Apologising to the world when none of the world actually know who she is…

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