Ali Lee’s Secret for Radiant Skin

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Ali Lee’s Secret for Radiant Skin

The 38-year-old actress has an enviably radiant complexion!

Over the course of her 10-year entertainment career, Ali Lee (李佳芯) has grown from being a model/actress to author. Aside from her impressive acting skills, Ali is also known for her radiant beauty. The 38-year-old, who was crowned a “natural goddess” for looking good even sans makeup, shares her beauty secrets.

Has Sensitive Skin

In her free time, Ali eschews jostling at the malls and prefers clearing her mind and immersing in nature via hiking or sea viewing. The outdoor enthusiast is able to maintain enviably dewy skin despite hours out in the sun, thanks to her “Zen skincare” philosophy. “Zen skincare is not being totally relaxed, as skincare is definitely a lifelong commitment. What you put on your skin is more important than the quantity. The most important thing is your skincare routine must be simple yet effective, and not forgetting my mom’s lovingly brewed soups too,” Ali enthused.

Suffering from sensitive skin, Ali keeps her skincare routine simple but pays special attention to product selection and treatments. Endorsing a medical cosmetology group recently, Ali describes, “This kind of collagen self-renewal technology really wakes up the collagen cells beneath the skin, ensuring three years of non-aging! I’ll be able to save time on skincare troubles and put all my energy into work.”

The hardworking actress has been busy filming for new TVB drama AI Lover <智能愛(AI)人>, in which she plays the titular robot – a new challenge for the popular actress. “It’s really challenging as there is no real-life persona to model it after. I’ve referenced many dramas related to the theme to prepare for my role, and hope I can look more alike. Of course, I hope to try out even more diverse roles in the future, and really look forward to being part of a stage play,” shared Ali.

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