Alice Chan and Nancy Wu Enjoy a Close Friendship

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Alice Chan and Nancy Wu Enjoy a Close Friendship

Although Alice Chan (陳煒) lost out to Ali Lee (李佳芯) for the TV Queen award at the 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards, she instead won the Favorite Actress award. Due to her versatile acting and convincing portrayals in all her roles, Alice is widely considered to be the public’s TV queen. With such support and encouragement, Alice remains positive about her career outlook at TVB.

After the awards ceremony, Alice treated the cast and crew of Deep in the Realm of Conscience <宮心計2深宮計> to dinner. However, female lead Nancy Wu (胡定欣) was noticeably absent. Although many jumped to the conclusion pointing to their rivalry, the duo was spotted later having dinner together.

Alice and her assistant arrived first and secured a table. Not long after, Nancy strode in and the two appeared to be friendly and deep in conversation throughout the meal. Reporters noted Alice’s hospitality, often conferring to Nancy about dishes to order and placing food on her plate. As a two-time TV Queen winner, Nancy perhaps gave Alice many pointers on how to navigate her way around TVB.

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Alice Chan and Nancy Wu Enjoy a Close Friendship

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  • 3 comments to Alice Chan and Nancy Wu Enjoy a Close Friendship

    1. summer says:

      Alice can act. She deserves to be given TV Queen. I have seen her in so many different roles (nice, evil, manipulative, mafia-like, and so on) from when she first started out in ATV to TVB and she did well in all of them. She did not have any plastic surgeries when she first won Miss Asia 1996 beauty pageant.

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      • sugadough replied:

        @summer Agree; Alice Chan is beautiful and has the face of a lead. Her acting is also versatile with depth. On the other hand, Nancy appears to me to be undeserving of TWO bs awards. She is nowhere near Alice’s level in terms of physical appearance and acting.

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      • michelle2805 replied:

        @summer AGREE!!! Alice is pretty and she cant definitely act!

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