Alice Chan on Life’s Ups and Downs

Alice shares her memories at two Hong Kong television stations.

In a radio recent interview, Alice Chan (陳煒) spoke about the choices she made in her career, and how joining TVB was a big step for her, as she had to rebuild connections again in a new work environment.

The 45-year-old actress joked that she had wrongly chosen to study accounting in her schooling days and later found the subject to be boring. At a friend’s suggestion, she took part in the ATV Miss Asia 1996 pageant when she was 23 years old, hoping to broaden her life perspective and pick up real-world skills beyond studies.

Elated at Her one-time “Huge Pay Rise” at ATV

Alice revealed that she had originally intended to take part in the Miss Hong Kong pageant but missed the deadline and later signed up for ATV Miss Asia instead, and ended up winning the title. Alice recounts, “I only took 15 minutes to get ready before heading to the company, and so earned the approval of my colleagues.” Working at ATV gave Alice many vivid memories. Ecstatic at having received a “huge pay raise envelope” which contained a monthly salary many times her original $24,000 HKD, Alice could still remember the scenario clearly even today.

Willingly To Eat Humble Pie at TVB

Taking a hiatus in her acting career after getting married to businessman James Yen (顏志行), Alice later signed with TVB when she got divorced. Alice recalls feeling antsy when she joined the station when she was 38 years old. “It was a new environment so I needed to get myself known. No matter which job I received, I’d do my best because every job was an opportunity to get good results and secure more work chances. I am an actress, and I should respect different roles and more importantly meet the expectations of the director and producer.”

Known for her tireless work ethics, Alice soon won the approval of her peers and TVB management. At the 2018 TVB Anniversary, Alice won the Most Popular Female Character award for her performance in Deep in the Realm of Conscience <宮心計2: 深宮計>.

Alice feels she is now in the peak of her career and hopes to achieve her next breakthrough. “Though I faced problems in my marriage (a few years ago), it’s all part of life’s ups and downs, a learning experience that made me grow.”


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  1. I really like her… the first time I saw her in a ATV series… cannot remember which one… I thought she looked very like Anita Miu… Im glad shes doing well.. Good luck to her ..

    1. @forgetful Did you watch A Dream Named Desire II? She plays Anita Mui in that series. They changed the names but the characters were definitely based on Anita, Andy, Tony, Maggie and Sandra.

  2. i never understood why it took her so long to get recognized. she was great even back in her atv days. if she had joined the miss hk pageant, she would probably be a household name by now.

  3. The left picture she looks like Monica Chan and right picture she looks like Anita Mui. I have to say she still looks amazing as for her age.

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