An Emotional Night for Steven Ma at “Fortuitousness: Xu Zhimo” Debut Stage

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An Emotional Night for Steven Ma at “Fortuitousness: Xu Zhimo” Debut Stage

It was an emotional night for Steven Ma (馬浚偉) at the debut stage of his play, Fortuitousness: Xu Zhimo <偶然.徐志摩>. The play, which had its first stage on November 3, is a biography of Xu Zhimo, leader of the modern poetry movement in China during the early 20th century. He is best known for being one of the first Chinese poets to introduce Western influences in his writing, as well as one of the first people in China’s history to practice a “western” divorce. Steven wrote, directed, and starred in Fortuitousness.

The play received a standing ovation when it dropped its first curtain for the night. Steven was in tears during the final curtain call.

His friends and fellow actors could only use the word “emotional” to describe their feelings for the premiere night. Some said they cried with him. Steven’s costar Mimi Lo (羅敏莊), who played his wife, described Fortuitousness as Steven’s own baby, and that the premiere night was like when his baby was finally born.

“It feels like we’ve already finished all six shows,” said Steven during a backstage interview. “I’m very emotional. The audiences reacted well and I’m very thankful. Many friends and seniors also gave me a lot of great advice. When they told me how much they liked the script, I was already in the verge of the tears.”

Steven continued, “The audience was great and gave all the right reactions. Nothing can make a stage actor more happy than seeing the audience react. But the credit does not only go to me.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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An Emotional Night for Steven Ma at “Fortuitousness: Xu Zhimo” Debut Stage

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