Andy Lau Brings Daughter to Birthday Party with Fans

Andy Lau (劉德華) surprised his fans when he brought his daughter Hanna to his birthday fans club party last week, giving the public a first glimpse of his three-year-old daughter.

Busy with the promotions for his upcoming film Saving Mr. Wu <解救吾先生>, Andy will not be able to celebrate his 54th birthday next Sunday, which is also the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Andy and his fanclub, Andy World, then decided to celebrate his birthday a week in advance, and held the party last Saturday. Besides Hanna, his wife Carol Chu (朱麗倩) and his parents also came to celebrate.

To protect his family’s privacy and to give Hanna a normal childhood, Andy seldom invites his wife and daughter to public events. However, the superstar actor promised his fans that he would introduce his daughter to them when Hanna turns three.

A few blurry shots of Hanna and Andy’s parents at the birthday party have been circulating around the web. Hanna wore a white dress and her face resembles Carol. When Andy brought his family to the stage to cut his birthday cake, Hanna looked shy and had her head on Andy’s shoulder the entire time.

Andy played many games with fans, performed a play on stage and sung a few songs. During the middle of a performance, he led Carol and Hanna up to the stage, singing with them.

Source: IHKTV

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  1. They are beautiful people and rich. They have beautiful baby They should have tried to have more babies when younger. She’s not in the public eye anyway so them having babies shouldn’t matter and shouldn’t have waited so long until now when they are both in their 50s . Andy did talk about wanting more children but now he’s given up because they already passed their prime.

    1. @vannn Its his fault for hiding the wife for so many years. He didn’t want female fans to know about his wife since it would greatly affect his female fan base. Not the fault of the wife, she has been there for him all those years waiting and waiting….

      1. @mike Well, yeah. He did not let his wife in the limelight for many years, and hide the facts that they are a couple for long long time too.

        However, during the times they are together, Andy did not have any flirting scandals with his co-stars, and even being queried that he was a gay too. It takes so so much dedication and self disipline to stick with the same women and ultimately marrying her when she needed him most. And even now married with a daughter, he still cooks for them, taking care of their health. And now he is slowly introducing them more to the public, but not for the purpose of wanting to get whole family commercial deals or more money out of it. It was for the purpose that he had promised his fans. Overall, I really thinks he is a nice man.

  2. it’s a pity they had hanna so late. carol is not a public figure…waiting in the background quietly and without a status. at 48, it would be difficult to conceive.

    1. @janet72
      I think they are lucky enough to have Hannah. I do not think she had no status. I am sure she had it with his family and close friends and all. Who said that he was required to announce it to the world. Anyways it is great that he is more open now since he honestly has nothing more to hide.

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