Andy Lau Knows “What Women Want”

A while ago it was announced that Chinese mega star Gong Li (who has also been the muse of the celebrated director Zhang Yimou) and Andy Lau will star in a Chinese-language remake of the hit Hollywood romantic comedy, What Women Want. In the original movie Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt were holding the leading roles.

A couple of months ago, Beijing-based Polybona Film Distribution Co said in a statement that it bought the remake rights from Paramount Pictures and cast the two veterans actors, Gong Li and Andy Lau, in the $100 million Chinese yuan ($20 million SGD) production.

Andy will play an advertising executive who develops the ability to listen to women’s thoughts and Gong Li will play a creative director. The director and writer of the remake will be Chen Daming and it is said that the film wil be released on a day close to next year’s Valentine’s Day. During an interview, when Chen Daming was asked why he cast Gong Li in the female leading role, he answered,  “I wanted to bring out more strength in the female character to reflect what’s happening in China. Chinese women are leading giant businesses today and winning most of our Olympic gold medals. Gong Li has the presence to convey this strength.

The movie is being filmed in Beijing.

Miss China: It is interesting to see how a romantic comedy based on an American film will do in China. I believe that Chen Daming will manage to bring out the right emotions as well as a sense of humor. On another note, I really like both Andy Lau and Gong Li and I feel that they were the right people to get cast into the movie. What do you guys think about the movie? Hot or not?

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  1. Andy, what women want is recognition and family gathering with the husband with her and not hidden behind a mask. Of all the men in HK, I would believe he is most unqualified to discuss what women want.

  2. Andy Lau might be unqualified to talk about “what women want” but he is qualified enough to be in this movie since he won’t be discussing his own opinion but just play a role.

  3. I find it not only ridiculous that a man who famously hid the fact he is married and own wife more than decade plays a role promoting “what women want” but also laughable. Isn’t there seriously in Chinese entertainment world better man??

  4. I often wonder why women are so quick to defend men who are total pigs but so quick to judge and criticize other women. Men always get the easy treatment by the society. They are almost never accountable for anything they did/do. But hell let loose, if a woman does anything even slightly out of the norm…

  5. As an actor, I think Andy is very suitable to play Mel Gibson’s role. Andy has a certain flirtatious charm that he exudes on screen. Another actor that share this kind of flirtatious charm is probably Alex Fong Chun Shun, who doesn’t have the same box office draw as Andy.

    I think Tony Leung can pull off the role well too. He certained played a lot of flirtatious charming characters in his early career. Since the Chinese “What Women Wants” is a romantic comedy, Tony is probably too heavily booked with other more serious projects.

    I think artists’ marriages are their private matters. Whether they want to marry or date in secret, as long as they find a mutual arrangement that works for them, that’s fine.

  6. Andy is an actor playing a role. What he did with his own personal life has nothing to do with his ability to portray a role. I think the casting is perfect.

  7. Agreed, Andy as an actor will portray the role really well. What he does with his personal life is his business, nothing to do with his acting. With that said, if his other half did not agree to the secrecy of their marriage, no one can force her. And if I understood correctly, she was willingly sacrificing herself for him, then we shouldn’t judge, she did it out of her own free will, I hope….

  8. Andy Lau doesn’t owe anybody an explanation for what he chooses to do w/his private life. The only people he needs to answer to is his family. I don’t know why these so called fans feel like they’ve been lied to when it’s none of their business in the first place. If his wife is fine about it, then who are we to judge how they choose to live their lives. People need to grow up and stop being so fanatical. He’s still a human being, who needs to eat, sleep and love and be loved. Can these people really be that oblivious and blind to not thing that their idol will one day get married, etc. etc.? Would they be happy if he announced his marriage? Some will, some won’t, so I can see why Andy Lau would be conflicted either way. However, he’s an actor and his personal life should not be used to judge what role he plays as an actor. I’m a woman and I wouldn’t be able to do what Andy Lau’s wife did all these years by being the woman behind his back, but that’s their life and I can respect that as long as they love each other, it’s no one else’s business how they choose to live their lives. Don’t be so quick to judge.

  9. Elaine,
    You have a point, but I think Andy is not just an actor and singer only. He is also a role model to his fans, therefore, the fact that he lied to them really hurt them and his image. I personally think that his fans whom have been supporting him all this time really deserved to know the truth. Also, he even promised that he would tell him if he did get married but he didn’t. I mean, I guess if it is to just the general audience then he may not owe them an explanation, but he does to his devoted fans that have loved and supported him all of these years…If the fans did not support him then he would not be where he is today. His devoted fans treat him like a good friend and when a good friend lies to you like that, you will feel hurt and betrayed. I am a big and long time fan of Andy and must say that I felt really sad, betrayed and hurt when I found out that he lied about his marriage.However, he came out and explained everything and apologized, so many fans(including myself) have forgiven him. Also, to his family, does he even need to explain anything?? They should have already known everything all along already.

    I totally agree with you that fans need to be more realistic and know that their “idol” needs to settle down one day. THey can’t be single forever just to please the fans. Luckily, a lot of the more mature fans already understand that but those younger and more crazy fans don’t seem to understand that yet.

    I do admire Andy’s wife for being able to withstand being in the shadow all of these years. I am not sure that many other women are able to do so.

  10. I am sure the fans know that and in normal circumstances Andy doesn’t owe anyone any explanation but in this case he overstepped the line when he repeatedly lied about his relationship and also how he conducted himself during the fiasco that is his father in law’s funeral. Only then did I realised Andy Lau is a male chauvinist, there can be no more explanation than that and his need to control everything. The wife I believe is timid. I don’t admire her at all.

    So yes Andy owes his fans some explanation and I am not surprised his fans may be offended with his behaviour. Whilst his personal life has no bearing on his ability to portray a character on screen, sometimes for viewers it may be hard to distinguish between the 2. If a known actor is arrested for beating his wife, the fans may surely have trouble accepting his portrayal of a loving gentle husband on screen? If the fans are ok with that, something is seriously wrong with the fans. Or let’s be blunt; Shu Qi portraying Guan Yin. I can’t accept that.

    A public personality like entertainers do depend on public opinion and public opinion is formed by scandals, gossips and how the stars reportedly behave themselves. That is reality.

  11. “Or let’s be blunt; Shu Qi portraying Guan Yin. I can’t accept that.”

    Haha, I can. I usually don’t let an actor’s personal life or his/her past affect my judgement of his/her performance.

  12. Hi Jayne, you’re right about Tony Leung. I actually think Tony Leung would be an even better cast for this movie. I remember him in the past playing playful and mischievous (Hap Hak Hang and Duke of Mount Deer) and romantic yet serious (New Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre) roles which would make him an interesting and somewhat suitable cast for this movie.

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