Andy Lau on Growing Old and Staying Inspired

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This has been a very special year for Andy Lau (劉德華). Aside from winning the HKFA Best Actor award, he also welcomed his first born baby daughter. Andy can easily be considered one of the hardest working men in the entertainment industry. As a legendary actor, Andy shares his thoughts on growing old and what keeps him motivated.

“Time is of the essence and does not stop to wait for anyone. Once you stop, you lose grasp of reality and everything around you. I don’t feel that I’m special in any way; I just move at a pace that I’m comfortable with. This has been my work ethic my entire life. Maybe some people like to manage their time by working hard and playing hard. But for me, I only work hard.”

“Filming A Simple Life <桃姐> has not changed my outlook on growing old; I think it’s a very natural process. The film is a very accurate portrayal of life – balancing the ups and downs. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, just stay active. Many people feel their bodies start to slow down after they retire. I think it’s because they haven’t adjusted to the new lifestyle yet. For example, you’re accustomed to eating dinner at eight, going to bed at tend, every single day. Once you change that rhythm, then it’ll take some time getting used to.”

When it was pointed out that Andy is the exact opposite because he does not appear to age, Andy replied, “Maybe it’s because I’m a naturally positive and happy person.”

When asked if Andy considers himself “perfect and legendary,” as in the eyes of many of his fans, Andy said, “Perfection doesn’t exist. It’s like asking, ‘Shouldn’t we all work hard?’ ‘Shouldn’t we all treat our parents with respect?’ Many people say that I treat my parents very well and I think to myself, ‘Isn’t that what we’re all supposed to do?’ Although my public image may evolve over time, but my beliefs will always remain the same. If my parents say ‘Yes,’ I wouldn’t dare say ‘No’ because parents are always right!”

In regards to the message he wishes to one day leave behind, Andy said, “I hope it’s to be ambitious and positive. Find something you love to do and keep believing that you can continue to improve, that way you can stay motivated to keep going and going.”


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  1. aptos says:

    Andy Lau is definitely aging gracefully but knowing what his goals and priorities are!

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  2. lingling says:

    He is surely aging, but still so manly. Still one of the few sexiest men in my book.

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  3. looooooooooooooo says:

    andy , tony ,aaron and leon is turning late 50s or heading 60s in a decade. chow yuen fatt is heading late 60s in 10 years…..really sad

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  4. Lol says:

    Andy needs to relax a bit & stop trying so hard to be young. Everyone gets old…it’s ok Andy.

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    • loop replied:

      so true!

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  5. longhair says:

    Wah Jai looks like he’s going to kill someone in that picture hehe.

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