Andy Lau’s “Switch” Packed With “Avatar” Quality 3D Effects

One of this year’s most anticipated films  is Andy Lau’s (劉德華) spy thriller, Switch <富春山居图>. Directed by Sun Jianjun (孫健君), Switch stars Tong Daiwei (佟大為), Zhang Jingchu (張靜初), and Chiling Lin (林志玲). The visually impressive film was shot in multiple international locations, including Dubai, Milan, Huangzhou and Tokyo. Switch boasts advanced 3D effects, with Chuck Comisky, Avatar’s special effects supervisor, presiding over the film’s 3D effects.  With a November 2nd release date, Switch will be a surefire hit at the holiday season box office.

The plot revolves around a famous painting known as “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains,” from Huang Kung Wang of the Yuan Dynasty. The painting is stolen and subsequently sold in the black market, and it is up to a very James Bond-esque special agent, Andy Lau, to recover the painting. The beautiful Chiling Lin plays his wife, whom he drifts apart from due to the confidentiality of his work. Little does Andy know that Chiling is a special agent of security who is also out to protect the painting.

“Switch” Packs a Visual Punch

With a budget of $160 million RMB, the investment in the film is one of the largest for an Asian modern action film. It is no doubt that one of the major investments was the hiring of Chuck Comisky as the 3D visual effects supervisor. Chuck has worked closely with famed Avatar director, James Cameron, many times. Chuck said, “James has stated that Asian martial arts films are not visually suited for 3D effects, However, it is completely different when the film is set in modern day. I was sold when I saw some footage from Switch, which features an impressive modern day backdrop and the casts’ solid acting.”

Chuck recently hosted a 3D screening of Switch for the crew and everyone was extremely pleased with the results. Director Sun said, “We purposely allocated extra time for the post-production crew to perfect the 3D effects. I think the audience will enjoy the spectacular visual effects of the film!”

This east-meets-west 3D collaboration is sure to be the first of its kind, raising the bar and possibly paving a trend for 3D effects in Asian films. Cinema lovers are in for a treat with the stunning effects, stylish cinematography, fine acting chops and impressive backdrop of Switch.

Watch Teaser Trailer of “Switch”!

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    1. You know, the concept, the theme and the special effects look good. But somehow, Andy doesn’t seem to be the ideal choice to carry a movie like this…..he’s never been a real “Bond-ish” type of man and roles like these need guys like Tom Cruise or other Western characters to fill…..Andy just doesn’t seem to be the “Guy” to take on this movie………Mind you, Chi Ling does look hot and sexy in the trailer, so her part is fine.

      1. So who do you propose to play this role? Can the producer pay Tom Cruise enough to do the movie? HK & China has limited choices in terms of getting a James Bond-like actor. And Tom Cruise is definitely not a James Bond type actor. If anything, Andy Lau is the HK version of Tom Cruise.

  1. But does it have the budget to match? If not then the only quality I see is the same special effects team but not the budget to match.

  2. Andy Lau looks old as a siu sang now in a movie.

    1. He’s not a “siu sang”. He’s a “chung sang”. A young “siu sang” can’t play a role like this and can’t carry the movie. The reason all these older actors in hk and china are still popular is because the audience would rather watch them than any of the younger “so-called” actors.

  3. Apart from 3D effects which can be manipulated, I can’t say much about the acting.
    The movie is not based on real performance but blind loyalty. The only thing Lin Chiling can sells is skin and sex.
    But anyway she is confirmed all this while she is plastics and pneumatic.

  4. The producer should have recruited better actors and actresses.

    Lin Chiling is only a sex bomb similar class to veronica yip etc.

  5. looks good but i don’t like that andy’s wife in this show is also a spy. reminds me of mr and mrs smith

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