Andy Ng Engaged to Another Woman, Unable to Marry Shirley Yeung?

Recent rumors intensified that Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) had given birth to her daughter, Krystal Yeung  after breaking up with father of the baby, Andy Ng (吳帥). Although Shirley skirted the discussion of Andy in postpartum interviews, various Hong Kong media sources alleged that she was prepared to raise Krystal without Andy’s help. According to Oriental Sunday, Andy was involved with another woman and thus was unable to marry Shirley! The details of Shirley’s romantic life grew more mystifying, as she may have been involved in a love rectangle before giving birth out of wedlock!

In an earlier interview, ex-boyfriend, Gregory Lee (李永豪) revealed that he and Shirley have not been intimate from February through May 2011. Shirley and Gregory broke up in June 2011, allegedly after she became pregnant with Andy’s baby. Oriental Sunday postulated that although Shirley loved boyfriend of 9 years, Gregory, she was not engaged in sexual activities with him, thus prompting her to turn to Andy Ng for “consolation,” which resulted in her pregnancy and ensuing love scandal.

The future of Shirley and Andy’s relationship became an object of contention for many months. Last week, a photo of Shirley in a wedding gown circulated online. It was speculated that Shirley had taken bridal photos with Andy last August, when Shirley was in the early stages of pregnancy. Allegedly, Shirley had unsuccessfully pushed Andy to get married with her. In September 2011, Shirley took a leave of absence from TVB to fly to her brother’s house in Los Angeles, USA to rest, while expecting her first child. It was speculated that Shirley and Andy broke up in January 2012, a month before she gave birth to Krystal.

Earlier rumors claimed that Andy was an “empty shell” who had financial debts. The latest report from Oriental Sunday reported that Andy already possessed a fiancee and was unable to marry Shirley, despite the fact that they have a one-month-old baby together. With Shirley deciding to let her daughter carry the surname of Yeung, it was apparent that Shirley did not see a future with Andy, no matter what the true factors behind their breakup were.

Shirley was expected to return to Hong Kong to work for TVB at the end of March. She has spoken with TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), to inquire about work, although Ms. Lok mentioned that there was currently no work arrangements for Shirley at this point in time.

Image source: Oriental Sunday

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Jayne: Ms. Lok defended Shirley in deciding to let her daughter carry the surname of Yeung. Ms. Lok noted that there was no problem with it, thus reinforcing that Shirley did name her daughter, Krystal Yeung. This leads me to believe that things are truly over with Andy Ng. Shirley will have to take care of her baby on her own.

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  1. She wouldn’t be the first woman to raise a child on her own. I’m surprised though, at the lack of comments from Andy. Does he not care that this is his child? Not saying he needs to marry Shirley or anything, but you’d think he’d want to have something to do with his daughter.

    1. Maybe if the baby was a boy it might have changed his decision?

      1. Maybe. The one child policy is still on in Mainland China, even though it’s less stringent now. So, a baby boy will be a stronger incentive.

      2. I thought you could have more than one child in China as long as you paid the so called “fine”. That’s why some richer families have more than one child.

      3. That’s why I said it’s less stringent. You can have many children if you are rich enough. But, how many is rich enough? You not only have to pay fine, your child will have no government benefits/support. So, everything you pay. That’s why some Mainlanders go to HK to give birth. Cheaper there.

      4. Yea, that is sad and I wonder if Shirley will be able to raise the baby on her own. I now wonder if it would have been different if the baby was a boy. However, aren’t people more happy to have girls now since there is a shortage of girls?? I heard that Sonjia Kwok’s husband wanted and prefered a girl and was happy that they are going to be having a girl. I guess it just varies.

    2. How do you know he does not care for the child? Just because he doesn’t want to speak to the media about it doesn’t mean he hasn’t been doing some stuff in private. After all it’s a personal issue, why would he want to drag it out in front of everyone? So someone like you can criticize more?

  2. Poor Shirley! She has a tough love life. Hope she will meet someone who will take good care of her and her daughter. That “someone” must love her deeply and doesn’t mind to have a step daughter.

    1. I don’t have any empathy as she did this to herself.

      1. well, if you look at it on both sides, no woman would be willing to wait for a guy for 9 years, yes you may love him. But if he’s not willing to give you a name (marriage), and have that drive to at least try in his career which I don’t think Gregory did… Yes, she did choose this path, but yet her worst decision was to be with gregory in the first place

      2. ^ Right! She chose wrongly at first step and now she’ll go on her path.

      3. No one knows what really happened… I thought that Gregory would have loved to marry Shirley since she he seems to love her more than she loves him. However, no one really knows… What is done is done and she has to live with the decisions that she has made in life.

    2. Well she doesn’t exactly need someone else to take care of her and her daughter. It would be nice to have a love relationship since that is what most people generally desire, but just as long as she’s willing to work, she should be able to be financially stable. Even if she can not work, she is lucky that her family will be there to support her and take care of her like they did during the time she was pregnant. Those that stay with you during your hardest times are the people who really care about you.

  3. I would not want to marry this Andy Ng guy if he is such a big liar and has love affairs with other woman. It is better for Shirley to give him up NOW than later. Shirley made a good decision for the first time.

  4. Shirley, be a brave woman and raise your daughter yourself if you cannot find another right man. There are many single women who raised their children themselves, such as Yan Nee, Rebecca Chan, Yeung Pang Pang, Ng Yee Lee, etc., etc. Don’t waste another 9 years to look for another guy. Sometimes it is better to be on your own than with some terrible man, as long as your financial situation is adequate. I heard you are a little weathy person. So no need to worry about money. Just keep acting some good drama series for us to watch.

  5. I hope TVB will keep Shirley busy with tons of work. Her mother will definitely help take care of the baby girl.

  6. Is Andy Ng Hongkonger or resident of Mainland China?

    Poor Shirley, she may be embarrassed if she has to work with Gregory Lee again in the same drama series.

    1. Even when they were together, they did not really act in the same serie. The only one I remember is Blade Heart. In any aspect, if she were to work again, most likely it would be for hosting. It has been a while she has acted. TVB would probably have the courtesy to separate their work schedules unless they want to generate some publicity out of it.

    2. Surely Gregory wouldn’t be a lead or let alone a supporting actor in any series if Shirley was to act again. He barely has even two lines in the most recent series I’ve seen.

      Plus I don’t think TVB would be that stupid to cast them together to make things awkward…

      1. “Plus I don’t think TVB would be that stupid to cast them together to make things awkward…”

        Quite the contrary. Imagine the publicity.

      2. Tvb would do anything to generate ratings so I won’t be surprised if 620 choose to put them in the same series as a couple with lots of kissing and intimate scenes, LOL.

        It’s their choice either accept or leave it. Personally I rather not see her again.

      3. Haha exodius, tour comment made me laugh so hard. Good one!

    3. HK-er.

      Don’t be worried for a series of Gregory and Shirley. I doubt it can happen because both aren’t really irreplacable.

  7. Up intil this point Andy Ng has yet made any comment, so who knows for sure if he’s even her bf or the father of the child. This whole situation is a mess, the only important thing now is the welfare of the child, I hope Shirley can get over this mess and be a good mother.

  8. Andy Ng is a loser and never did commented or defend Shirley with relationship last year. He has been hiding all along….

    Shirley is so dumb in handling this from the beginning and 2 timing Gregory…

    Dumping Andy is the best thing she has done…

    However you reap what you sow…

    She made a big mistake and will now have to bring up the baby as a single mum..

    1. It’s ok to be a single mom if Shirley is financially stable. I think Virginia Lok will find her jobs soon since Shirley is still in 620’s favour.

    2. There’s nothing wrong in being a single mom. Many people do it every day. Is it really a mistake? That’s really for Shirley to judge.

      1. Of course there is nothing wrong as long as you can afford to be. It will be a lot harder and the child will have to grow up without a male figure to look up to. It will also be hard for the child and mother when she asks about her father…

  9. Shirley’s dumb. She has noone to blame but herself for this mess she gotten into. Just quit showbiz and look after her daughter. Noone has missed her after she disappeared for 9 months.

    Andy Ng is soooo ugly! (compared to Gregory)

    1. Again, look isn’t the most important thing of a man.

      She still can work in the showbiz to take care for her daughter. It’s her job 😀 and if still have someone want to see her, she still can do it.

    2. I don’t think she’s dumb rather greedy. She thought Andy was wealthy and he on the other thouhgt he found a “life jacket” which would guarantee his survival in the vast ocean.

      Too bad both their assumptions were wrong i.e. she refuses to pay for him so he decides to leave and he’s an empty shell with liabilities.

      Don’t feel any sympathy for her whatsoever. However I feel sorry for the baby girl, who likely will grow up wihtout a father.

      In the end Greg. got the better deal as he was able to escape.

      1. Greed is human nature to an extent. All I blame her for is cheating d blindsiding Gregory.

      2. It is true that all people are greedy to some extent, but sadly some are way more greedy than others and would betray and hurts others just to gain something at someone else’s expense… That type of greedy is just wrong…

  10. Andy so selfish! ..wish the baby and her mom the best

  11. I have a feeling that Greg and Shirley are going to reconcile.

    1. I hope so too. But, it will be an uphill battle if they really do want to reconcile because Greg’s family will most probably be strongly against it especially the father. Greg is a filial son (that’s why Shirley likes him in the first place). Can he go against his father?

      1. I don’t think so. The whole situation got so ugly that I don’t think they could return to what it was like before.

    2. I don’t think that will be possible because Greg’s family will not allow it after everything that has happened.

  12. irregardless of whatever ppl cast upon Shirley whtr her love live, her loyalty etc. but hte fact tt she is willing ot raise her child makes me feel so proud of her! a mother’s love & sacrifice is the most noble thing on earth. I sincerely wish shirley all the best in motherhood! May be she blessed with the strenght to raise her child.

    1. But don’t you think she has put herself into a situation where she has no choice BUT to raise the child on her own? What is there to be proud of a responsibility you help to create? She should get the man to contribute but if she won’t she has to take care of the child. I mean who else if not her?

      1. Funn, my point exactly. What’s there to be proud of? You have a child it is your responsible to take care of it. Even animals in the wild takes care of their young. I just hope she will be a good mom and not bring so much drama to her daughter’s life. There’s a big difference between being a mom and being good mom, I hope she will be a good mom.

      2. Responsibility :-). Love my iPhone but auto-fill can be annoying sometimes Lolz

      3. I agree with Funn since she choose to have her child so of course as a mother, she has to take care of her. Therefore, what is there to be proud of?? Which is why I always think that it is important for a woman to have a career and be financially independent since who really knows if your husband/boyfriend will be there to take care of you and your kids or not???

  13. How Andy treats her will be based on how she treated Gregory….. Isn’t this fair?

    This is what I call : LAW OF KARMA!!

  14. He has a fiancee? Didn’t earlier report (when the scandal first broke) said he has been wooing Shirley for 11 years? How come now has fiancee?

    1. Who knows if he really has a fiancee or not??? They are just rumours so who knows if it is true not???

  15. Hope TVB has lots of work for her.
    Concentrate on career is the best move now!
    Forget about all these men!

    1. What about the child? The first 5 years of life is the most important time in a child’s life, she will need her mom to be there for her, if Shirley works all the time who’s going to take of it? A nanny? Grandma? That’s all fine but trust me nothing can replace a mother’s love and attention. In the end the child is gonna grow up looking for love in all the wrong places, I really hope that won’t be the case but most likely will be 🙁

      1. She can do the things like other working mothers are doing now. Women now don’t stay at home to keep the children all the time but still can keep the link with their children.

      2. I had that argument with one of my friends the other day. It is really hard to work and take care of your kids. However, you can do it if you really want to. But of course, if you have to work then you will need some help. I think in SHirley’s case, she is lucky to have her mom and family. What about others that don’t have their family close by?? What would they do?? Can they afford to hire a nanny??

      3. It is great for your mother to be there, but sadly in many cases that is not possible since many women need to work these days. It is no longer the old days where the guy is the breadwinner and the women just stay home and take care of the kids. How many people can afford to live on just one income these days?? You can balance career and family if you really want to…

      4. Fox&HeTieshou, I should be more specific, I’m not saying don’t work period but maybe not for tvb, don’t they have crazy filming schedules? Like 16-20 hours/day? I went back to work full-time after a year of mat leave. Having a 9-5 job makes it a bit easier to be there for my son, I still get to feed him dinner, bathe him, put him to bed… I just think its important to balance work and family.

  16. I too hope 620 will help her and give her work. She has to depend on herself now and she has a baby to raise. Be strong, Shirley!

    1. I hope for the same thing. If she can stay strong and be a good mother or her daughter in the future have a good career, one day ppl will say different thing.

      1. Bridget,
        The way Shirley had handled the entire situation may have shown poor judgment. It appeared that she may have become pregnant with Andy Ng’s baby shortly after meeting him, while not clearing up her relationship with Gregory Lee properly first. It appeared that she rushed into the relationship with Andy very quickly.

        It appears that Shirley is close with her mother, who should offer a lot of help with baby Krystal.

        In time of need, it is fortunate that we can fall back on our family. Romantic love is fickle, so amidst it all, Shirley is lucky she has her family to help her out.

      2. In most of the cases, family is the strongest background to anyone.

      3. Yea, family is always there for you which is why I find it sad that some people dump their family for a girl or guy.

  17. Everyone make mistakes in life. This is a great lesson for Shirley to learn or for any naive women. Hope she heals and focus on raising her child and stop sleeping around! J/k

  18. she ask for it!!!!!!! NOTHING TO BE PITY FOR SUCH A WOMEN!!!!!!!!

    1. She was no better off with Gregory.

      I can’t see how ‘she ask for it’ when she had spent 9 years of her life with a no hoper (if that’s a word). How many 9 years does a girl have?

      No one is asking you to pity her nor did she. She is strong and will be a great mum.

      1. Snoopy,
        “How many 9 years does a girl have?”

        It was a mutual choice for Shirley and Gregory to date for 9 years. In those 9 years together, they loved each other and enjoyed each other’s company. It was both their choices. So why must we see it as if Shirley had sacrificed herself to be with Gregory. Certainly, both of them sacrificed for each other, to accommodate each other in different ways and it was not lopsided in only one way.

        Marriage is also a mutual decision. Some fans have pointed out that Shirley spent 9 years with Gregory who did not propose to her. According to rumor, he did, but she had delayed the agreement to do so because she wished to focus on her career first.

        Why do we have to say that dating someone for xx years, we have wasted our time? Is it a waste of time to love someone?

      2. It’s a rumour that he proposed her, then the truth is wat, only them can know the best.

        However, it’s quite clear that young time of a woman is less than a man, so 9 years are longer to a woman than a man.

        One hand can’t clap, Shirley and Gregory involved in a relationship and they understood their paths. So pretty hard to decide who has bigger faults. Just that, if (just if) Gregory really dun want a marriage, 9 years of Shirley can be considered as a waste. Not a waste of love, but a waste of waiting.

      3. I agree with Jayne, who really knows what went on in their relationship, if Gregory was bad to her their relationship won’t last for 9 years, there must be something good about him :). And women tend to look for different things in men at different stages of our lives, when Shirley met Gregory she was young and green in showbiz, so Gregory met her standard back then and they fell in love. As she got older she realizes that she needs more in a partner such as financial stability…she then have second thought about her relationship with Gregory, which lead to the awful mess we see today. So to be completely fair Gregory didn’t do anything wrong, Shirley just out grew her relationship with Gregory. If anything she’s the one to blame, she wants her cake and eat it too.

  19. Alright folks, love to share more of my wisdom with you all but it’s time to pick up the little guy from karate class lolz

  20. This whole messy thing can make into a drama if TVB needs a new script for a new drama. And everyone will definitely watch it haha.

  21. Honestly –> im a problem solver. The best shirley should do is go to another country and live a diff life AND not goin back as an actress. im sure she will felt something not rite and cant do her original self if she decide to go back as an actress…JUST BE STRONG SHIRLEY ^.^v im sure u could do it!!! Which country??? MALAYSIA!!! open a restaurant here and gain some $$$…as i said –> shirley might think da same way as i did.. AM I RITE —> MS SHIRLEY???
    Before i go, im sorry to put my name as “SHIRLEY_YEUNG” :o)
    My intention is to —> hope Ms Shirley did read dis..and then have a smile on her face back…
    SMILE MORE –> It will bring daily life happier..

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